In this video I go over incredibly important information about Bitcoin and the market.

I also go over some alt coins I think are undervalued based on new news we have about these projects.

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In this video I’m going to give you some incredibly important and urgent information about bitcoin and cryptocurrency and give you some actionable items that I am actually doing in my personal portfolio and a few things we’re even doing in our fund to maximize gains during this last q4 of 2021 in cryptocurrency.

If you don’t know who I am my name is Jeff ‘Zero percent credit crypto’ Sekinger yes that is my real and full legal name and right now bitcoin actually just broke sixty thousand dollars and I’ll show you exactly why I mean number one we are in pumptober okay if you know anything about October going to the last quarter of the last year of the four year halving cycle it is very very explosive so we are in pumped over.

So this is obviously to be expected but we did have some very important information when the sec tweeted this yesterday because we were actually shooting this video on October 15th and this is October 14th before investing this is by the sec before investing in a fund that holds bitcoin futures contracts make sure you carefully weigh the potential risks and benefits check out our investor bulletin to learn more all right.

This was the first like positive step in the right direction that kind of showed that the sec was actually starting to consider to regulate bitcoin in a positive manner and this was again yesterday and as of last night we did have some important information come out that there is about a 75 chance of approval for a bitcoin ETF now what does this mean ETF is an extreme exchange traded fund now this would give access to bitcoin to millions and millions actually hundreds of millions if not billions of investors worldwide because it would be traded on the New York stock exchange and this is for an ETF that’s likely to be approved by a company called pro shares.

Now the thing there’s a caveat to this ETF all right number one it’s first and foremost not officially approved it is a 75 chance of an approval on Monday which then it would be traded on Tuesday but this is a not a spot ETF this is a futures bitcoin ETF now futures is a derivative on top of bitcoin right so then we have an an ETF being traded on top of a derivative of bitcoin.

So ideally we would want a spot ETF where the ETF is just on top of bitcoin and tracking the price of bitcoin because that’s the point of an ETF is actually to track the price of the underlying asset to give exposure to investors on in assets that they couldn’t have exposure in without an ETF now what is happening is with this bitcoin futures ETF it is a huge step in the right direction this shows that the sec and US regulatory agencies are starting to accept bitcoin as a legitimate asset which puts a ton of confidence not you know particularly into retail.

It definitely helps retail but particularly institutions all right because what the prominent institutions have is they don’t want to put a large sum of money into an asset like bitcoin to maybe hedge against I don’t know maybe the 40 increase in money supply we’ve had over the last 18 months you got to think about it from an institution standpoint if they have 500 million in cash they have billions of dollars in cash and they’re sitting on that cash and they see the money supply increased by 40 percent the total amount of money inside the united states.

The us dollar in the history of the us dollar increasing the money supply by 40 in 18 months well what is going to happen if you know anything about supply and demand and inflation it’s all about the price of any asset good or service is valued when supply meets demand and when you increase supply drastically like that you’re likely to have a huge decrease in the value of that asset which in this case we’re talking about the us dollar so that that’s what if you hear the term inflation and yes I’m sure gonna have someone comment below this saying oh it doesn’t matter about the supply.

It matters about the velocity of money well eventually the velocity of the money is going to pick up we’re we’re heading out of the pandemic right now so it’s pretty much inevitable that we have a dramatic decrease and we’re already starting to see this just look at the the used car market my Lamborghini urus is worth much more than what I bought it for nine months ago and if you’ve got g wagon you can literally profit six figures by buying a new g wagon and selling it on the used car market.

I mean it’s ridiculous if you go into luxury watch stores right now it looks like they got robbed all of Rolex all of AP I mean any any re any luxury watch up it’s insane and then we’re starting to see that reflect in goods and serve just regular you know goods and services but the thing is you’re pretty much lied to by the CPI which is the consumer price index because they can dictate and control what’s in that basket of goods and they can swap things in and out and try to keep that that CPI low to not worry you know.

