Podcast between Tyler Bossetti and Carson Jones on The Shining Icon Show


In this Podcast we discuss Mindset, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, Real Estate and Credit. And everything in between! Be sure to check it out and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

What’s up everybody welcome back to the shining icon show one of the reasons I enjoy doing the podcast because it allows us to bring on guests that align with values and visions and people that I truly believe are shining icons this person is special to me because he’s a friend a brother. I don’t idolize anybody but there are a few people that I respect qualities in them and respect what they’re doing so much that I aspire to their level of greatness and I don’t say that very many people but this is one of them and I’m so excited to welcome to the show Mr. Tyler Bossetti.

What’s up brother! What’s going on! Bring it in give me an air hug I can see you from where I’m sitting at so yeah bro I appreciate the opportunity yeah neighbors in Ohio and it’s been really fun because you’ve inspired me this newfound journey of starting to share doing more videos creating more some of that was inspired by you.

I’ve watched you start to put out content to tell your story to brand yourself at a higher level but that didn’t happen overnight so let’s start there like let’s talk about zero percent let’s talk about real estate let’s talk about bitcoin like what if somebody asks you like what is the idea what are you guys doing what what is this game what is zero percent as far as zero percent my business partner Jeff Sekinger and I he’s also a native of Columbus as well so representing from the 614 baby but we built and branded really ourselves first right.

My background is in the mortgage industry our our paths had crossed that really a perfect time he was coming out of chase bank as really like an investment banker if you will and he was just uninspired and similar to me with my background I was uninspired doing mortgage lending originating loans and although we could have had great fulfilling lives pursuing that right.

What we have built now with building out our financial education company which is the main focus of zero percent and educating our audience and educating our clients on number one again financial literacy right what does money mean what does credit mean how do we leverage you know other people’s money to scale your business to build additional income streams and then ultimately make investments right to make a true impact and reach financial independence.

So again our main focus at zero percent is a financial service education company first and by getting access to that information you can go take action and apply that information to grow your business grow your network grow your income and ultimately make investments into crypto into real estate and so yeah that’s that’s what we’re doing on top of throwing killer events networking and on yachts and having a great time so so what’s the what’s the marriage so I want to talk about financial literacy I want to talk about all that stuff but what’s the marriage between crypto bitcoin and real estate because I know there’s so many benefits and advantages there and I’m sure a lot of people are like why are they so you go hand in hand.

I think if we want to like zoom out even more it’s it’s okay what is happening in the world and in the world of money in the world of investments right and so I think that there is a major storm coming in the united states as far as like the overall financial system right what we’re used to is go work get a nine to five put money in a retirement account and you work until you’re 65 you die you have a little bit of money but you are super unfulfilled right what’s happening now in my personal opinion is you don’t have to have just a nine to five you can have 18 different jobs throughout your career you don’t have to just invest into retirement.

You don’t have to sit into an office you can do really whatever you want to do and and with our financial system it’s almost the same right you put money in a bank account you save money and you get no return of that right and since the history of time fiat currency in other words the US dollar has crashed in every single country right and we’ve seen a decline in the US dollar over 98 in the last hundred years now with real estate real estate’s just proven in my opinion right like ever since we’ve measured wealth or measured kings versus peasants has been really in and how much how much property or land do you own how much real estate do you own right.

Since dynasties thousands of years ago right and so what we’re seeing is those two potentially colliding together but really what I what I foresee is the crash of the dollar the crash of the financial system and we’re seeing that really be exposed from covet in the last 24 months printing money off you know people value their property more where they’re at they value their environment and their space more because they don’t have to go work a lousy nine-to-five or they do but they can actually do it from home so we’re seeing technology and we’re seeing you know history repeat itself all in one.

So it’s a pretty unique time yeah you and I both grew up like small town you know like I grew up in outside of Louisville Kentucky a suburb and I went to public school and I know you have a summer story I want to hear yours but like we we didn’t learn financial literacy we weren’t supposed to expand and grow and prosper we were supposed to you know have all these limiting beliefs so what tell me about the start where are you from like what what did you learn growing up that now is not serving you where do I start really and this is where you’re going to help me with my book is getting the ability to articulate this but yeah from a small town Mechanicsburg Ohio.

You know much love much respect but limiting beliefs is honestly the best way to put it and you know I mean look most people from small towns are are there for a reason right like you are a product of your environment the people the places the things that you do and so what I visually saw was number one just because you work really hard and a lot of hours like my mom did she had two to three jobs at a time because my father passed away when I was eight years old okay.

That’s great that you worked from 5am to 10 pm and that taught me hard work grit put your head down grind get after it but what if you worked a little less became more educated on money on investments and you only have to work eight hours or six hours and you can actually enjoy your life right and so where I’m from is again you’re taught to get a job save money and if you want nice things or this or that you’re just Mr. Hollywood right and so what what I thankfully did is had this desire for money and for freedom because I think people desire that whether they have a good or bad experience with money and going back when I lost my father you know.

