My name is Debra and I’m an entrepreneur I am an investor I think I saw it on an ad on Instagram and I watched some kind of I guess video that Jeff had on there and it was about using other people’s money to borrow money so that’s that’s how I got into aware of zero percent why I got into it because I want to learn about the zero percent financing and then once I was in there is when I found out about Tyler and the real estate fund like I have a pretty extensive investment portfolio but I didn’t have any real estate and I didn’t want to go and you know I want to do more passive investment in real estate because I didn’t want to you know.

I don’t want to go learn real estate really and I don’t want to you know be worried about real estate I have a lot on my plate you know what I mean but I believe in a very diversified you know investment strategy so I knew that I wanted to invest in real estate and then that opportunity was there and so I took it and the returns were are amazing so it seems like no virtually no risk.

So it was it was just perfect for me well mostly because well to be honest with you I didn’t know there were many options out there like the same type of a thing I mean I’ve never come across them personally because so it’s like right there in front of my face having joined zero percent already like you know it was right there.

I guess I didn’t do my due diligence by many others at the time I’ve since counted others but I guess just because like yeah convenience it was there and Tyler was very helpful I had a lot of questions at first and you know I think I you know reached out at first to customer service or something and Tyler himself got back to me personally and you know he even texted me and he set up a phone call with me you know just to make sure I understood and everything so that was that was really helpful and you know I appreciate it.

I appreciate that it’s been perfect it’s been very smooth it delivered exactly what it was supposed to do in exactly the right time frame and yeah no no issues I think I must have joined it about in January and then I got my I got out of it in July I mean just that I really appreciate it and I would totally be investing more like sooner.

I’m gonna I plan on doing it again but I just sooner you know if there was like if it was like a lower threshold of money if he could have like some way for people to put less amounts because like this other fun for example yes it paid lower interest but I mean you could invest anything from like five thousand dollars up you know so you know more people have an opportunity to invest in it you know if they don’t have saved up you know but otherwise it was awesome great experience I’m definitely going to do it again for sure once I have you know the funds in my hand to do so.

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