My name is Sean Rogers I own a company called inspired balloons world champion balloon artist I got involved with fia right when a covet hit and was kind of figuring out a direction since I had all my eggs in one basket and everything was the background was balloons and was was doing big events for people’s parties and taking things to the next level and woke up one day with all my contracts gone we got involved and did we’ve opened up we’ve done a couple adventures with working on some drop shipping stuff and playing around with some different ideas with that I’ve played around with some doing as far as the multiple streams of course the real estate FIA.

I haven’t probably as Jeremy told me he’s like you need to definitely open up to your network I’ve been kind of a loner a lot of my life and so opening up to people has definitely been a new thing to me so probably one of my weaknesses I need to I need to start me and just start branching out more and exploring more but having that there is definitely one of those those safeguards because I have reached out and asked questions and got good answers back and you and Jeff have always been there to answer what I needed to to get done.

If I’ve needed help with anything or been in a weird spot so it’s it’s been the group having that there is like a safety net has been super awesome and honestly on my personal side I probably should leverage that asset even more because the people in that group are phenomenal and there have been people that have sat and reached out and helped me out like when I was when I was dealing with the recruiting side of the insurance business.

I reached out to fia to get some more feedback on that stuff first of all figure out your strengths and weaknesses and what you really need to work on and then like you guys always say take massive imperfect action because that imperfect action is gonna lead to you learning the steps that’s gonna get you to where you need to go because with no we’re taking no action you just sit there and twiddle your thumbs and I think that was a lot with me was and I even feel like I should have taken more action with some of the opportunities.

I’ve had since being in fia that I’ve really drug my feet on because I’ve got my wife in the background like being the devil’s advocate or somebody else yeah we’re just we bought a condo at a ski resort and that was our first real estate purchase went getting with fia and that’s already had a nice little appreciation and making a nice little return now we just closed on our second property.

That’s it’s got a two parcels of land with 40 acres two acres with a house and then another 37 acres it’s develop developable that’s a hard word to say right now and yeah we’re I’m really excited about it it’s it’s honestly probably as as you said earlier you you want to dabble in it a little later but it’s probably a passion project that I might have got into early.

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