Incredible Alt Coin With Easy 10x Potential! (MultiVAC)
Incredible Alt Coin With Easy 10x Potential! (MultiVAC)

In this video I talk about an alt coin with Incredible 10X Potential! This is a smart contract project that has much better tech than nearly every other project other than Solana.

I think it has a good chance to make a big move when the market decides to turn bullish again.


Good evening! Good morning! Good afternoon! My name is Jeff ‘zero percent credit crypto’ Sekinger and in today’s video we are coming to you live from Rainey Miami Florida and we are going to review a project that I just put 100 grand into and think it has the potential to blow up or I would not have just put 100 grand into it anyways this is my favorite sector in cryptocurrency which is smart contracts so let’s take a look into smart contracts and see why we’re even betting on this to begin with.

So like I mentioned it is my favorite sector within cryptocurrency and the reason is because just look at history right in the top 10 okay we got Ethereum Cardano Binance coin Solana polka dot so five out of the top ten are smart contracts and actually if you take away the stable coins of tether and USDC really five out of the top eight are smart contracts and if you go down the line pretty much all these projects are either built on top of those or there are other smart contract platforms like polygon and avalanche and v chain and theta and cosmos right.

There’s just an unlimited amount of smart contract platforms that that do very very well so if you look at the top 100 there is a boatload of smart contract platforms and the thing I love about them is they create their own ecosystem so all these decentralized applications built on top of the their blockchain which then every single transaction actually runs through the blockchain which generates fees which uses their native coin.

So there is actually real utility for the coin a lot of these other projects like uniswap there isn’t much utility besides governance right a lot of these coins are just kind of thrown up there almost to act like a stock but it’s not even really comparable so I’m gonna jump into a let’s just jump into this project so I’ll show you what I just put 100 grand into.

I put 100 grand into MTV I actually put 75 grand and put another 25 into GLCH I am really just doing this GLCH is really more of a moonshot. I’ll show you it here in a second but MTV I think has a huge potential for massive growth this market cycle because their main let net just launched so their smart contracts really just finished where other applications can build on top of them.

I believe was on June 26th is the exact date that it actually launched yep June 26 was a lot it was a date that it launched which was honestly a pretty bad time because we just had a big correction in crypto so a lot of people weren’t really paying attention it did have a little pump came back down and now it is absolutely exploding and I’ll show you how much is exploded by so first of all let’s go take a look I believe it’s also on coin gecko if you want to take a look there but the coin is up 40 percent today and over the last seven days.

It is just absolutely erupting if you look over the three months you’ll see what I’m talking about a little pumpy dumpy do when the main net was launching here right before it and then in the last year it did have a nice pump and now it’s hitting all-time highs so and the cool thing about it is I’ll show you a few things about it so number one it’s a real project with a real team and they also put their GitHub here so you know that they’re real right and they’re actually working on stuff and what’s really great to see is also like I like to look at okay.

What are the metrics of the project as far as like how many people actually believe in it and who is putting their money behind it and what is cool to see is there is a ton of the project actually being staked so this is 2.3 billion is staked right now okay and the current APR is 22 which is you know pretty good but I love to see projects that are being staked quite immensely because if you look at like as far as relative to the circulating supply there’s three point you know six billion in circulating supply right now and there isn’t even there’s almost gonna be three billion.

There’s gonna be three billion stakes here in the next like likely few days because of how quick the project is growing and I’ve been watching this number it has been increasing a lot even today just in the last seven days it’s eclipsed two billion and now it’s gonna head to to three so this number is rapidly growing which I love to see as well I’m just gonna go over a quick summation of this project.

So first of all the peak number of transactions per second that’s what TPS stands for is 30,000 it’s almost like 31,000 transactions per second which is much much better than the projects that it competes against aside from one which is harmony which the coin is actually called one but the issue with harmony is the cost is actually much higher than Multivac so Multivac has a much lower cost a little bit less or less transactions per second harmony has more transactions per second but a higher cost they have 64 shards has approached it at a total of 12,800 total nodes now.

I’ll tell you the cool thing about Multivac which I don’t believe many other blockchains if any do this is they actually give the dap developers the flexibility to trade off between the impossible triangle of decentralization scalability and security so like the problem with blockchains if they put a lot of time and into scalability.

They’re likely their decentralization lacks a little bit right it’s somewhat like if you look at like visa right like they’re super centralized but they have a ton of transactions per second the you know the d5 world wants everything to be decentralized and they also want to have scalability and security but it’s difficult to have all three and when you put more emphasis on one you usually start to lack at another one.

What’s been cool is Multivac has made it available for the decentralized applications to choose which one they want to put more focus on so that is something that is pretty unique to multi-VAC they have obviously a high transaction per second and apparently infinite expansion so Multivac maximizes throughput on every shard while maintaining decentralization and security allowing decentralized blockchains to achieve in industrial capacity.

What you know one thing to note is like they’re not stuck at 30,000 transactions per second which is actually really good but they’re not stuck at that they can always change and add more charge in the future so there is more scalability that’s likely to come and honestly when you’re just launching a project you don’t need 30,000 transactions per second.

