My name is Glenn Sookram I am based out of Toronto Canada Ontario I’m a full-time sales rep at a tech company and I’m also a real estate investor so I have some buy and hold properties I’ve been with QCM now for just under a month and yeah it’s just been like absolutely life-changing for me my knowledge consisted of just you know going on YouTube going on social media you know.

Maybe reading some blogs some some websites but like everything in the world there’s just so much information out there so I needed to find a central spot where I could get focused and you know kind of kind of be led by someone so that’s kind of where you know Jeff came on my radar and it was just immediately just his his his level of intelligence and you know just just knowing that he has that financial background that economics background was just very you know good for me to hear and just helped me just made this decision a lot a lot smoother.

I’m gonna be perfectly honest like anything in life and any time you’re kind of you know setting aside money or putting down a payment always gonna be skeptical especially you know not not meeting Jeff not meeting the team you know for me it was pretty much his social media presence that kind of sealed the deal you know just seeing what he was doing like on a daily basis posting and whatnot yeah very skeptical.

It was you know a a good sum of money to put down but it’s just you know I think I joined up the day before our first mastermind call and on that first call the fact that I was able to ask him questions directly and I had a list of like 10 questions and the fact that he he took the time and answered them all like I knew right away I’m like yeah this is this is gonna be game changer for me like there’s no looking back and I have not looked back and I’m just looking to the future now like I know what’s coming.

I would consider myself to be brand new to crypto I pretty much started researching crypto and and and the old ecosystem about six months ago in terms of my my level of knowledge you know starting off in crypto I would say it was it was pretty low probably probably two to three so I’ve been with QCM now for just under a month and when I started with QCM.

I had absolutely zero exposure to crypto so I didn’t have a single penny in the crypto vote and you know just through taking Jeff’s course and understanding the fundamentals of you know what exchanges to open up how to open up exchanges how to be safe. I’ve put in about a hundred thousand dollars into cryptocurrency and I’ve just checked my my results right now so I’m up just over fifty percent in one month so you know I recouped my initial investment in.

I would say about two to three weeks and I thought that would take me a lot longer and the only regret I have is not putting in more money and the thing with me is my money it’s just I’m trying to get it on the exchange as quickly as I can but it does take some time if I had it all from day one I would have seen you know three digits hundred two hundred percent returns easily.

I think I’ll give you two examples you know first the the number one thing that I enjoy most about QCM is just just having that one-on-one time with Jeff you know just knowing how busy he is how many businesses he runs and you know he’s an investor himself just being able to to know that hey you know he’s just he’s just one dm away or or you know you know one message away and just just having that even at that one-on-one time with them on the I believe you do some some Tuesday sessions and you can actually you know they they send me an email ahead of time saying hey listen you know write down the questions that you have and he has them ready.

He’s organized he has those questions ready to go and he’s there and the thing that I found most surprising and you know it was for me I’ve never been part of a mastermind before but but just a community just you know just having that community around you and and understanding that you know there’s different levels of expertise you know you you have people that have been doing this for three four five years and then you have guys that like myself that I want to be doing this with for a month and then you have guys are starting off.

So just you know everyone collaborating I was really impressed that you know you could ask any question you want and someone’s gonna get back to you it was just amazing  you know for me I would say you know I’ve already been here you know three weeks now it’s a no-brainer and it’s almost like you know what like you have to join this this group if you want to be relevant if you want to you know understand what’s going on in the world today and you want to get into cryptocurrency.

You have to join this group yes there’s an initial investment you will recoup that in no time but what you’re gonna gain here the knowledge the experience and this is not short term this is all long term you’re gonna be so much better off by by taking this course and I’m not as eloquent as Jeff is in explaining everything and that’s why you join these courses to to learn from you know from a mentor but yeah this this stuff is absolutely life-changing.

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