My name is roger I’m 27 years old I’m from Guadalajara Mexico the industry sector that I currently develop is venture builders I’m mostly focused on developing startups funding them and eventually letting them go looking for an exit maybe I have a year of experience not that much I kind of hopped in in the 17 last bull run but I didn’t know what I was doing;

So I basically I lost money and I tried to get my feet wet again like a year ago but the way that I was doing it is I found this bot online that it basically does whatever he wants DCA and grid but it wasn’t having results as much as I wanted so then I found orca capital and I tried to well I asked for information and what the the reason that I didn’t get into is because I wanted liquidity.

I needed to have cash flow and since I have to leave the money there for at least 12 months I said okay so I have to find another way for me to grab experience knowledge but have be able to have cash flow and that’s where I found QCM and it was just basically a no-brainer to get him I decided to get into the mastermind because I’ve been in previous masterminds before never related to crypto it was always startup or business-wise and I know the potential on getting to know different people and that you’ll always be able to learn not just from the mentor but from the people that are in the program the last thing that really convinced me was Jeff’s YouTube videos because I could see that he really knew what he was talking about and it just made sense for me to be closer to him and whatever people would want to also be closer to him to get to know them.

So I’ve been following Jeff almost like 18 months maybe a year and a half and I never got into the inner circle because I thought I couldn’t have that that proximity or being that close to him and when I found this new product or community it was a no-brainer so I think I have gained not that much experience as I would want because I need practice and I need to get my feet wet and I need to lose more money in order for me to be to feel comfortable with the with the crypto world but so far I think Jeff has put in me in a decent level so I’m pretty happy with the results previously or before QCM I would say I was a scale from 1 to 10 maybe a 2 or a 1.5 I was pretty and I was pretty new regarding crypto.

I mean I knew what was bitcoin and Ethereum but more than that I didn’t really know token metrics on chain metrics really evaluating a project right now I might feel myself a pretty decent five or six because I know how to evaluate a project I understand technical and fundamental analysis so I think that’s a pretty big gain in in a small period of time.

When we started because I do manage a small portfolio me and my business partner so it was more or less like 300 000 that’s how we started because we were not that confident of on on investing on making moves we used to do day trading and we lost a lot of money so then we we found that we could do swing trading or value investing and leave the money there for a while and we started putting more money because Jeff provided us that confidence so maybe from 300 we went to almost 900,000 pretty much and that has capitalized or I have gains up to 1.5 million dollars right now.

So it has been pretty wild for us [Music] I think that in the crypto world since there’s tons of like volatility and there’s news all around it’s it’s pretty easy to feel unsafe and being part of the mastermind makes me feel safe in the crypto world so I think that’s something untangible that I really appreciate that I feel safe enough that if I have a doubt if I found something if I’m feeling nervous if whatever if the if the thought is is like coming in.

I can go to the group and and just talk it out so that’s something that I really appreciate that’s one and the other is just to have the ability to be close to Jeff and and all his knowledge and feeling like although I’m not in orca capital I’m kind of in like because well the dude that’s pulling the strings basically he’s helping me to pull my own strength.

So that’s what I appreciate the most that and the the networking that we have been doing in the group that’s also pretty cool like there has been four or five people that are mostly active they have been pulling some nice moves like KDA so I’m pretty also I’m pretty excited about that just do it like don’t hesitate it’s going to be the 10 best k you have ever spent. 

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