My name is Ashley Atkinson. I am 30 years old I am generally an entrepreneur I run a jet in your charter business I also have a couple of small real estate businesses and I also have an equestrian business for buying self-horses so I am part of a mastermind group called wake up wealthy that’s where I met Tyler originally through that group and just the model made sense to me the returns were really fantastic for such a short period of time investing and it just made sense you know ty was super helpful.

Like I said I trust him I respect him he’s very knowledgeable and his team around him really know how to excel and how to operate in the real estate space and I liked everything they were doing and it just it just made total sense to me for me real estate is a big passion of mine personally and you know it just made a lot of sense and again it comes down to the returns for what they’re doing in such a short period of time knowing that you have the capital in for you know for six months yeah.

Whatever the case may be and that the the returns were guaranteed in an asset class that I knew and understood well it just made a total fit for me and above all else just with people I know and I and I trust very well you know I got in very very quickly Tyler helped me get everything set up.

I needed to get set up the the documents were very straightforward and then when it was come to decide whether I was going to reinvest or or take my capital out you know Tyler very you know less than 30 days prior to that happening was already talking to me hey you know what’s your plan he was ready to you know what what’s the what’s the next move moving forward.

So the whole process was extremely seamless in the rallies you decide whether you want to actively pursue real estate on your own which of course you can make more money doing that but obviously at the same time it’s taking up your time so guys deciding whether this is something you want to pursue personally or you’d rather look to take capital you have reallocate it and reinvest it into people and pass the basis where you know you’re gonna get the guaranteed returns.

I don’t know only of any other fund on this type of structure that returns as well as these guys do which is which is guaranteed as well so it’s really a case of you know if you want to be active in real estate for sure take your capital do it yourself but if you want to focus on other things which was that my situation I don’t have time to be looking to make real estate deals myself and to buy and fix and flip properties and that type of stuff so it just made sense to me to passively put my capital into their funds and know that I’m gonna get returned on the end of it

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