6 Dependable Crypto Strategies To Increase Your Monthly Passive Income

Earning passive income with cryptocurrency has been the greatest option for increased revenue for the last few years.

Businesses and people use many strategies and methods to ensure that they benefit the most from this program. While there are some strategies that contain more risk than one can take, there are also some others that are comparatively not as risky. 

We will discuss six different crypto strategies with you with different levels of risk so you can choose the best strategy among them to ensure the best crypto nodes for passive income.

Prioritize Liquidity

Liquidity is about how easily your assets can be converted into cash. Maintaining your assets’ value while you exit the program is important. 

The Crypto market moves at a fast pace, and investors need to come and go quickly after selling their assets. If you buy and sell your assets at the right time, you can secure better profit, and liquidity plays a vital role in deciding how and what to invest. Bitcoin is the most liquid cryptocurrency in the market.

Store Your Assets

If you want to gain a larger profit, it is essential that you choose the right mix of storage for your assets. There are a couple of ways to keep your currency stored; digital assets are saved in hot and cold wallets. A hot wallet refers to online storage, and a cold wallet is an offline storage. The best strategy is to store most of your assets in a cold wallet to avoid hacking. However, some assets should be kept in the hot wallet so you can move in and out of transactions more quickly.

Don't Hold Your Assets

We have often seen people hesitate to take gains in hopes of the cryptocurrency soaring higher. Cryptocurrency fluctuates a number of times within the day, and there’s no telling if it might sink or soar the next time. It is important to keep taking your gains; if you hold your assets for a long time, you might just be stuck there and won’t make any progress.

Benefit From Volatility

Crypto is known for its volatility. As beneficial as it can be for the traders who look for these constant shifts in the program, it can be difficult for investors who are looking for long-term profits. You need to make the most of its volatile nature and take this opportunity to make profits. Pay close attention to the market and know your tolerance of risk before jumping into this ocean.

Invest What You Can Afford

The investment comes with a lot of risks, whether it be traditional investment or cryptocurrency. You should not be investing the amount you are not able to bear the loss for. If you can withstand the potential loss of the amount you are planning to invest, you can go ahead with your plan. However, if you don’t think your finances allow this risk, consider investing a lesser amount.


Putting all your eggs in one basket is never the right move. You need to strategize your crypto portfolio in a way that minimizes the risk. Invest in a variety of coins and crypto projects so that even if you suffer a loss from one project, you can still make a profit from others.


These strategies have been followed by many people and have earned them great numbers of passive income. However, it is still essential to do thorough research and consult with professionals, so you don’t lose your hard-earned money.

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