Jay Azeltine
Jay Azeltine, Real Estate Testimonial

Yow what’s going on guys! My name is Jay Azeltine and I want to take a quick second to talk about Tyler Bossetti and my guys over the zero percent team. I started working with them about a year ago and when I went to them initially I was looking to scale my business I was looking for some extra cash to free up my own cash in order to scale the business. And so one year later we’re on our way to developing multiple seven-figure businesses that credit has played an integral role in that.

I’ve also been able to develop a lot of passive income as well. I’ve been utilizing that zero percent interest credit that I’ve gotten now 150 000 and 0% interest credit. I’ve been able to scale the business but I’ve also been able to put money into some real estate deals with Tyler and his team. Develop some passive income for myself and on top of all that um life-changing stuff.

I’ve been able to refer friends over refer business partners over and then they get the same deal. Repair the credit get the scores up get lots of zero percent interest credit scale the business. Passive income so it’s been huge for not only myself. So many people that are in my life as well. So I appreciate you guys so much. Cannot recommend you guys enough.