In this video I speak about DAO’s, how they work, what I am staking and my results in the first 24 hours!

Are you staking HEC, WAGMI, OHM, TIME or any other project?


A 500,000 APY could this even realistically be possible or is this a complete scam well in this video I’m going to share with you a few projects that have absolutely ridiculous APY’s and I’m also going to show you an example I’ve been staking a few for about 24 hours I want to show you how much I’ve earned over the last 24 hours but this is real 540 thousand percent APY if we look at another one we’ve got hector at 407 thousand percent APY Kolima at 39,000 APY.

We’ve got Olympus really really boring at 7,600 percent APY how dare they let’s see what wonderland is at up we got a 93,000 APY and the list goes on and on and what these are called is decentralized autonomous organizations and Olympus was the first one to actually catch a lot of traction this one is now at a 1.3 billion market cap.

I’m gonna share with you a few other ones that I am currently invested in and staking that have a much much smaller market cap I’m talking about 30 million dollars relative to 1.3 billion that I think are on some great chains and have a lot of potential but first and foremost is this even real like how is this even possible let me help you understand the entire concept real quick and I’m going to jump into a screen share and share with you what I’ve been doing with a few of these projects.

So number one what Olympus is is there’s two really two ways to like make money with Olympus you can issue your tokens in the form of a bond which you’re really just getting a discount so you’re giving money to the treasury okay and the treasury is within side of this dow which is a decentralized autonomous organization and you can bond some of your coins to get them back at a later date at a discount right.

So that’s one way where you can kind of play arbitrage and make money but that generates revenue for the treasury and what the treasury does is that issues coins back to the people that are actually staking the coins now let me help you kind of understand I’m gonna go to their frequently asked questions so number one the reason why these projects were even created was because well we have this dollar right.

The us dollar and it’s infinitely being printed right now and it backs pretty much everything but how stable is something that’s being infinitely printed right we got to kind of rethink what we’re denominating everything in if we’re if that’s infinitely printing that affects everything right the stocks that you sell the real estate that you sell you know all the money you’ve been making in maybe your job or your business right now all that stuff is less valuable and you have no control over it by the way.

So why not and also we don’t even have an idea of how much they’re gonna print right it’s been exponentially growing as you’ve seen over the last we’ve increased money supply by literally 40 over the last 18 months so that is insane and if you just go to the you’ll get even scared but that’s not what I’m going to show you in this video and what Olympus is trying to do is they’re trying to you know solve that problem of free floating reserve currency and is focusing on supply growth rather than price appreciation.

So Olympus dow hopes ohm which is the actual token can function as a currency that is able to hold its purchasing power regardless of market volatility so really it’s trying to become a stable coin but it’s becoming its own stable coin and it’s backing the asset with something called die which is just another digital asset instead of pegging it to the us dollar right.

We have USDT, USDC we have all those stable coins that are backed by or quote unquote backed I don’t think USDT is actually backed I think it’ll be very very interesting when we head into the bear market in in potentially a recession what happens with all the short-term china notes and what happens the USDC but that’s besides the fact even if it was paid to the US dollar that’s infinitely being printed so how do we ever have any idea of what you know something of any type of real denomination is if if it’s just being incredibly devalued.

So no it is not a stable coin ohm aspires to become an algorithmic reserve currency backed by other decentralized assets right similar to the idea of the gold standard ohm provides a free floating value to users can always fall back on simply because the fractional treasure reserves ohm draws its intrinsic value from so again it is not pegged.

It’s actually backed and it’s backed by one die so there is actually intrinsic value with inside of the treasury with inside of these decentralized autonomous organizations I’m going to show you a few of them and we just looked at them I’m going to jump into a screen share to show you how it actually works before I jump in and actually show you one of the projects.

