What’s up guys Don Haley here in personal development and also crypto NFT and I’ve been in zero percent for three months I joined zero percent primarily because Jeff who’s the man but wanted to learn a lot about learn about credit primarily and learn how to leverage credit. it was a very easy process we got about around 110 000 in funding in less than a month through various parts uh position in mind and straightforward.

Primary deployment will be in my scaling my businesses and yeah it’ll help because it created more room to scale and more capital to use for expenses and scaling it’s just an interesting opportunity right it’s something that most people aren’t taught you know we’re not talk credit uh so I think it’s something to lean into I mean the value’s there you definitely get you know.

I got 10x the value I put into it right so it’s definitely something to check out and try because credit at the end of the day is that for Americans to capitalize on right one of those countries that offer such an opportunity and these guys know exactly how to do it.

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