5 New Alt Coins With Huge Potential! (cardano & solana tokens)
5 New Alt Coins With Huge Potential! (cardano & solana tokens)

In this video, I go over a few projects that I believe have the potential to at least 7x from where they currently are.

These are tokens that are built on top of my favorite smart contract projects; Solana and Cardano.


Good evening! Good morning! Good afternoon! My name is Jeff ‘0percent credit crypto’ Sekinger and in today’s video we are going to be talking about five different projects that have the ability to at least 7x during this market cycle now we’re going to be talking about a few Solana and Cardano tokens and I’m going to speak about why we are looking at those and I’m going to give you a mystery one at the very end that not a lot of people know about that I have been buying for about two weeks now.

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I’m telling you it’ll be worth it let’s jump into it all right so how do I decide what I’m even like looking into first of all I construct a proper portfolio I invest into smart contracts d5 platforms I have a little bit of unstable coins I have like inflation hedges with like bitcoin so I like to like properly allocate it I’m mostly and as far as all coins go.

I’m mostly allocated to smart contracts because they create a network effect and they have and they appreciate the most just hands down I mean if you look at the top ten what do we have in the top ten we have Ethereum we have Cardano we have Binance coin which is also a smart chain we have Solana we have polka dot right so like five out of the top ten and then you and two in the top ten or even stable coins.

So five of the top eight really are smart contract platforms so then I look at okay what is going to help fuel the ecosystem in business and investments I always look at if I’m like late to a trend which you know if you consider crypto trend you’re not late yet it’s still very very early stage but let’s talk about like Ethereum right like people are a little bit late to that trend relative to these other projects that are coming out and if you look at okay.

Let’s look at projects that are helping the ecosystem grow so what is helping the Ethereum ecosystem grow well these d5 platforms specifically like uniswap okay that has a 17 billion dollar market cap let’s look at another one well Cardano hasn’t come out with anything finance coin finance coin has a big platform as well which is called pancake swap this has a 5.2 billion dollar market cap the other week which I was about like last week.

We looked at Cardano and we saw that man this the smart contracts haven’t come out there’s no d5 platform that’s gonna allow you know to swap different Cardano based tokens and we selected one called 8x and it absolutely blew up and it’s I believe it’s going to continue to grow which is great for anyone that did buy that you’re already up like 120 but then we look at another project like Solana okay.

This has absolutely erupted I mean just in the last seven days of 43 but this has absolutely erupted over the past about two months I mean if you look at the growth it’s it’s like I mean nothing is even relative to how much it’s grown so now I’m looking at this and saying okay.

Well how can we get involved in Solana I already own a lot of Solana like it’s the largest all corn in in my holdings because it’s grown so immensely so then I look at okay how can I invest into something that’s helping the Solana ecosystem grow which by the way the Solana ecosystem is growing very very quickly because it’s the fastest chain in its sector so I look at this and say okay none of the projects in the top 100 are even helping Solana grow so then I found a few Dexes and to be completely transparent there’s a lot of low cap Solana Dexes which are decentralized exchanges that allow you to swap tokens through an automated market maker not through a traditional order book.

So you can swap like different coins that are not currently listed on certain exchanges and get access to them earlier and you don’t have to use a central exchange and have to worry about a central exchange like locking your funds so I did some research and I found some that I want to talk about I think are going to blow up I’m going to go over the first one which is the largest one right now which is radium and it’s still out of the top 200.

It’s ranked number 219 okay and this is a traditional Dex that’s built I believe this is actually a Ethereum based token that’s yeah so it’s Ethereum-based token not sure when they’re actually going to change that to switch to on the Solana blockchain but they should you know bridge that soon it’s a d5 platform traditional where you can swap.

It’s like I said it’s an automated market maker you can swap tokens there’s also a lot of liquidity so you can also earn interest from uploading liquidity into a pool and you can yield farm as well and it also integrates with another one so we’re not doing deep dives today we’re just going over these projects quickly and then you can go do some more research one thing I do not like about radium is the team is not disclosed whatsoever so whenever I’m investing into projects I like to look at three things number one the is the token actually have utility .

So is the token actually being used who is the team behind it okay and we don’t know the team that’s behind this project whatsoever and thirdly I like to look at the token metrics so I like to know is it inflating or deflating and honestly one of the main reasons why I’m buying this is because number one it has the most amount of like capital as far as the Dexes and on Solana currently and secondly Solana just the whole ecosystem is just blowing up so I do believe that this project is going to do very well because it already has the first mover advantage but one thing I don’t like is how small the of the supply is actually open or circulating.

