Mastermind San Diego CA

Hey! If you’re new to the channel…my name is Jeff Sekinger I teach people how to leverage credit to scale their businesses and create new income streams in my consulting/mastermind: I’m on a mission to empower people financially so they can do what they want with their time instead of living unfulfilling lifestyles.


What’s going on guys! Welcome to the scaling with systems and financial independence accelerator masterminding. We’re super stoked to have you guys here we just pulled up to the house in San Diego. Check out this in La Jolla San Diego thirteen million dollar house on the water this is the view pretty unreal belong to you.

It’s a little gloomy outside but that’s all good tomorrow Saturday and Sunday is gonna be like the main mastermind itself that’s when the drop in value. Jeff has a bunch of his students here a bunch of my students here as well but tonight we’re pretty much just networking and meeting some of our clients some of the people.

I overheard Geoff talking about some guys in stone real estate using literally 0% so I’m actually excited to talk to him but networking with some of the people that have been following us for like a year plus and that we’ve been actually talking to them online and ever actually noting the person.

So I think we’re pretty excited for that that’ll be tonight then we have dinner with just the people that are staying in the house at STK at stakeouts downtown San Diego it’s gorgeous over there’s maybe like 30 plus people for that and then tomorrow morning 8 a.m. starts the actual mastermind there’s 60 plus people here.

We got yachts we got paintball we got elf costumes reindeer coming Sam pain raisins Ray’s. I don’t think I think the mom okay okay raisins maybe and yeah so we’re super super stoked to have you guys all here the rest of this video is gonna be pretty much jeopardized first mastermind.

We sold out in this and what 24 hours yeah very quick I didn’t promote it at all no it’s actually insane how powerful your personal brand can be it can provide value so stoked to show you guys what’s to come so sit back relax drink a glass of champagne and go get me some raisins we’ll see you guys soon.

Don’t worry about posting so much on your business page and all that stuff if you look at my business page it doesn’t have a whole lot activity on it so technically Facebook does favor the algorithm but it’s the 80/20 rule okay draw me a diagram on how I’m supposed to deliver this for 50 dollars not getting on the phone call with Sally pants 69 to talk about her dog.

Hey you guys this is America I came out to San Diego California to see Robin and also see Jeff ii sure see what they were talking about the day in their mastermind there’s about 50 60 people here all kind of got drunk owners we got econ guys.

We got people coming out of Canada we got on over from other cities and states and I think it’s important for you to get out here and talk with people kind of see you elevate yourself and how do you elevate yourself please for your time with what you’re talking about what you’re listening to and I think it’s important to get into how can we sharpen our businesses for 2020 regards the recession or not sharpen your business sharpen we hang out with and enough help you grow.

So I’m glad they put this event together and if they do another one I highly recommend you go to it it’s honestly great so far day ones in the wraps just learned everything from time management to branding to systematizing getting organized getting your mindset right and honestly the amount of value that these guys provide the second tonight there’s a reason that I came out here from New York East Coast.

We got people all over the UK from India other countries and you know they really do what they say and they take action on everything and everybody men is value so if you are if you’re looking to kind of learn more or you don’t know you know you need some advice on business mindset and scaling systems and also credit Jeff second year and Ravi on wall are your guys my name is justice Saunders and my experience here has been phenomenal.

I personally worked with Jeff and Ravi both to help me scale my own agency my own businesses my own personal brands and notice to say if you’re looking to get to that next level these are the guys that you want to be focused with I mean just take a look around all these people that they’ve been able to bring your game changer the amount of people the type of insight the time connections that you can have here it’s been a great time we’re looking forward to yes going to the yacht next we’ll save that.

Just wrapped up day two of FIA and SWS mastermind we are at the corner of the house right now overlooking the pool and ocean and it’s been an epic epic weekend yesterday we had a packed day of value we hopped on a yacht you’ve got dinner and then today we had an even more fact they have value with two guest speakers we just handed it out like 12 awards to our students that are doing even up to six figures a month.

They’ve gotten multiple six figures and funding and they’re just crushing in all areas of life handed those out and now we’re about to go play paintball it was an epic weekend we got Santa here I mean look at this guy oh ho ho ho no but seriously this event was amazing I mean we do all of our coaching virtually so it’s super super cool to connect with people in person and actually meet them in person and also help them facilitate new relationships and new networks so it’s been an epic weekend thank you so much for tuning in.