I’ve been following Jeff and Tyler for a while uh learning a lot just through some of their free content and you know I wanted to know more I wanted to grow and scale my own personal business and investments and I hopped into that and from there it was just no brainer to get into the real estate fund I started working with them about a year ago and when I went to them initially.

I was looking for some extra cash to free up my own cash in order to scale the business I’ve been able to scale the business but I’ve also been able to put money into some real estate deals with Tyler and his team develop some passive income for myself I feel like I was more safe with Tyler because I’ve seen him like talk to him face to face that’s a lot of money so I just I wanted to make sure that it was somebody that I trusted because I’ve been burned before I didn’t want that to happen.

I have a pretty extensive investment portfolio but I didn’t have any real estate I want to do more passive investment in real estate and then that opportunity was there and so I took it and the returns are amazing and it seems like no virtually no risk it was just perfect for me it’s going into real estate you know which is a great asset class to be in so instead of me having to put my own money into a real estate deal.

I can like passively invest into it when I don’t have like a large amount of capital that I want to put down into my own property this was an easy way to passively get involved in real estate with some really good upside today in less than eight or nine months I’ve invested a hundred thousand dollars with them and my returns have been like seventeen thousand five hundred dollars returns that you’re not going to find anywhere else in the real estate game.

I invested with Tyler a little bit less than six months ago 21 000 is what I invested I made back a little bit over 24 000 so I made 15 percent of my money in a little bit less than six months and all I did was lend him capital he took it he and his team fix and flipped a property and then you know made a profit and then returned my principal plus the interest that he promised me.

It’s been a great experience so far super simple it was easy enough to just roll back over it was seamless easy completely passive it’s been perfect it’s been very smooth delivered exactly what it was supposed to do and exactly the right time frame so if you like making easy money go to Tyler because this this is pretty incredible this deal is great and it’s the easiest money like I said I’ve ever made.

I highly recommend the zero percent team it’s been huge for not only myself so many people that are in my life as well so I appreciate you guys so much cannot recommend you guys enough there’s nothing bad to say about this because it’s so simple and easy and there’s just great returns with it you know it was the easiest money i ever made because it’s completely just wiring him the money and then a few months later he’ll send you the return.

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