We didn’t have this big insurance check we didn’t have this you know investment account to fall back on and life was good certain things happened in between there outside of just watching my mom work her tail off that was like oh wow I’m gonna go work in high school and make money because I had a bad experience I had to go work to pay for my basketball shoes or do XYZ but again coming back to the environment some of my friends and their family and their fathers were successful in business and so I was admiring those guys versus how most people admire like athletes right.

They’re like oh this is my favorite player that was me in business I was like Mr. Smith over here is crushing it in business and eating steak dinners every night and I want to do that right that inspires me because I’m a little and probably not going to be a professional athlete right and so I think that it just taught me this grit this this tenacity to hey look I can’t fail right where I come from there’s no way I can fail which built confidence in me to say it I’ll try anything because there’s no way I’m gonna fail and and I was instilled that confidence really from my peers and my family and just having that unwavering self belief.\

I love that! It’s like being able to see see that there is a path to better right like what was your first breakthrough where you were like this this is actually possible for me I think it comes down to adversity like I think adversity is phenomenal most people look at adversity like rain people you know when it’s raining outside oh I’m going to go inside because it’s raining like no there’s a beauty in the rain and so whether it is natural adversity like me losing my father growing up in a small town you know I saw you know drugs that were being abused, alcohol being abused and all that nonsense right and so that was natural adversity.

I couldn’t control that right I was a kid but then there’s also self adversity fall in love with running and going hey my family’s this basketball family and and there’s all this potential self-inflicted French like the best athlete right and to be compared against my siblings and that’s just not gonna happen I’m gonna go start working out and running every day and I just saw oh wow if you just put in the work every day and make little sacrifices running is the analogy.

I like to use of yeah you just run more miles your times will get better and you’ll be able to run longer it’s similar with what you had mentioned is most people where I’m from they get out of high school and they work right away or they go right into college versus trying to become educated making that mini sacrifice in the beginning because then there’s this thing called compound effect right where your money, your information just compounds over time and so I really saw that change with running and creating that self adversity to go oh okay.

I can have success in this running area and it taught me to be obsessed that taught me how to go all in on something no matter what sounds silly I had people supporting me I had people saying why why are you running so much right like everything in between but I didn’t even care I loved it and that just bled into when I went to college when I got to the mortgage industry you know same thing it taught you how to be focused on one thing and sacrificing and saying no to certain things and and and only focusing on one or two things then you can add more then you can add more but that’s really what it comes down to in my opinion is is natural and self adversity and how can you implement that in your life yeah.

It’s this shadow work right like if you were to go back and tell like Tyler from then a path to get to where you are now faster like what with less pain like what would that be what would that advice be I think I learned this a little bit in Costa Rica working with some plant medicine was the first night that we did plant medicine I was like full of joy and almost like uncomfortably laughing like I was like oh man I think people are gonna be like is this dude okay he’s just like full of joy laughing but that’s who I am at the end of the day.

I am this you know stern assertive person get done you know make money blah blah blah but at the end of the day I do that in my own unique way and not many people can do it that way and that’s who who I am and that’s what makes me special and accepting that and knowing that like yeah I can be very stern and assertive and be that quote unquote boss type mentality but I can do it in a jokey manner as well and when I when when I accepted that when you guys watching this and listening to this can accept that as well what makes you unique what makes you have your own unique fingerprint and that’s that’s when things are natural that’s when things flow yeah.

So many people reject one side of themselves right there’s the shadow and then there’s the light and I remember when we met I’m so far in the light that I’m over here like I found god I know exactly who I am I am so connected to me but I’m also ignoring the shadow part of me this needs to lean into some of the stuff you do which like running hundred mile races like you you got me addicted to cold.

The cold water like just leaning into it I know you you fought before like doing things that are extremely uncomfortable you talk about running into the rain instead of running out of the rain like I hope you know that’s not natural but what does that do for your mind when you do things that are hard because when you do those things when you get to the end of that hundred miles what does that do for you yeah I think people gotta program their minds and consistently remind themselves to take the stairs right take the stairs because the stairs is actually going to be the least resistance to success least resistance towards the result you’re looking for and you can learn a lot about yourself you can get that unwavering self belief and and build that stepping stone of confidence.

So I believe there’s actually a book if I’m not mistaken called taking the stairs and the analogy that they give I believe is like wild buffalo in a field right there’s these wild buffalo in the field and there’s a storm that’s coming and I believe there’s also I don’t know I’m probably screwing this all up but there’s like sheep in the field as well the sheep start running away from the storm right.