Retail investors but really if you look at the amount of inflation not even just in goods but in assets it’s been extreme after we printed all of that money and had that huge sell-off and liquidity event so these institutions are looking for a place to put money and if you understand bitcoin you understand that there’s limited to 21 million coins ever in the history of bitcoin we’ll never have more than 21 million and right now we’re at 900 release a day in about three years.

We’re not 450 released a day so it’s disinflationary up until the year about 2140 where we’re going to have a total supply of 21 million and again no one can change that so you want to be able to our dollars are not no longer scarce guys we’ve been in literally a test of 50 years when we went off of the gold standard 50 years ago that was supposed to be a temporary change and for the last 50 years.

We’ve literally been in just a monetary experiment where we have nothing pegged against the us dollar and we can just infinitely print the amount of us dollars that we want to stimulate the economy and try to devalue our debt so we’ve been in a massive experiment right now whether you believe it or not and it’s going to be very very interesting to see what plays out but the smart money understands I need to buy scarce assets if you don’t buy scarce assets you’re going to get killed by inflation if you hold cash you have a guaranteed loss over a longer amount of time all right.

So you need to understand that that aspect and put your money into scarce assets like real estate and bitcoin and certain other cryptocurrencies that actually have a control on the supply and this ETF is going to open this up to huge amounts of huge swabs of capital worldwide but especially in the united states for these institutions to start having clear and confident exposure to bitcoin so this is a really really big deal and that’s why we’ve seen this reflected in the price of bitcoin now sitting at 60k with this nice pump pump pump this morning all right.

Now what are some some possibilities of what is likely to happen if we come out on Monday and it gets rejected we could have a little bit of a sell-off but I do believe we’re going to be testing these all-time highs we are at previous resistance back in march and then also in April and then also in may so we’ve hit this resistance line three different times and we’re sitting at that now and I do see you know over the weekend because we won’t have any more news about the ETF likely that we’re likely to test the previous all-time high of 65,000 here over the next week possibly even before Monday and if it does get rejected.

We may have a little bit of a correction but to be honest we are very very bullish with where bitcoin and crypto is heading over the next two months now let me show you exactly what I’m talking about with how intense the growth is over this period of time the only way we can kind of predict of where the market is going I mean I believe the total crypto market cap is going between five and seven trillion and we are sitting at a total market cap of 2.4 trillion if you look at the top of the screen right there.

We’re at 2.4 trillion as of October 15th and I do believe that’s likely to be between 5 and 7 trillion and I’ll show you how ridiculous the growth has been previously so we’re going to go back and actually look at this on a monthly chart to understand what what is likely to happen over the short interim based on history so you know if you’ve been in any of our groups that September is is usually a really bad month for not only bitcoin but oftentimes the stock market as well and we saw this happen in September so if you were in our groups you know that we were buying very very heavily in dollar cost averaging literally every single day into bitcoin into alts that we really like and this happened in 2017 and again obviously happened this year as well I mean if you just look.

We had our our red month excuse me that was last September our red month right here in September and now we’ve had explosive growth this month just with bitcoin but what we’ve seen is historically bitcoins had a sell-off event in September and then followed by a very nice pump in October which obviously we are seeing that right now but in October we had a gain of 51 and then if you were to look just for bitcoin for October in the last quarter of the year.

We came all the way up 367 percent right to right around 20k so we had a over a 300 gain in the last quarter of 2017 and we do believe that there’s going to be something relatively close we do think bitcoin is likely to head to right around 180k per bitcoin a lot of people calling for 250k we think ab you know 180k based on previous growth and the and the you know from the previous all-time highs we have seen the growth rate from you know 2013 or 2014 decrease into 2017 it was actually cut in half and if that that got cut in half from peak to peak again we’d be sitting right around you know 180k per bitcoin so we do believe 180k is more likely than 250k but time will tell and the reason why I want to show you this is because we do believe that there’s a huge opportunity and this is something that we are actively doing right now.

So we did heavily weight a little bit more towards bitcoin in our fund over the past week and that is because we know this so in September historically we had a red month for both bitcoin and all coins so what we’re looking at right now is a total crypto market cap excluding bitcoin okay so this is all of the altcoins this it just excludes this puts all the money in crypto and excludes bitcoin so in 2017 we had a big sell-off in September right we had a red month.

