What’s up guys this is Nate over with zero percent I just want to touch a little bit on my experience here working with zero percent just to give you guys a little bit of my background so I manage about six guys on our sales team on one of our sales team leads here at zero percent.

I’ve been doing this for a year and about four months now and when I first came on board this was going to be a couple of months thing helping friends out you know feeling a need filling a void and then I was going to kind of go off and do do my own thing like I always do and what I found here at zero percent was a pretty badass community of people and a lot of things that benefit me.

And so started started here working on the credit repair side of things selling some really low ticket offers doing a lot of outbound outreach kind of the stuff that we cut our teeth on in sales and just continually sharpening my my sword and getting better and better better at what I do the opportunities just kept coming and before you know it.

I was kind of a catch-all taking low ticket offer calls and now I’m actually managing a team but for me guys my my experience has been unbelievable I started I was making 15 an hour about a year and a half ago working do it underpaid I will say under value but nonetheless coming in here it feels like I’m really you know getting paid my value here at zero percent and some of the things that I’ve been able to accomplish.

I just look back out of you know thinking about this video this morning mind-blowing to me so like just so you guys know like a lot of times taking my income that I’ve made from here which is is quite quite nice I might add I’ve built a six-figure cryptocurrency portfolio here in the last year getting into Walmart automation as well in addition to continually building my stock portfolio.

So it’s not just the experience that you get within sales it’s the actual stuff that we do right if you believe in what we do and you take advantage of what we do like there’s so many benefits so many value so many value pieces of working at zero percent that it’s not just sales right and I’m a testament of that being able to take some of my portfolio some of my passive income streams build things up and just align with the company vision that’s I mean it’s changed my life so that’s that’s kind of my story here working at zero percent if you guys are considering it you’re on the fence I mean it’s a no-brainer but if you’re on my team you better be ready to work.

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