AirBnB Guidebooks represent one of the easiest ways to impress your guests and provide them with a great experience. The reason a guest chooses an AirBnB is not only for the physical living space but rather the host’s ability to provide insider tips. Chances are many guests aren’t from your city, and almost none will be from your local neighborhood. That means that they don’t know the local “go-to” spots that you probably know like the back of your hand! As a result, an AirBnB Guidebook can offer that ‘local guide’ expertise giving yourself a competitive edge in quality service.


An AirBnB Guidebook shows off your knowledge of the local area, reinforce your credibility as a host, increase bookings and maximize your nightly rate from guests looking to stay in great spots with reliable hosts.


One of the key things that we’ve implemented over the last 12 months that have provided our guests with the five-star experience is creating what is called a guidebook if you have a real estate portfolio specifically Airbnb’s and short-term rentals you’ve probably already experienced the amount of time energy and even money that is involved in building up your portfolio right.

The time that you spend with the guests checking in checking out making sure that your property is better than your competitors and that you have those differentiating factors now one of the key things that we’ve implemented is creating a guidebook specifically a guest guide book we use check out the link below there’s a resource and by the way we share tons of systems processes automations literally all of our tools and resources in our real estate mastermind program.

Also check that out below this video and see how you can network with thousands of people scaling their business scaling their income scaling their investments but ultimately a guest guidebook is going to provide your guests with a very streamlined process of the check-in the checkout details the rules of the property amenities in the area and it looks very professional when it’s sent over to them so you can customize everything on

Again definitely recommend to implement this if you haven’t already one of the best ways to scale any business specifically a real estate business is saving yourself time right and building out systems and processes and leveraging technology so you can be focused on finding that next deal one of the most common mistakes people make is they’re worried about step three versus step one which is finding that next deal.

95 percent of people don’t have a rental property for a reason and I truly believe it’s because they think they have to have all this experience they have to have all this money well guess what we can help you find fund manage and disposition any type of real estate project that you’re looking into but for those specifically watching this video implement a guest guidebook very very confident that’s going to provide a much better experience for your guests and save you a ton of time energy headaches and ultimately make you more money.

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