In this video, I am talking about The Arbitrage Model for Short Term Rental Real Estate.

You don’t have to own a property to make money from Airbnb and other short-term rental platforms. In fact, thanks to an increasingly popular strategy called rental arbitrage, getting in on the vacation rental game is now easier than ever.


I personally believe one of the best ways to start and scale a short-term rental portfolio or in other words Airbnb vrbo is through what is called the arbitrage model in other words you contact private landlords condo associations property management companies apartment associations and ultimately they allow you to sublease their property right and why would you do that well number one those apartment association condo associations property management companies private landlords they may not want to do all the work right.

They may be perfectly content with charging somebody 1500 a month for 12 months and have a quality tenant in there like yourself right so you can utilize that rental arbitrage model to sublease the property out you may have about anywhere between five to ten thousand dollars of upfront cost depending on the property depending on multiple different factors but ultimately you can sublease the property out and essentially manage market and significantly scale a portfolio without owning the property without having all the liability on yourself and how do you do that right.

you do that by going to resources like Zillow hot pads redfin all these free online resources you search a city let’s say Columbus Ohio you can filter through that city and see who’s a private landlord right what is for rent by owner or let me see if this apartment complex will allow me to sublease and what I do in our Airbnb income accelerator program is walk you through real-life examples and I coach you and you get access to an entire community of hundreds of investors that have done this exact strategy but also we share scripts with you on how to be best prepared regardless of your experience if you have zero properties or hundreds of properties.

We share brochures we share all these different unique tactics and scripts that you can use to come in it as a professional regardless again of your experience so if you guys want to get started in Airbnb’s and scale a massive portfolio without using your time your energy your money and you’re willing to put in a little bit of effort I promise you if you take action on this program you’re going to get results we built a seven-figure portfolio and we’re going to share all of our successes failures and ultimately you can network with others like you that are looking to start and scale a portfolio as well so click the link below and or check out the link in my bio and we’ll be looking forward to speaking with you here soon see you at the next one.

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