I’ve been in the financial industry for 17 years I’ve written a book called rich man poor bank which I released in 2000 it took me five years to write it so I released it in 2014 and then I wrote top 10 ways to avoid taxes which Jeff Sekinger actually read and we connected during that period and then top 10 ways now you all can secure your financial future.

That’s a book my third book that I released so I was I was very much in the financial industry but Jeff Sekinger opened my eyes up to things that I’ve never seen in 17 years in the financial industry like I learned so much during coronavirus because I was you know connected with zero percent and I just started learning things and they don’t teach you this stuff in the financial industry 17 years of training financial advisors.

They don’t teach what you guys teach in the financial industry so I was I was thoroughly impressed and I’m I just consider myself pretty financially sophisticated I’ve learned so much from you guys so I’m just I’m happy I met Jeff Sekinger. I’ve learned a lot honestly I just I wasn’t thinking big enough actually just talking to Jeff.

He got me thinking bigger and that was the thing though in the financial industry you’re sort of put into a box sometimes you’re taught to think a certain way and actually his when I realized that when I watch his videos and he’s like hey you gotta build a curriculum I started building a curriculum I’m building a curriculum and I watched a second and third company since then so like it just got me thinking bigger and it’s crazy like you know it’s just so the the the content that I’ve got has been pretty amazing actually like just thinking bigger and just realizing hey you can actually really get more into the financial education because what they teach in the financial advisor industry isn’t financial education.

It’s only information that feeds money to wall street like so I’m just like you know knowing that you know we can actually teach people the really most valuable information like corporations credits stuff like that which I’ve never never even heard of before which is crazy so but yeah tremendous value yeah and then just that and that and that and that I just always wanted to hold forty thousand dollars in my hands and never done this before but I was like oh I gotta do that so I think we have about 70,000 in funding coming in.

We just got 40,000 right now switch I’m funding a company called p2wealth.com so we’re launching that company and then we’re going to launch another company called pet peopleplanet.com so we’re we’re doing stuff and it’s all with thanks to you guys with zero percent loans.  Just keep keep doing what I’m doing like I said I’m launching one company in mid January the p2wealth.com.

I’m launching another company in mid mid 2022. I’m going to start a not-for-profit to put veterans into homes called homes for veterans. and we I know how to get homes take them off the street put them in into homes or veterans into homes so I’m just going to get you know just kind of do what I do every day get up have fun you know help other people make money financially educate people financial education is like my passion that’s I think I was born on this put on this planet to financially educate people like that’s my purpose and no it’s just I’m gonna have fun every day.

I’m gonna get up every day and do whatever I want me my girlfriend to go to vacations and and just hang out and hang out with cool people right like like-minded people who think big just hang out with those people and have fun and hold my forty thousand bucks because I’ve never have forty thousand dollars in my hands it’s so much freaking fun trust me I’ve been writing three books on finances.

I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of the financial industry I’ve worked professionally for 17 years I’ve trained literally hundreds of financial advisors and insurance agents if you’re on the fence just invest in you have to invest in your financial literacy you have to put invest time and money into doing that I can tell you the amount of money that I’ve wasted and lost on courses that aren’t effective.

They’re not the right information they’re just kind of like average courses that they teach the only way that I’ve lost and spent in 17 years is insane the amount of money I spend so you have to go to this the guys who are actually doing it and I find the younger the guys the the better they are I think the older financializes are stuck in the the world that they’re stuck in the younger guys are getting innovative and we’re all innovating.

I think I’m still I’m saying I’m the old guy now in the room but whatever but compared to you guys but but no it’s just I’m learning from younger people and and they’re thinking better they’re innovating faster and I’m trying to catch up with them now you have to change your thinking you have to associate with the people zero percent is a good place because you start associating and surrounding yourselves with people who think differently and my my thinking changed myself and I did it in a very rapid period.

I met Jeff’s during coronavirus when the market was crashing and we were just chatting and then we became friends and then I went to his event had an awesome time and I just been watching those videos and learning too and he learns from me I learned from learn from him and that the greatest thing is you can’t say I know everything that’s the death of everything you’re never going to learn if you say I know everything I’m so financially smart every day I get up and say how can I learn something today right about finances and there’s so much innovation it’s hard to keep up.

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