6 months of high level business coaching – Invite Only

  1. Network with million-dollar business owners
  2. 2 Free Mastermind Events
  3. Exclusive Private/Public Funding
  4. Access to exclusive crypto investment funds
  5. Recieve a $100k minimum in financing

We have created a program, system, and network of over 200 entrepreneurs that are scaling their own businesses and creating new income streams leveraging other people’s money (credit) with no risk.

3 hours of course material and 2 group coaching calls a month to build business credit on the 3 main business bureaus (Equifax, Experian and D&B)

  1. Get a minimum of an 80 paydex score
  2. Apply for business credit accounts with no personal guarantee (No PG)
  3. Get 10 tradelines reporting with the business bureaus over 6 months