In this video, I am going to share with you this proven strategy to help increase your returns in cryptocurrency. Whether you are a new trader or experienced trader, this is the strategy we use in Orca Capital, my Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund.


What we see in the Cryptocurrency Market is what’s known as the Seesaw Effect:

Large amounts of capital move into bitcoin, bitcoin price goes up. The alt coins lag behind until capital shifts from bitcoin into the alts. We then see a huge rise in the price of alt coins.

This volatility presents huge opportunity.


Good evening! Good morning! Good afternoon! My name is Jeff ‘zero percent credit crypto’ Sekinger and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about a strategy that is absolutely proven to increase your returns within cryptocurrency and before we jump into this video and I show you this exact strategy that has historically worked very very well make sure to not like this video don’t share this video and absolutely do not comment down below that would be terrible.

I would I hate engagement on my channel so just absolutely don’t do any of those things all right let’s go ahead and jump right in bitcoin is at 55,000 right now okay we’ve had a very nice pumpity dumpty over the past few days and I’m gonna share with you something that happens and actually let’s just jump right in I don’t like to waste time let’s be efficient you know what I’m saying so this is what I’ve seen happen within crypto.

So I actually bought bitcoin back in 2013 and sold it in 2014 when it pumped a little bit more and then I started to get back heavy in 2017 when I was working for the biggest bank inside the united states working in asset management and I realized in 2017 like wow this asset class is not going away so I decided to start my own cryptocurrency hedge fund in a cryptocurrency educational business called zero percent and both have have expanded quite rapidly over the past three years and this is one of the things that we use within the funds this is like one of the strategies that we actually use where we’re trading bitcoin against different all coins.

Most of them were trading it against large cap all coins but our goal is to accumulate more bitcoin and one of the ways that we do this is by seeing the seesaw effect happen it happens quite a few times throughout the bull market we see it in effect very very much so at the very beginning of the bull market you know just in my personal portfolio and our fund as well we started with our bitcoin position around 70 okay.

And then as the market continues we start to see this seesaw effect happen where bitcoin pumps up then the alts kind of stays stagnant and then and then the alts pump up and then bitcoin kind of stays stagnant and we see this kind of seesaw happen where you know bitcoin rises in price which we just happened and then guess what’s going to happen the smart money is going to move from bitcoin into the alts and then the alts will pump up tremendously because they have a smaller market cap and then those also be traded back into bitcoin and then bitcoin will likely have another pump and then they’ll start to like evenly pump up but we see this happen when we have a lot of volatility and then some consolidation and you see that tremendously at the beginning of the bull market which obviously we’re already through and now right now because we had that like two and a half month period where we and we were in consolidation.

So I’ll show you exactly how this works out right now so like this is back in 2017. okay this was in September obviously if you’re in any of our private groups which you can join in the description below but we were talking about September.

September is historically a really bad month for not only crypto but also the stock market so like in September going into it we’re like hey we’re probably gonna have a red month so I literally just bought every single day through September knowing that this was likely to play out and this happened obviously in 17 it happened again this year as or yeah this year in 2021 as well and then what preceded it in October is we had just about a forty seven forty eight percent gain if you’re if you’re measuring the actual length of the body of the candle not from wake to wake from wake to wick it was almost like 60 but anyways we had great appreciation this is just bitcoin alone right.

So bitcoin did very very well in October and we’re starting to see that happen right now obviously we have a huge greed candle that has broke us past the previous local highs we’ve created a higher high which is a very very bullish sign so great start to October we’re expected to to close October just over 60 grand our low is we’re looking at is like 60 grand so this is history is repeating itself right now now let’s go look at the altcoins what happened in 2017.

So this chart is the total crypto market cap which is all the capital within cryptocurrency but excluding bitcoin if you look in the top left it says excluding bitcoin so this is all the money within crypto excluding bitcoin so this is the alt coins right that’s what altcoin stands for is alternative coins of bitcoin and if you look in September they went down as well but in October when bitcoin had the huge pump the 50 pump nearly all coins actually saw a red month so meanwhile bitcoin pumped over 50 the all coins kind of stayed stagnant.

Well that’s actually pretty much what is happening right now yes we do have some green but if you look at some of the major alts they haven’t pumped nearly as much as bitcoin so I’m going to show you an example of and you’re probably looking at your portfolio like man why is bitcoin rising so much and the alts are moving five six percent meanwhile bitcoin’s up you know 34 what can I do I’m going to share with you what you can actually do but I want to show you this chart as well so you have some perspective so this is the bitcoin’s dominance over the market so in 2017.

We’re looking at monthly candles right now so each one of these candles is one month so to start 2017 we started at 96 dominance so out of all the money in cryptocurrency bitcoin had 96 of all the money in cryptocurrency to start 2017 the bull market of 2017 and then as the bull market continued more capital started to move into ripple and litecoin and Ethereum and all those other coins that were out back in the day and we saw bitcoin dominance continue to drop continuing to drop continue to drop all the way down to the low the mid 35 percentile range okay.

Now where are we at now pump back up remember how I said we like to hold bitcoin towards the beginning of the bull market because just like this happened right the bitcoin dominance rose up so and then as we saw you know the the bull market continue we then see it drop back down because more capital is starting to flow into other all coins which is you know previously happened obviously in 2017.