Right now only 12 percent of the max supply is circulating and then like I said we don’t know who what team is behind the project and I’ll actually show you on this brief screenshot what it actually the tokens actually look like so there’s a mining reserve of 34 being held a partnership an ecosystem 30 percent the team has 20 which is teeter-tottering on too much I like to see it honestly below 20 but at least they have a one to three year lock up.

They have liquidity which is eight percent community six percent advisors two percent so honestly not too big of a deal there I do like I said I like to have them less than twenty percent and I also do like to see the lock up so I’m glad they do have a lock up I mean similar to sushi.

I think this could kind of play out like sushi to be honest but it does have the first remover advantage like uniswap so I think it has some great potential and another platform that is second in place on the Solana ecosystem is serum and serum actually works very closely with Solana and the owner of FTX Sam actually has an owner’s stake in this project so I do like this a little bit more because you know at least we know some very reputable.

Well I mean one of the richest men in in crypto is behind SRM so I do like to see that and what it what happens is so here’s the serum token you can see that it’s been built on top of Solana up to 60 off fees 80 of Dex fees go to SRM buying burns so they’re they’re essentially burning every time they’re the their generate fees on the decks which is great because it’s deflationary as long as it’s not inflating more than they’re burning and what they have a bunch of partners which honestly this doesn’t mean a ton I do like to see part like coin gecko.

Cool that’s great you’re a partner with them you can see FTX I do like to see that and then Solana is a partner as well I like to see that as well on their site and then you cross-reference on Solana website which I already have done and this currently has let me pull up their token metrics right now SRM has twenty percent of the team and advisors which again teacher touting on that 22 project contributors four percent is locked for seed and auction purchasers 27 partner and collateral fund and 27 ecosystem incentive fund so it you know there’s not really a clear idea of what partner and collaborator fund is so not too big of a fan honestly of their metrics.

I do like that they have more of their team a little bit exposed or at least partners behind it Sam is like I said a big investor and I really do believe in what Sam is doing so I think serum in and radium have the biggest chance of making some really big moves you can see that the reason why I started this video at at least a 7x is because the market caps so low right.

So even if they were to get to you know where this the smaller one is which is a pancake swap of five billion they’d be looking at quite a big big growth from where they’re at right now so serum and radium are top two right now in the Solano ecosystem as far as like what I believe has the the highest expected return.

I just started to buy these over the past two weeks let’s jump onto a different chain which is actually jumping onto the chain of Cardano so there’s a few projects I’m actually really excited about but unfortunately like I mentioned their smart contracts have not launched until September 12th which is not too far out but there are a few that I have my eye on.

So this is the first one which is meld okay meld is a traditional d5 platform where you can they’re mostly like that you can tell they’re mostly focusing on lending so you can get cash loans for your crypto and get approved I mean very quickly because you’re just uploading collateral and what it is and it’s trustless and decentralized which is something you always want to see but you’re also keeping your keys when you get a loan which is not always the case on some of these platforms which is good to see which means that you can’t get your crypto just jacked from you and you can get cash right.

So once the smart contract is in place your loan is electronically transferred to your bank account anywhere in the world you can earn yield on your crypto you can pay back the loan quite quickly and just make monthly payments and then you can also earn just by you know providing liquidity which is essentially used for the lending and then you can also stake and what they actually have done is an ISPO which is the initial stake pool offering and what they can you can choose two different pools okay.

So you can upload your ADA so stake your ADA and you can earn 50 meld and 50 ADA or you can earn 100 meld if you would like so that’s currently the only way to actually get in on meld I think that this has a potential once this actually gets listed on exchanges and smart contracts launched on Cardano.

I think this likely has a chance to do very very well it seems like they’re far ahead of some of the other projects that are trying to compete in the same sector here so got some exciting stuff coming up they have a big team behind them that are also a pretty strong team as well I’ve looked into a few of their the chairman CEO and co they do seem legitimate that’s another thing it’s unbelievable like I was mentioning some of the that I’ve been looking into specifically on Solana and then some on ADA as well or on Cardano.

I should say if you go look at the team it is amazing that if you go click on some of these like LinkedIn profiles they’re straight up fake profiles so like people will literally just create a site they’ll create a token it’ll create all these fake profiles and then they’ll put a little bit of activity on on the profiles and then to make them look like they’re real and then if you keep doing a deeper dive you’ll see that their activity is like super recent you’ll see that their name when you actually google search it it’s actually like a c-list actor and what that is is these these people just create these projects just to rug pull you which means that they get a bunch of hype.

