My name is Danny Murphree I’m located in Alabama I am in in the construction field I’ve been in the construction field my whole life. Really I’ve been in the crypto I guess I’ve been playing in crypto for a little over a year really started putting more money in it and getting more aggressive uh the beginning part of 2021 and so I guess that’s kind of where I’m at at this point.

I actually have a my girlfriend her son-in-law was involved in uh orca and uh had had been involved and knew of Jeff and we we were we were all already talking about crypto together and then he called me one day and just told me hey you know they’ve got this mastermind thing that you can get in it’s like eight weeks you know get us through the end of this bull run and you know I thought about it it you know it did seem like a lot of money just for for eight weeks but at the same token.

I kind of broke it down to just say you know that’s that’s roughly five percent of what I have in crypto right now and if I wasn’t you know and I know I’m not a professional and I know I’m not really good at it yet so I thought what would be wrong with jeopardizing five percent just to try to and you know improve upon the other 95 so I really didn’t even I didn’t even let the guy get off the phone before I went ahead and sent him my payment because I didn’t want to think about it and second guess it and and I’m you know I just went ahead and pulled the trigger and did it and I think it’s mainly because even though it was you know a big investment for me.

It was also miniscule in compared to what you thought you know a professional could do to help you so that’s that’s really why I went ahead and pulled the trigger the one thing that I really wanted was for Jeff or someone like Jeff to actually take my portfolio and just dissect it and make recommendations so that was huge for me what what I did like was the way you know I was I was heavy in some things that Jeff advised me he would probably break up some and I got in a couple of things that I kind of felt like I missed out but since I was breaking some of that down I had.

I was really heavy in bitcoin and really heavy in Ethereum and so I reallocated that into things like KDA FTM one Luna so I did get to spread it out with some projects that I kind of felt like I missed but since the recommendation came in it it gave me a little bit of an idea that you know I still have time to get in them I think the thing that it would be tied with as far as my favorite part is the fact that a lot of the guys that’s on in the mastermind that are that we you know chat with telegram you know that Jeff don’t have the time to just sit there and answer questions all day and send you know like updates or just keeping an eye on the market and I like the group of guys that’s in there or guys and gals.

Actually I like that group just because there’s always somebody in there if you want to shoot a question or you you know want somebody to look at a chart or something uh you get a lot of a lot of that you know that feedback and it’s just nice having people in the group that you’re with but those two things the portfolio review and then just having the telegram where all the members are you know available at different times.

I talked to a friend of mine today actually about about joining it he’s buying stocks and he buys a little bit of crypto but he keeps selling it making bad choices I told him I said just invest some money in getting somebody that actually knows what they’re doing and and get some help and see how you can you know finish out this bull run but nobody knows how it’s going to finish out right now but you’d rather have somebody with experience on your side helping you get there.

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