Hello my name is Nathan Lapish. I want to take a few moments to share with you the impact that fia has had my life three years ago I left the job due to an ugly situation and for the first time in my life I had no clear direction I had no plans no path of success no future nothing on the horizon and on top of that I have four children and a wife and only twelve thousand dollars to my name you know in society’s eyes.

I was really successful I had a solid career had a solid experience and resume my previous job I was making you know just over 60,000 a month I had a master’s degree and through those first initial classes I realized that you know I didn’t invest in FIA what I really invested in was myself and so as I started to really pour into the material and the material poured back into me.

I started seeing myself grow in areas that I didn’t think I could grow in not only that not only was the info great not only was I growing but my head doors and opportunities open to me that were never presented to me before in addition to that the people that I met along the way the connections that I made through fia in the mastermind have nearly just like catapulted me to where I am today when I left my job.

I was making just over 60,000 a year between all my businesses and my investments I’m netting just over you know 50,000 a month if you’re on the fence so to speak we’re playing games you know you got to choose one way or another you can’t you can’t just stay in the middle and stay the same because if you stay the same you’re essentially dying you’re not growing and so I encourage you to make that jump don’t invest in the program invest in yourself through the program and you’ll see your life take off in so many ways if you were to ask me yeah was it worth it yeah.

I have 60 000 reasons each month that tell me it’s worth it I have my life back I spend my time with my family I get to make my own schedule I get to choose when i work and when I don’t work and so for me it’s been a wonderful experience and I encourage you again if you’re on that fence make the jump because if you don’t invest in yourself who’s going to invest in you nobody nobody’s going to do it for you so I hope that’s helpful for you I hope that’s impactful and man yeah let’s come on I want to see you at the next event.

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