I’m currently staking the reason why ohm has a smaller APY is because this is how the dow function so I’m going to explain a few functions of it number one Olympus has a large market cap now it’s 1.3 billion okay and what happens is when more money is being staked more ohm is being staked on their platform what happens is and by the way you can’t go stake this on like finance or something they own their own liquidity so that’s the difference between a dow and you going to stake you know some random project like v chain on Binance right.

That v chain does not own that liquidity ohm owns the liquidity on the dow and there’s no technically company behind it it is an autonomous organization so it happens because it’s a protocol right so what happens is when the price goes up okay that means that more people are staking right because more people are holding on to the asset so when the price is going up the APY is actually going down so the more people that stake the project the lower their percentage actually becomes and then when the price starts to come down because people maybe lock in profit right.

Then the APY actually goes up and there’s a floor within all these projects and anytime that the price goes beneath the floor it automatically burns some of the coin right so it’ll automatically burn ohm depending on where the floor is at and you can actually look at exactly where the floor prices are at right on their platform and when it goes below that floor price then it’ll actually start to burn ohm so it reduces the supply of the coin to bring the coins price back up over the floor and again anytime more people are staking the APY comes down.

That’s why Olympus’s APY is relatively low right it’s 7,600 percent but it started much much higher not too long ago because there wasn’t as many people staking and that’s why these lower end projects with a smaller market cap like hector for example right the market cap is 40 million dollars right now okay and it’s and it has such a large APY of that 407,000 because there’s not that many people staking it yet once more people start to stake it right.

The price will go up but the APY will go down so it’s always evening out over time and as it the project continues and more capital flows into it more people stake and more people use the bonding feature then the APY is actually going to go down but again typically the price will go up and over time what these dows are looking to do is create some stability with price just going in one direction and then it’ll slowly start to even out and we’ll have more of like a reserve currency that’s not controlled by a central power and we know exactly and I or at least have a very very good idea of what the fluctuation in price can be so that we’re not absolutely guessing like what the the treasury is doing with the us dollar right.

So this is one hector euphoria I think is another great project this is actually on harmony’s blockchain so a lot of these projects they literally just duplicated Olympus okay so they took everything that Olympus was doing and they just you pretty much hard forked the project and brought the project from Ethereum’s blockchain.

You can see that this one was built on Ethereum so there’s really high gas fees right now and they they just duplicated this project and put it on different blockchains so euphoria is on harmony’s blockchain you guys know I really like harmony it’s a very very fast and inexpensive chain this one only has a 37 million dollar market cap right now and that’s why the APY is literally 540 percent right hector let’s see it’s right around 40 million like I mentioned Kalima is another really popular one is that 39,000 and this one has a market cap of 500 million dollars and then we look at wonderland this one’s blowing up too and if you look you’ll see that this market cap just broke 500 million and now it’s sitting at a 93,000 percent APY.

So I’m gonna go ahead and jump into I’ve been doing wonderland and hector I’m gonna share with you hector because I want a little bit more full cent on this one and I’m actually in the midst of getting going full set on on euphoria as well with Wagne right now so I’m going to jump into into hector because I’ve literally been doing this for now 24 hours and I want to share with you exactly how much I’ve made in the last 24 hours.

Now I’m about to share with you exactly how to do this yourself step by step but I’m going to show you my returns over the last 24 hours but before we jump in realize that this is obviously very high risk if you’re buying a low cap dow that just came out right that has a 500,000 API it likely has more risk involved because it’s a very early project so do not use any money if you even decide to do so that you’re not okay with actually losing all right but I’m a full sender and I send fully so of course I’m gonna share with you a full send on this one so phantom what we’re looking at is hector dao which is HTC but it’s on the phantom network in order to actually buy the hec any guy anytime you guys want to buy coin.

You just all you do is go to coin market cap you click on the coin you want you go to market you can see you can buy it on spirit swap or spooky swap which those are just two different Dexes which is a decentralized exchange but if I want to buy this I need to have it on some type of a wallet that can actually connect with these decks so what I would do is I would send in phantom so I just sent an FTM into my phantom wallet right.