We also had a red month in October for all coins but meanwhile if you remember we looked at the the chart we had a very nice green move in October and if you if you can even break that down further into weekly candles where you can analyze this further and actually see exactly when to start taking profit it looks like it fast forwarded us there but we had a huge sell-off in in this is for you know bitcoin we had a big move all the way until the end of October and if we look at all coins and we go on a weekly chart we had for alts.

We had a less of a sell-off so in 27 actually if we’re looking at this we want to go all the way back to September we had a nice sell-off in September then we had some pretty much stagnant growth in October we had a really red week in October there and then at the end of October really it was just pretty much choppy all of October which we’re seeing exactly play out right now we did have a little bit more growth than previous than this previous cycle in 17 but honestly we’ve seen bitcoin grow exponentially this month so far and all coins have lagged behind for the most part and what we’ve seen in October what we didn’t have much growth.

We didn’t have much growth and then if you we zoom out a little bit you’ll see in October was pretty stagnant and then into November we had explosive growth the first week of November now I do believe it’s likely to happen a little bit earlier but from if we look at after October for all coins we had a literally a 684 percent gain for all coins from the start of November into January 1.

So literally in about in less than a month we had a 684 gain in all coins so if you did want to strategically do this let’s say you’re too heavily weighted bitcoin well the bitcoin dominance has increased if you know if you’ve been in some of our groups our percentage target has been right around 45 to 46 for the bitcoin dominance which just means that out of all the money in cryptocurrency bitcoin has 46 of all of the money in cryptocurrency so it really does dominate the market but if you look back in 2017.

We had a huge sell-off bitcoin used to have 96 of the dominance of the market and as you progress into the bull market which this was a march of 17 and head all the way into the last quarter we had a huge sell-off especially like I said in November and then in December where a lot of capital moves from bitcoin into the all coins and the all coins rise dramatically and bitcoin has historically topped at the very end of December and then January early to mid-January the altcoins tops they lag about a week to two behind so if you’re over weighted in bitcoin one thing right now that you could do based on where we’re at and all this this this large amount of growth that we’ve had and then we look at all coins right now and where they’re at we haven’t really had that much growth relative to what bitcoin has been doing.

You could trade some bitcoin into the alts over the next week or two or let’s just say hey you know you want to hold on to your bitcoin like you don’t want to get rid of any that’s completely fine I agree I think it’s a an extremely scarce and valuable asset let’s say you want to hold on to it just the new cash that you put in maybe you consider buying some alts and I’m going to talk about just two that I think are undervalued right now here in a second and we’ll go ahead and actually jump into that right now after I actually want to show you some more on-chain metrics that are extremely extremely important and I’ll we’ll go over a few things but first of all we just want to look at the long-term money right.

So like what what is and the long-term holders so what long-term holders are people that hold bitcoin over 155 days this is called smart money all right so what we’ve seen historically if we look at this chart this gray line is the price the orange line is the supply of long-term holders you can see when we have a market top the supply for long-term holders decreases and then as we have a sell-off the supply then increases right because you want to buy low and sell high and then once we have another top in 2014.

They decrease their supply because they’re selling then we have a big bear market long-term holders increase their supply we have 2017 they decrease their supply because they’re selling right you buy low sell high same thing happens this year right we had a top at 65k long-term holders sold off and now we’re at an all-time high of supply for long-term holders which is a very very bullish sign now.

We could look at the same thing I like to look at what the smart money is doing but another thing that’s cool is to look at what the dumb money is doing so let’s look at the dummies they do the exact opposite they increase their supply these are short-term holders okay for bitcoin they increase their supply dramatically at the very top of the market because they’re dummies all right.

Don’t be a dummy do the exact opposite of what the the dumb dumbs do all right so they have a higher supply when we top in the price of bitcoin then we have a sell-off they start selling off so they’re buying high and selling low consistently we see this happen all the way back in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017 literally timed the very top of the price of 2017 they increased their max supply of bitcoin in 2017 and then as the market sold off they then started to sell off the most amount of bitcoin when we had a low and the same thing happened this year when we went up to 65k they increased their supply and then when we actually got sold off they then all panicked and sold their their bitcoin and and right now is a very very bullish sign because short-term holders are actually at their local bottom and it looks like this trend is starting to increase because the price of bitcoin is increasing.

