So before joining FIA I was and still am running a gym I own a gym in San Diego so I’m still doing that but always looking to expand so I got a lot out of the course content once I joined fia a lot of good stuff in there a lot of things that confirmed a lot of my beliefs about good debt versus bad debt and wealth building principles in general so it was awesome to hear all of that and it made me trust the process a lot more because it echoed things that I had had heard in the past and had studied about so the funding process went well.

I did get a little bit lost as I was going but I figured it out and ended up getting funded seventy seven thousand two hundred dollars going through the steps right of like hey stop this report and then go for this card and then the issue I guess I ran into was okay I got declined on that call do I immediately reach out for reconsideration or do I immediately move on to the next step in the report.

I wasn’t entirely sure which one to do so honestly a recommendation that I might make for you guys is like if you talk to somebody I’m going to do my funding this this day this time just be like hey I’ll be available to like you know text you or email you for that period of time.

I’ll try to get back with within you know five or ten minutes or whatever just if you know someone’s going through the round of funding I don’t know how I don’t know if that’s even feasible for you guys but that’s that’s just the thought that I had to someone on the fence about joining FIA.

I would say there’s a reason that you got this far and there’s a reason that you’re looking at it and even considering it so if you don’t do it then nothing will change but if you do you might open up a whole new possibility yeah so with the funding that I received I’ve already undertaken my Walmart store got everything started I believe we’re currently to the point where they’re aging my website.

So that’s as of now what I’m gonna do with the majority of not all of my credit but I also may get into the real estate fund because I like those returns I’m not sure about the crypto yet I don’t know if I have a big enough chunk of money to put into it but all three of those are very enticing and I had no idea about the Walmart store at all until I was going through the courses the videos on fia so I literally learned about it on there and now it’s the first thing that I invested in with that one.

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