The #1 hack to becoming successful

The #1 hack to becoming successful


In this video, I give you some practical tips on how you can have quantum leaps in your success!

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What do you do to create massive mindset shifts in your life?


Hey there! Hope you’re doing super well comment in the comment section below what is your key takeaway from this canvas all right it’s a little kitten looking all cute staring at a puddle and the puddle is a fierce line in the middle it says mindset all right.

I truly do believe this is the most important thing I’m about to explain to you here in a second if it wasn’t important I would have it in the front and center of my condo in my kitchen all right and I’ll tell you what it is your mindset is your belief systems and your belief systems determine everything in life literally every single thing because your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits and your habits become your destiny.

So in order to get what you want in life you first got to have a little bit of a vision to say hey what is the ultimate destiny that I want in life and then you need to rewire your belief systems to believe that first of all it’s possible and you need to become that person that deserves what that destiny is right most people don’t have what they want because they simply do not deserve it so you literally need to figure out hey first of all what is it that I want in life do I want to be worth 10 million dollars.

Do I just want to make 10k a month do I want to retire my my entire family do I want to have more freedom options of choices do I want to live in the condo in Miami do I want to speak on stage in front of tens of thousands of people right whatever the heck it is that you want whatever goal you want whatever ultimate destiny you want you first of all need to know what it is and secondly you need to believe that it’s possible and thirdly you need to become that person all right.

So the best way to become that person is to literally find examples of that person and replicate all the the thoughts beliefs habits and things that they do on a daily basis in order to deserve the same exact things that they have and the cool thing about this whole personal development thing that I’m talking about right now is the most valuable thing is not even you getting to that destiny or getting to that goal the most valuable thing is actually the person that you become on the progression to getting to that goal.

So it’s not even literally you achieving that goal because you’re going to have to level up in order to get there and that person that you become is going to be more impactful because now you have leveled up in life and that’s going to allow you to get to the next level and that compounds and compounds over time compound interest is not just in finance.

It’s also in personal development in many other areas of life so I’m telling you this has been the number one thing that I’ve seen is I have had you know especially early in my life I’ve had this cap in my head and we all have this by the way this unconscious cap and lid in our head and it’s like a lid on a jar and it’s literally just keeps us from doing anything it caps our potential because we don’t believe that it’s possible to do more be more and you know hit the goals that we have for ourselves a lot of us don’t even have goals.

It’s crazy it’s like you’re literally putting on a blindfold spinning around in circles and throwing darts at a dartboard how many how many times do you think you’re gonna hit bullseye most likely zero because you don’t even have a vision for where you’re throwing it right but let’s say you do have a vision right you know what you want if you watch my channel you probably care about finance and money and crypto and credit and things that like help you level up right.

Well if you already know what you want it’s simply deserving what you want and the way that you do that is by rewiring your belief systems so like I was saying hey you got to find that person that has exactly what you want in that one area they don’t have to have the exact life but they need to have those exact results that you want in that area and you need to do your absolute best to replicate that so let’s go back to the public speaking thing right.

I used to be terrified of public speaking if you guys know my story actually in rehab I learned this whole concept so I actually had I got injured in football I had to go to a rehabilitation center to like get my life together. I completely wrecked my life I hated myself I lost like 30 pounds I was super frail I used to be like really buff and strong I had a lot you know a lot of friends.

I completely isolated myself I got into tens of thousand dollars of debt all I had was a leased Honda Civic that I wrecked on the highway I literally had nothing and when I went into rehab what they had me do is they had me write a story saying like from a third person right so I’m writing a story about myself and I had to actually write it as like I’m a superhero so I wrote my entire story from when I was born all the way up until I was at and then I projected everything in the future that I wanted and I wrote it as I was a superhero okay.

And what that allowed me to do was create an alter ego and look at my life from a different perspective and creating that alter ego allowed me to uncap my potential I had all these limiting beliefs about myself that I didn’t realize that I adopted from my environment in years and years and years of me suppressing my ambitions and doing all these negative things and being around these negative people and by adopting this alter ego.

It allowed me to uncap my potential and now I’ve adopted this I can put this hat on where I can turn into this person in the best way and I’m telling you I’m not a psychopath well I am a little bit of a psychopath you got to be a little bit of a psychopath if you want like the crazy amount of stuff that I want in life and to take the massive amount of action that I’ve been taking my the past three years of my life but I’m not crazy because this is what the best athletes in the world do.

So what you need to do is go read the alter ego effect and you can literally go create an alter ego that you can jump into right so maybe you’re trying to build a business and you’re not good at building businesses you’re like man I need to become like the ultimate CEO so you can jump into the the hat of the dude from billions right.

That show or you can jump into the hat of Chamoth Paulie Papatia or you can jump in the hat of Grant Cardone right my alter ego is a combination between grant and and Chamoth right those are like some of my two favorite entrepreneurs little mix of GarVee in there too but that’s my my alter ego because I know that you know I just like any other human.

I also have limiting beliefs I have things that I can improve the quickest way to do it is by creating this alter ego and then as you start to do that this is the next most important part is taking massive imperfect action everyone believes in the law of attraction they all think your way to success blah blah like they literally do all these affirmations and stuff but guess what that doesn’t exist unless there’s a law of action as well so you cannot just think yourself to success and change your beliefs and be this alter ego until you’re actually willing to take massive imperfect action.

Most people get analysis paralysis because they’re trying to do everything perfectly you literally need to start taking the step today whatever the step is maybe the step is literally a step this way okay I need to go do something maybe it’s that simple to literally take a step towards your goals so you literally just need to get some some progress and then here’s the key is keeping the momentum all right.

So like set the bar low to start and then keep raising the bar higher and higher at ever-growing rates and then you need to just keep the momentum by staying disciplined and having healthy habits. I’ve done this myself. I literally started with nothing tens of thousands of dollars in debt no connections like nothing all right.

I had no resources at my disposal and what I was able to do is completely turn my life around because I started with this alter ego I started being highly disciplined I said hey what type of person do I need to become to deserve what I want and I became that person and I started with 90 day blitzes so I would put on on a like literally cover my tv with a white board on my goal so I had 90 day goals and I take massive action during those 90 days and then next thing you know I hit those 90-day goals.

I take a quick trip to somewhere even if it’s like 20 miles away sometimes we came down to Florida if we could afford to come down here and then we set new goals and then hit new goals so we have these 90 days sprints and blitzes and that’s how I’ve been pursuing the last three years of my life and every single time those goals get way bigger right and now I’m at a point where it’s just like I’m blown away.

I’m not settling for what I have right I’m very very grateful for what I have but I’m absolutely blown away by the progress I’ve been able to make and you can be blown away as well if you listen to this video alright if you got value from this video go ahead and hit the like button if you get consistent value for my content.

I would love for you to subscribe to my channel I’m really really passionate about growing and impacting people and I’ve found that YouTube is one of the best ways to do that so go ahead and leave a comment below let me know what you think about this video.

I know this isn’t a moon shot this isn’t a pick that’s gonna 10x your net worth overnight but I’m telling you this is gonna have more of an impact on your net worth than any other thing that I shoot videos about I’m telling you the number one thing is your mindset and your belief in yourself and most people do not take this seriously and that’s why most people will never get these types of things so just flat out all right let me know what you think about this this video in the comment section below and I’ll see you here on this next one.

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