It just it doesn’t really matter which coin it it actually is but it needs to be sent on this network in your meta mask the problem is is when you open your metamask you’re actually not going to have the phantom network that doesn’t come default on here so what you need to do is you need to add the network by just going to the very bottom hit custom RPC and then the data is right here so you would just go to like or you just literally type it on google how to add phantom network to metamask and this is literally like the first one right so this is exactly what you’re putting in the network name the RPC url right.

So let’s go I’ll share with you what it actually looks like so the network name RPC url chain id right here and then the currency symbol which is FTM and you can put the block explorer in there if you want to it’s not really necessary hit save and then you’re going to send phantom into this wallet right I already have some phantom and a little bit of hec in here and you can see how much s which is this is staked hec I’m actually staking right now right so what I would want to do then is I would want to go actually swap for this on spooky new key.

So I’m going to click on the spooky tookies and I’m going to actually click on this link and I can go ahead and swap on here it’s very very simple it literally takes two minutes it’s the same thing as unit swap if you guys have ever swapped on here all right you go to the the main page and then you can just go ahead and swap so you click this swap right up in the top left hand corner phantom all right.

Let’s swap you know I don’t know a hundred phantom four we’re gonna go hec right oh no we don’t need to add it to the wallet we already know what that is all right so 100 phantom I’m going to get 0.633 hec so hit swap I will hit the swappity doppities up I just clicked out of here I don’t need to whatever it’s already added so now it’s just confirming and you’ll actually see the phantom network is actually much less expensive so it’s gonna cost me .064 phantom right.

So the gas fee is like very very low relative because phantom’s like two bucks and so I’ll hit confirm relative to ethereum you’re going to be paying 200 bucks per transaction so if you’re doing olympus it’s going to cost you much more it’s the same exact steps guys so if you if you guys are doing any of these you just may use a different so just went through you can see it’s confirmed that’s how quick the phantom block chain is relative to ethereum you could be sitting there for five minutes until it actually goes through right so now I have more hec my wallet right.

So if you go look at my metamask now my my hec balance has actually gone up a little bit and my phantom has gone down a little bit obviously so let’s go to hector and we’re just going to stake it before I do I’m going to share with you the return right now so that you can actually see 203 hec so 203 and now I have 2 208 in in literally about 24 hours so I have now made about you know 5.6 hec right now right and how much is hec worth let’s go take a look and see what the actual value is and I’ll share with you where I bought it too.

So it’s at it’s at 337 now so 5.6 times 337 I made 1800 in interest in literally like 24 hours and I did put about 52 000 in so now it’s it’s much higher but I bought it right there was appreciation involved I bought it yesterday like literally 24 hours ago at like 2 50 something like right around yeah it was right around 4 p.m so about 2 57 I believe I bought it and obviously it’s went up about you know 20 percent 22-28 in the last 24 hours so there is a lot of appreciation that’s why I also I want I was looking for a high APY and I’m also looking for something that’s going to appreciate really high right.

If I can have a high APY if you can get in these projects early get a high APY and then the the coin also appreciates you’re going to do really really well let me show you actually an example of how ridiculous these returns get so let’s say the yearly you know APY stays at 450,000 percent which is not realistic remember more capital is going to flow into it that’s probably going to go down all right but we’re going to start with so we’ll start with the 208 which is what I have right now let’s say that that interest rate did stay for that period of time in 30 days I’ll have 117,000 because actually no this value is much more we’re at 337 remember I did this earlier when it was 283 so that 208 hec is now 70 thousand dollars so I made about 18 grand in literally 24 hours.

So let’s say that that 208 hec that compound so remember it compounds every eight hours if you guys actually look up here it says seven hours and 18 minutes until the next rebase that’s just when interest is actually being paid to all the stakeholders all right so if this were to continue to happen in 30 days I’ll have 139,000 if the price of hec stayed the same right and in 90 days I’ll have a half a million dollars so that’ll be a 10x in literally three months in 180 days off 4.4 million and in 365 days I will have 315 million dollars.