So they’re going to continually increase their supply of bitcoin at the absolute worst time because they’re a bunch of idiots and we want to do exactly the opposite of what these people are doing so it’s cool to kind of you know compare and contrast what the smart money with long-term holders are doing and then what the short-term money is doing and just from you know another bullish sign it’s just what’s going on on exchanges we still have not seen a lot of bitcoin move on to exchanges which is bullish so when we have red right here that means that bitcoin is moving from exchanges to cold wallets where it cannot actually be sold which is a very very bullish sign because if you can’t sell something right.

You’re not going to increase the supply of it dramatically and and that’s obviously very bullish and we’ve seen over the last year because people are actually starting to realize what bitcoin’s value actually is and it’s truly scarcity and now it’s actually being used as you know a monetary instrument in other countries like El Salvador but people are realizing that this this asset is is extremely scarce and valuable because what it is is essentially digital property and we all know that literally everything in the world is is turning digital right now.

So it’s a huge value as a store of value and we’re seeing that reflect because a lot of people are moving bitcoin into cold wallets over the last year and a half which then has increased and brought our all-time high of the ill-liquid supply to an all-time high so we’ve never seen more bitcoin in places where it cannot be sold which is very very bullish so back to what I was speaking about what is possibly some actionable steps if you’re holding bitcoin that’s great if you have too much you can start to trade into some all coins some recent news Binance did raise over one billion dollars this is the largest amount of money ever raised for a smart contract to expand their ecosystem at 1 billion.

We’ve seen projects like avalanche and harmony and other projects where they raised 300 million the price then usually grows exponentially we saw this with Solana as well only raised 300 million in June and it had a little bit of delay for about a month or two and then it absolutely skyrocketed and Binance just dedicated one billion dollars to expand their ecosystem which is a big deal and if you know anything about BNB okay.

BNB is the native coin on this smart contract platform and also it’s a native coin on the Binance exchange so not only do they raise one billion dollars they also go through a token burn so they burn b b they burn about 20 percent of the net of the profit of the Binance exchange which is the largest exchange in in the world and they burn b and b so actually BNB which is their native token is extremely deflationary and we’ll take a look and what you could do for example is you could trade BNB against BTC and if we look at a chart we are at a pretty decent price point where you could trade bitcoin into BNB or if you’re just buying BNB with cash regardless we’re still way off of all-time highs because all-time highs are right around 700 and we’re at 463.

So we do believe that this is a relatively good price point for BNB and I’m going to talk about a big sleeper right now which I actually I used to hate this coin because of the ownership and the lack of of movement being made in it and by the way if you’re new to crypto one way to reduce risk is to stay in the top 10 by market cap the further you go outside of the top 10 the more risk that you bring in because there’s less capital into them so BNB is relatively a safe trade because it’s number three and it’s not as dangerous as buying like a small capitalized coin but if we scroll down I’ll look at this another coin which again I used to really not like but EOS has actually changed ownership and the ownership has changed to a guy named Peter Thiel which is a very respected entrepreneur and what has been happening is he started a company called block one and block one secured 10 billion dollars to launch an EOS based crypto exchange platform which is called bullish.

It’s actually the name of the of the platform it’s called bullish but they’re running it on the EOS blockchain and if you can see EOS when this news came out we had a dramatic increase up to 15 nearly 15 and now we’ve consolidated we’ve had a higher local low or yeah higher low recently and the price is literally sitting around four dollars and 40 cents and I do think that you know at least over the next 60 days we are likely to see EOS’s price explode.

