Raise Your Standards And The Universe Will Meet You There

If you are new to the weekly sauce, the mission of these short practical notes is to empower you to fire your boss and hire your passion.

The vast majority of people go through the motions, living an uninspiring life and a crap lifestyle because of one thing: MONEY.

So ask yourself: If money wasn’t an issue, what would you be doing RIGHT NOW?

What kind of lifestyle do you want to live?

What needs to happen to make that lifestyle a reality?

The answer to that question is the goal of the weekly sauce.

Each and every week, I strive to provide you practical advice in order to help get you on track to living an inspiring lifestyle.

With that being said, this weekly sauce is all about standards!

Goals vs Standards

It seems that people regularly talk about their goals, but they rarely discuss their standards.

Did you know that your standards have a bigger impact on your reality than your goals?

So, what are some examples of goals and standards?

In relationships… A goal could be to date a model. But a standard is, “I ONLY date models”.

In health… A goal could be to lose weight. But a standard is “I WILL NOT weigh more than 120 pounds”.

In wealth… A goal could be to become a millionaire. But a standard is “My bank account NEVER drops below $50,000”.

Can you see the differences?

1. Goals are almost always dependent on the future. Standards are in the present.

2. Goals reflect the upper limit of your comfort zone. Standards reflect the lower limit of your comfort zone.

People often fail to hit their goals, but they never fail to meet their true standards.

With this in mind, it becomes blatantly obvious that we need a strategy to constantly expand and elevate our standards (not just our goals).

Raising Our Standards

When it comes to increasing our standards, there are two ways in which we can effectively increase our standards:

1. Stretching

Everyone knows they have to stretch their muscles after a workout to avoid muscular damage, but only a small percentage of people ever consistently stretch their standards to avoid damaging their lifestyle improvements.

If you aren’t increasing your standards, you won’t change, grow and reach your potential…

Do you fly coach every time you fly? Save some extra money, and fly first class. How will you feel treating yourself to luxury and

Do you settle for the man/woman that treats you poorly? Increase your standards and start getting what you know you deserve.

Do you shop at Kohls or Walmart? Why not try saving a little longer and step it up to buy just one item from Saks Fifth Avenue? When you put that item on, how will that make you feel? I bet a bit more abundant than you Walmart jeans.

When you go to a restaurant, do you eat the cheapest thing on the menu? Do you order the cheapest house wine?

I have a rule in life, I never do or buy anything that is cheap. Maybe inexpensive, but not cheap.

This is a standard.

When I go out to dinner (which is not overly often) I eat whatever the hell I want. Why would you not get what you actually want and treat yourself to the best meal? At the end of the day, you are what you eat right?


This is a fancy word that means “the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge, beliefs, goals, values, and habits”.

Basically, it means hanging around people with higher standards. You hear entrepreneurs and personal development coaches talk about this all the time.
It is the people you’re influenced by in your direct environment.

If you’re influenced by poor people, you’re probably going to set relatively poor goals. Since your standards are always lower than your goals, you’re going to have low financial standards, and therefore a low financial life.

Get around people with ever higher standards than you, in all areas and watch your reality evolve.

If you want your life to change…

You have to change.

How does change occur?

With action.

Take action on this newsletter.

Raise your standards gradually each week or month.

Start hanging around individuals with higher standards and goals than you have.

You will thank yourself later.

You, and only you, influence, direct and control your future.

You are the master of your own destiny.

Start acting like it and take the first steps in creating a better lifestyle!

See you next Friday!

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