They put marketing dollars behind it they get a bunch of people talking about it and then once the coin starts to pump up the owners pull out all their coin and they rug pull from underneath you and you’re stuck holding a bag of worthless coin okay and then they’re off with whatever liquidity they ended up swapping into so that’s how that works that’s why it’s so important for you to do your own research.

Anytime you’re listening to anyone on YouTube or a friend or anyone you should definitely go take a look into their their coin metrics and the team behind them before you buy anything okay the last project I want to go over on Cardano that I’m going to give you one to leave you off with is the NFT space so I actually currently don’t hold much I don’t hold one NFT in my portfolio and the reason is because I like to stick with what I’m good at so I am not good at collecting things.

I don’t care about collecting memorabilia or sports cars or anything like that so I don’t really care or see value in buying like NFT’s online personally right you could absolutely be different so what I do is I like to invest into the blockchains and projects that are helping the NFT space grow I think NFT is going to be massive they already are but I would rather just invest into the projects and platforms that are helping that space grow other than just going and buying an NFT because again that’s not what I’m good at.

So this is a project that’s built on or not built on Cardano yet you can see it’s an Ethereum based token but they are they have a really cool platform for Cardano which by the way to buy an NFT on open c through like a Ethereum the gas fee is like 435 right now so it is absolutely ridiculous east 2.0 better speed up.

I think a lot of a lot of people and NFT creators are going to move over to Solana and Cardano once this actually launches here in a week so this is the platform you can see it’s still in the beta decks but it’s a super super clean platform let me see if this is just what it would look like to swap ADA into CNFT if you wanted to buy the coin but I believe there is a place where you can actually see the coins oh no they took it down you used to be able to see the marketplace.

It’s a super cool marketplace let’s see if there’s yeah I guess they took it down for a second that’s unfortunate but it I really liked the the layout of the project so keep an eye on this project this is super low cap this is like 8.5 million so that is extremely low it’s ranked 1100 I would even bet that it’s even further back than that which by the way a lot of these rankings are incorrect because this is another thing I’ve found out is that a lot of projects you have to pay millions of dollars.

Apparently to these projects this is a project that we bought a long time ago at under right around eight cents if you go look at my previous YouTube video but hex okay hex actually has oh it doesn’t even show on here let’s go on the coin market cap if you look at this the hex owner actually said this he said hey I’m not going to pay millions of dollars get listed but they’re ranking them at 201 and they have a 62 billion dollar market cap do you know what 62 billion would would put it at it would put it literally at sixth place in front of XRP.

So like some of these things are kind of rigged that’s why it’s it’s really important to do your own research because it’s kind of a pay to play right now in the world of crypto so I’m gonna go over the last project here this is a pretty interesting project that not a lot of people know about and this is the first token of its kind that I have bought which is NBL okay.

This is it’s called nobility token this is a gaming token so they’re just aiming to be like the go-to token in the gaming space and I’m gonna talk about some super interesting stuff with this but we bought this about a month ago so it was they swapped the tokens there actually used to be if you look at this you need to go buy the new one because they had an old token that they just switched to the new so all the old tokens got moved over but just make sure that you’re looking at the right one or your graph is not going to look anywhere like this we were buying it like right around I don’t know 0.004.

I believe obviously it’s significantly grown since then and what’s really cool about this project is that you actually first of all I know some of the owners pretty well on here and that’s how I even found out about it because I go we’re building a sweet coin I’m like all right let’s look at it but this is really really interesting so when you hold the coin okay.

You do not have to stake this coin you literally hold it in truss wallet or metamask and what happens is seven percent of the the value that is swapped for NBL gets redistributed to all the holders of NBL and you get paid out in BUSD which is binance’s stable coin and that happens every hour so you literally get paid out every hour in your metamask wallet or in your trust wallet and you’ll get sent b USD just for holding the token while other people are swapping for NBL.

So that’s really cool way to earn income I’ve never really seen that I’ve seen it being rewarded in the token never seen it being rewarded in and b USD or in a stable coin so that is super super interesting very interesting to see how this project does they do have some big partnerships with some of the biggest gamers in this space and I think it it’s likely to do pretty well because I know some of their developers and they’re behind some like top top 100 projects.

So anyways let me know if you got value from this video in the comments below are you buying any of these projects currently or do you have any thought of buying in them let me know what you think after you’ve done some research and I’ll see you here on this next video.