Now I am not actually going to do that because I do believe that the bear market is likely around the corner into next year but I am going to stake and for at least 30 days and then I’m gonna pull out my initial investment to make sure that I’m just letting profit ride and I don’t have anything to lose right so that is currently where we are at we’ve made actually a fair amount of money in a short period of time one because of appreciation but also the interest is the real deal and anytime you guys want to unstake there’s no minimum to stake right.

So you guys know I’m staking about 70 grand right now but you do not have to do that you can stake of any amount that you want to my knowledge at least you can also unstake it so if you want to unstake you literally just hit like let’s unstake actually let me show you the steak I think that’s what we’re going over let me show you how easy it is to stake so let’s take another two hec so we’ll hit stake it pops open your metamask once again and I will hit approve or hit confirm and now you’re going to see watch my hec balance go down and then s h e c which is the stake h e c is going to go up right so it’s also going to usually take time you sometimes have to just load this but it’s also pending right now.

So I’m going to let this go through you can see in the top right hand corner it says in progress as well so sometimes it takes like a minute and then you also need to refresh your screen to see the update see now it’s it’s gone through but you don’t see it yet so let me update this page real quick and now you can see we’re at 210 shec and the hcc balance went down and it’s literally the same exact thing you can hit unstake if you want to get your two hec back we’ll hit on stake it’s going to cost another small transaction fee which just is like .017 phantom which is really nothing because again FTM is literally worth like two bucks right now and it is going to penned for probably about 30 seconds and then it will go through you’ll see my hec go up and you’ll see the s h e c go down and bam you can see the two hec and then the s-h-e-c is 208.

Anyways let me know what you think about these dowels in the comments section below we started to buy these in our mastermind group again yesterday but we’ve had people in there staking them for over a month now I’ve been more focused on a few other things in asset allocation and and some funds that we’re launching that they’re right around the corner we run a few cryptocurrency hedge funds and we’re doing a free event here in Miami if you guys are here on December 4th.

I’m going to talk about three hours for about cryptocurrency and stuff so I’ve been busy but I just started to stake some dows and it’s been it’s honestly kind of fun and if you have any any interest in joining our community it’s been massive value there’s some links in the description below but either way let me know what you think about these dows in the comments section below do you like them do you hate them do you believe in them do you not believe in them let me know and again the last thing I’m gonna say is just be careful because these are this is a really fast this is like d5 2.0 right.

So this is growing very very quickly and what people don’t understand is anyone can kind of go duplicate a project put a website up and then rug poll everyone right a rug pulls when someone creates a bunch of of a project they essentially lie about the token supply a bunch of people go ahead and buy the token and they sell all their tokens and dump it on everyone that’s that bought it that’s called a rug pull.

You got to be careful with these dowels and do some research into the pretty much back office of these projects and you got to look up their the contract addresses make sure you maybe you know at least the people that launch the project they’re at least speaking publicly about the project somewhere make sure they’re they’re their community is active and an array of other things so before you just go ahead and jump into a random one that has a million percent APY.

Please do some research before you jump into it so you do not get rug pulled and you can have you know a good experience investing in a Dallas if you guys want the safest ones the safest one is to go into Olympus which is ohm and then I think the next safest one is is probably that Kalima one the Kalima Dao and then also I would say about the third safest one is that is the one that everyone’s talking about which is time.

I’m also staking on time as well I have a little little position on there but they’re already over you know half a million or 500 million market caps so half a billion market cap which makes them a little bit less risky so anyways hope you got value for this video if you did I would appreciate you hitting the like button we’re working on getting over 25k subscribers I think this video is going to take us over that so I appreciate all the support thus far I’ll see you here on this next video.

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