We don’t have enough data to go back into 2013 and 14 because there wasn’t even really all coins back then so like we just started really the majority of like the alts that came out in 17 came out in like 2015. so we had 2015 2016 2017 was a big year for all coins to come out and then obviously the past you know few years have been massive as well but we saw this happen in 2017 where dominance fell then it rose back up bitcoin had some really nice pumps in the early of the year if you guys remember December of 20 and then we saw you know January of 21 and then what happened in January the all coins started to catch on because the big pumps in in in the market started to happen in October for bitcoin.

So October rose very very nicely for bitcoin and then we saw bitcoin dominance drop so just because you’re seeing this chart drop that does not mean bitcoin prices dropping that just means the total velocity of money moving into crypto is moving more into the alternative coins okay so bitcoin’s price could still rise while the dominance is dropping and we’re gonna we’re literally gonna see that happen live here over the next few months and right now we’re at 45.

So our our target to start moving some of the bitcoin allocation into the all coins which is you know playing out in the seesaw effect where you wait for bitcoin to pump which it just did and trading back into the alts is right now because our our price our target for bitcoin dominance was right around 45.

I think it may get a little bit higher into the higher 40 percentile but right now we are starting to trade some bitcoin into different alts and I’ll just show you one that I did today and i want to help you kind of conceptualize this so this is bnb okay it’s a highly deflationary coin Binance it’s the you know by far the biggest exchange it’s their native coin they burn a percentage of their profits every single quarter in their native bnb coin they’ve already burned over a billion dollars and what what happened here is if we’re looking at a USD charge if you look in the top left-hand corner this is bnb USD okay.

So this is denominated in US dollars so we’ve seen price rise pretty dramatically and then today we had a little bit of a red candle but we’ve seen price you know move pretty nicely over the past few days okay but now what you need to understand is the majority of these other big exchanges like Binance FTX pretty much every major exchange except for like the Coinbase app but if you go to the Coinbase pro it also has it there but you can denominate everything in bitcoin so if we look at bnb bitcoin so bnb BTC you’re denominating b and b in BTC if you went and go ahead and bought bnb BTC that means that you’re trading bitcoin into bnb and you can see in this chart it’s been it’s been falling pretty hard.

We’re actually at the low end of this little wedge that we’re forming here and what I did today is I traded some of my bitcoin into bnb because I do plan on this exact thing happening once again where we do have maybe it you know maybe we don’t have a red month for all coins let’s look at that all coin chart here maybe we don’t have a red month in like we did in October of 17 maybe we have a slightly green month but I do believe that the massive pump is gonna come in November and December for all coins.

So we already had all coins season one before the massive drop in April I think also alt season two is literally here gonna be here within the next like few weeks and I’ll give you an idea of what you can expect of all season two is is this type of work let’s actually just look at like three months from November to January 695 gain in all coins and this is just the total crypto market cap excluding bitcoin so this is all the all coins this is including the thousand coins that really sucked back then as well okay.

So if we take out the ones that really sucked and you actually invested in value the returns can be much much higher than 694 percent I know if you guys don’t understand crypto you’re probably like this probably this sounds like a scam this is this is crypto okay it’s the fastest growing asset class we’ve ever seen in the history of the world so I do believe that there’s a really really nice move coming in alt season two and if you’re picking the right coins.

I mean it’s not abnormal to see a thousand percent return within 90 days so I’m just letting you know what I’m doing I have a base level of how much BTC I want to hold in my portfolio and to give you guys some more of an idea I love bitcoin okay I will I that bitcoin is likely going to be the only coin that I hold through the bear market because the altcoins get absolutely slaughtered during on and I’ll show you right now how how terribly they get slaughtered we’ll look at the reverse right.

Let’s look at not not only the the good but also the bad is from the height we came all the way down to 93 we came down after the pump in January of 2018. okay so expect some extreme volatility I’m not going to be really holding any alts to be honest maybe a small amount of some in the top ten but I’m gonna be holding some bitcoin through the bear market to possibly hedge against quote unquote super cycle.

I don’t think it’s gonna happen I think a lot of people are gonna lock in a lot of profit and then I think the next cycle is is potentially when we have a quote-unquote super cycle where we see a lot of institutional money come in again if you know anything about crypto and the total money in crypto right now the majority of it is still retail like the vast majority of money in crypto is retail and retail is very very emotional and retail sells quite easily.

So I think we’re still going to have a lot of volatility heading into this preceding bear market and like I said I’m using the alts to pump over the next about you know 90 days six months it depends when we’re gonna end this cycle but I am using the alts as a vehicle to accelerate growth and possibly accumulate more bitcoin you know I could trade you can do the reverse right.

I just showed bnb BTC you can also trade once you trade into bnb and then bnb pumps you can then trade you can sell bnb BTC which would then trade back into bcc and then you could hold BTC you know through the bear market or for however long you want all right.

So anyways that’s a seesaw effect within crypto it happens quite a few times during the bull market and I thought you would get value from it so I thought I would hop on here and share that and anyways if you guys know who I am my name is Jeff secretary I’m actually quite sarcastic so I would greatly appreciate if you did subscribe to my channel like this video and share it with someone that would see value in it alright I’ll see you here on this next video.

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