It’s like once you start to reach a certain scalability limit where you have a ton of dapps built on top of it which you’re starting to see that with Ethereum right it can’t scale because I think it does like I think it does like 14 transactions per second that’s something terrible it’s honestly somewhat of a joke one thing I did want to show you is the project that it competes against so like like I mentioned.

I always like to look at okay what sector is it in and how much you know capital and other projects are growing in that sector obviously it’s in the best sector in crypto in my opinion what I do like to see is how as far as like the multi or the multi the market cap of what it is currently at which is at 84 million so it’s at 84 million right now which is really really small relative to his competitors and who are its competitors.

Well its competitors are zil which has a terrible transactions per second it’s very very slow harmony is actually like I already mentioned the one token which the harmony blockchain they’re actually very very quick they are about three times as fast as Multivac which is pretty crazy but their cost is also like three to four times higher than multiback so that’s the thing and also they’re at a 1.3 billion dollar market cap zill’s at a 1.5 billion dollar market cap.

You can see multiback was at 55 million is now at 80 million I’ll run super slow that’s a 3.4 billion near also very slow at 2.7 billion so like these are so like multiback is multiples faster than all these except for harmony which I mentioned there is a trade-off between how much you know how much you want to spend per transaction on harmony multi-vac is about four times lower.

I believe but harmony is about three times faster than multi-vac right now which honestly I don’t think either of these change even need that much transactions per second right now they may if they continue to grow but that’s always great to see another thing that I have looked into is just their team is is the real deal another if you go look at their YouTube channel.

You can learn some things about them I also like how they put their GitHub here as well it actually shows that they are the real deal let’s go to their YouTube channel real quick you can see that they actually have been updating videos recently.

I actually recommend you go to watch this most recent video about it so you can understand the technology behind it it’s only six minutes it’s definitely worth your time but you can see they’ve been putting out videos on how to like you know utilize it like four weeks ago one month ago one month ago so they are relatively active and their team is is real as well I forget if they show their team on here I did research into their team their roadmap is pretty good.

Their news is kind of old to be honest their partners are decent as well and oh another huge thing is the so they’re listed on currently they are listed on kucoin that’s why I went to go buy there and actually the owner of cue coin is one of the founders of this project so that is super important to me is to be able to see okay.

Well who is behind Multivac and if one of someone that owns a major exchange like coin is behind the project that makes me feel a lot better about the project they likely have a lot more pull in the industry with getting other dapps to be built on top of them so they are the real deal and they seem to be growing obviously very very quickly one thing that I liked and didn’t like which maybe I can pull up this article for you right down here.

I believe it was this Forbes article was the owner was talking about he pretty much said that he doesn’t market much is what he said so we will see multi-vac’s all-dimensional sharding solution lead the world to embrace the future of blockchain and we don’t joke instead of creating marketing hype we prefer to let the facts speak for themselves for example October.

We released the lab data providing transactions per second over you know thirty thousand 64 shards in November we updated the demo video of multivac test net and the testing is planned to be launched in q1 of 19. so this obviously was an old older article this is good and bad so I love there is way too much hype with just projects pumping everything through their marketing.

They spend all their time energy and resources on marketing and they have no back end I think this project has a ton of back end but like no marketing which is bad for price pumps because they don’t come until everyone starts to listen to other people on social media talk about them because they put no time and energy into marketing but which can kind of hurt the amount of dapps that build on top of them but that is also great because they’re actually truly building a real project.

That’s meant to be a long-term project and provide real value in the industry so I did I do like to see this I also don’t really like to see it because that also means it may not pump as hard but I would much rather have a team that actually focuses on the project not just hype and marketing because there’s so much hype and marketing in crypto so that is definitely one thing I like to see and I’ll go back to that other project that I mentioned which was just like a mainnet that’s focused on the d5 space which was I’m even drawing a blank on the name of it it’s glitched GLCH.

So if we go to GLCH they have a decent team as well I’m not a huge fan of their site obviously you can see it’s a relatively extremely low market cap 36 million it already did have a nice pump and this was part of the reason why I went into it.

I also did there’s just some more activity as far as people talking about it recently on social media but you can see it had a nice pump up to 140 at kind of the height of the market before bitcoin in the market came back down and it’s only at 45 cents and then their site not a huge fan of it but I did do they’re just low-cost they’re interoperable and they’re just really focused on really so they already have their bridges built to bridge from Binance and bridge from erc20 and Ethereum tokens.

One thing I do like is they are just focused in the d5 space so they’re just trying to have their singular focus on decentralized finance applications and trustless money markets so I like that they’re not trying to be all over the place and let’s look at their team they actually have somewhat of a legitimate team that I do like to see so I’ll these go to all their LinkedIn.

I’m not going to go through all of them but pretty much all of them are legitimate they’re in fintech or in have been in blockchain for years the only thing Jason McGregor he seems to be more of like a CFP in Australia that’s not really 100 like just with the company I would have liked to see that he actually be solely with the company.

He looks to be doing a few different things but they do have a actually a pretty big team so you know a lot of these projects they either don’t show their team and their faces which is honestly a red flag or they have like two people on their team and it’s just like I can’t actually take that seriously to be honest so anyways let me know what your thoughts are below this video are you buying multi-vac are you buying glitch let me know your thoughts below and I will see you here on the other side.