In this video I provide 3 Tips to Automate Your AirBnB  short term rental business.

Building proper… Systems, Processes, and Automations to save yourself time, money and energy. 


3 Tips that we use on our AirBnB Properties that help us Automate our portfolio are:

1) Keyless Entry Pads – We use Yale Locks, so we can change the password after each stay and allows us to reset the password by the click of a button.

2) Cameras on the exterior of the property – Yourself, Management Team, or VA’s can watch the feed and help prevent any legal issues that may arise.

3) Automated Pricing CRM – calculates the hot season, and adjusts your AirBnB Price so you do not have to do it yourself.


The three best ways to save yourself time energy and ultimately make more money with your Airbnb’s number one is building out systems processes and automations to again save yourself headaches time and energy so you can actually do high income producing activities and the first tip is getting keyless entry pads what we like to use are what are called Yale locks whenever we have a guest that checks in and checks out each guest gets an automated new code to access the property.

So we don’t have to go out every single guest or every single week or month to change out the key pad for people to access the property or if somebody loses the key because they got too drunk and parted it up and and they’re not able to get into the unit you don’t have to wake up at 2 a.m and drive down to the property with a new key right and yes that may not seem a big difference but owning dozens of Airbnb’s.

We’ve literally spent thousands of dollars on keys countless hours getting called over the weekend it’s just not feasible and it’s not sustainable right so number one get keyless pad entries number two to protect yourself protect everybody involved at your property is cameras and you can have either yourself your management team or even VA’s watch those cameras on the exterior of the property to make sure that the tenants and the guests are protected and you can actually see who’s coming in and out right if you have a no party policy and you see 50 people coming into that property.

Guess what they’re probably throwing a party right if they put on the check-in that there’s only going to be three people and there’s 50 we probably know what’s happening right or one thing that has happened to us is somebody actually fell off of the porch of our property and they were trying to pursue legal action but we could access the cameras to see what actually happened which was not the case right and the third and final way to save yourself time energy and make yourself more money is an automated pricing and what that does is the automated pricing CRM’s that we use that basically calculate and see when people are coming to your property and or it is the the hot season right.

So being here in Columbus Ohio there is this thing called football yes sports I don’t know about it because all I do is work and serve you guys on the other side of this camera but ultimately I know October, November people are coming to Columbus to watch the football game I don’t have to go in there and change the pricing Thursday through Sunday right from increasing the average night from 200 to 400 there’s an algorithm and a pricing serum that we utilize and we share all these resources with you in our income accelerator program.

We help you start scale and manage your Airbnb’s whether you have a zero experience or whether you have a ton of experience all that information is below this video but ultimately those three tips can help you save a lot of time energy money and also remove a ton of liability by having those keyless pad entries cameras and then algorithms and CRM’s and automations to back in to make sure you’re charging what your property is actually worth during that time so if you guys got value like this video send it over to somebody that needs to quit being a peasant and start building generational wealth and there’s more information this video on how we can help you get started today

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