I think people are a little bit sleeping on this because this news wasn’t massive news per se but the amount of money that’s behind this 10 billion is ridiculous and also they’re they’re backed by some some really big companies and hedge funds and including Softbank I’m sure if you know anything about the investment world SoftBank is a is a pretty big you know like VC type bank that deploys capital into private equity and venture capital deals and that’s just one of the entities backing this block one exchange and we do I do believe this is actually coming out here shortly and a lot of liquidity is provided by 140,000 bitcoin and also a ton of EOS tokens is a 20 million EOS.,

So you know I do think that people are kind of sleeping on EOS a little bit and if you guys know anything about our our channel and especially our groups we over the past month and a half we have been buying a a ridiculous amount of a of a of a coin called one which is harmony and the reason is because over the last month and a half obviously would have been a very very good time to buy harmony but the the reason is because of this is a this is a smart contract platform as well which has an extreme amount of growth.

It’s now over 180 million transactions and is now doing over two million transactions nearly per day almost every single day and we I don’t think we’ve really seen this reflect in the price of harmony yet because it’s the market cap is still outside of the 60. let’s see where we’re at here oh maybe it’s in top oh yeah it’s in 58 now it has 2.3 billion dollars in it and that is relatively small when you start to consider that even just to get into the top 10 by market cap which I think this is going to start to deserve to be in the top 10.

You’re looking at a 30 billion dollar market cap so even to get to a 20 billion market cap to put it out number 11 we’re looking at a 10x increase in the price of harmony and it’s not only because you know look you know the coin one which runs on the harmony blockchain is used for the fees so that’s why we look at transaction data and the back end information on these blockchain explorers is a look at the actual activity because this is truly fundamentally what is going on with the chain and when we see the transactions increasing.

It’s using the coin as fees that’s how blockchain and crypto works and that’s something that we want to see and also the amount of NFTs that have been minting on harmony has been absolutely ridiculous and if you know anything about crypto it’s primarily retail driven and retail loves NFTs and we’ve seen a ton of NFT started to get mint and minted on top of the harmony blockchain and it’s now very very interoperable because the harmony team is very transparent open and honest and very wise with what they’re doing by expanding the ecosystem.

So we do believe that that’s a huge option if you want more guidance during you know what I was looking at earlier on glasses this is ten thousand dollars to be in tier three so not everyone has access to that one of the best free resources is looking to they have really really great resources like for example if you’re trying to kind of time the market you would just look at this and when bitcoin comes over the two-year moving average multiplied by five historically that’s been a great time to sell and then when we come below just the two-year moving average historically that’s been a great time to buy so they have little things like this that are that are free and I highly recommend that you go look at logarithmic curves and the stock to flow and this two year moving average and they’ve got a lot of cool things on the lightning network and the sizes of bitcoin that are the size wallets of you know that are actually accumulating bitcoin and now information on the lightning network which has been a huge huge hit and had exponential growth as a monetary network utilizing bitcoin and its blockchain.

So this is one huge free resource if you want some more guidance during this last quarter and going into next year because I can tell you we are gonna make money both ways one way is to join some of our groups or just our newsletter our newsletter is literally 17. It’s incredibly inexpensive I shoot this every two weeks. I just shot a 30 minute newsletter right here that is going out in the next six hours and we go over a lot of free resources for example this is one called Masari that I’ve never mentioned on on YouTube.

It’s a great resource to do fundamental research and then I go through a lot of technical breakdowns and news articles and things that are going on in crypto and again that’s only 17 and if you want something that’s more advanced this is a inner circle group that we have where we give a ton of trainings on the best research tools the exchanges to buy and hold I give my exact portfolio literally break down to the exact percentage on what assets I’m buying and when I always inform everyone of when I’m making a change in my portfolio.

I always talk about trades that I’m making on leverage and on spot trades and I show exactly the entry in in exit points and stop losses and trailing stops and even we’re starting to get into a little bit of options to protect some gains towards the end of this cycle and as you can see there’s been incredible results with literally people buying Teslas and making 15 20 50 grand in a very very short amount of time so if you want some more guidance there’s some more information in the link in the description below this video anyways I hope you’re super excited for the last quarter of the year even if you were to just blindly pick you know a coin in the top 10 or even in the top 100 you’re likely to do well so good luck to you and I will see you here on this next video.

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