Well the storm is following the sheep so they’re going to go through that storm for four five six seven eight hours until the storm passes by the buffalo turns around and and runs towards the storm because they’re going to get out of the storm in an hour while the sheep are running away and they’re going to be in the storm for four or five six hours so when I’m running 100 mile race or I am doing these things that may not be quote unquote normal that may be a little bit of sacrifice in most people’s eyes right.

Secretly it’s selfish secretly I’m battling good and bad demons to be like I’m a savage if I can run 100 miles I can build a multi-billion dollar real estate portfolio I can build something way larger than myself and I’m doing that out of pure selfishness as we all should because when you’re selfish you can be selfless but I think it’s ultimately coming down to what can I do today and how can I empower others to take the stairs where was that moment in your life where you were like man this is really hard like do you remember like your darkest darkest moment when it was like time really gut-checked to like get in touch with you and go and change your life change, your business.

Yeah totally and it comes down to you know I think that life is a result of the decisions that you make right and and so when I went to wright state university I was secretly just taking the comfortable path right my siblings went there it felt just like almost high school I was gonna walk on and run there in reality like I was the party animal and wanted to network and have fun and and still work out and and you know hypothetically get good grades right but I was outgoing and I was denying that other side of me like you said which is you know perfectly said on your end because that is really what we we battle every day is those two sides or multiple sides and so I ended up transferring to Ohio State ended up dropping out of college.

Going into the mortgage industry and it was hard because I was like oh in my mind success where I’m from or in my family because no one has done it before other than my brother had graduated college let alone the Ohio state university right from from being Ohio right and so taking that leap to go all in on an industry I had no idea what I was doing I was like I’m just dropping out I guess right and giving yourself that okay to make those decisions and to run with it that’s where I learned so much and then going into the hundred-mile races right.

I can’t explain what it feels like to what your body goes through when you’re 40 miles into her race going hmm I don’t know if this was a good idea because I can’t feel my foot this one’s swollen this is torn in half and the next thing you know you’re running and you get this spurt of energy right it’s like business it’s like real estate that’s why I’m obsessed with real estate as well is because the first couple years here and trust me I have years of paying ahead and and that’s a good thing but it’s like once you get some properties going on.

I kind of understand the game now I can go get 100 unit now I can go do bigger deals it’s the ultimate compound effect right it’s getting that momentum and for me it was making those crucial decisions and really the most recent few of them was leaving the mortgage industry right I had a mentor that was a father figure that taught me a lot that was like a brother and I apply a lot of the business principles he taught me into zero percent and I had an insane opportunity.

I was one of the fastest growing loan officers in the entire country making more money than I could ever fathom you know a couple years prior hey if I made this amount of money I’m set I’m good but it’s it’s creating that adversity it’s getting in the environment it’s it’s tapping into what other people are doing and then ultimately it’s giving yourself the okay I was in the middle of a 50-mile race going.

I’m going to let these people down how am I going to explain this to my family I’m one of the fastest growing lows in the country and blah blah blah blah blah versus no I have self-awareness and I have intuition to know business is changing and I’m actually going to be able to make more of an impact and I know in a couple years people are going to be like oh that makes sense why why he made that transition part of that is like the path the possibility that starts in your mind like where where did your belief start to kick in and like where did you first see it where you were like okay I see that my trust is starting to show up.

I’m starting to get in the right rooms with the right people and create these opportunities that are changing my life that I saw before they happen yeah I think I think it really just comes down to the unwavering self belief right like I had kind of proven a track record again coming back to the the running aspect of things I always say running saved my life because I was this short fat obese kid with low self-esteem, low confidence and by going through that pain and running and dropping weight and and feeling confident about myself I was like oh wait where else does this apply it applies and relationships and and business and and where you put your focus and your energy that’s where you’re gonna see results so and then also too like much respect to my family and my my friends and whatnot you know growing up like I think whether I’m right or wrong.

I don’t know but I think that people you know are like the haters blah blah blah and I’m like you probably don’t even have haters number one that’s all self-belief because I even think it sometimes I’m like driving my g wagon in Columbus Ohio and like all these people I think you know what I mean you just think you just think these weird silly things I was like brainwashed as a kid and from my peers like oh you can do anything yeah you got this right and I think that people don’t realize that there’s way more people telling you that in your life than the opposite you just focus on the one or two that is either number one made up in your own head or number two that don’t even matter and so yeah I think that you you just have to like brainwash yourself with the unwavering self-belief who gives a about grandma or your aunt or your brother or whoever like them.

I’m just gonna show them results and if they have a problem with that don’t really care because we’ll blink in six months and you’ll be like oh yeah he was right yeah and the funny thing is we have these conversations in our head and most of them are just projections of our own fears our own thoughts our own ego because deep down like we still feel I feel it every single day.

I’m pursuing we’re both pursuing highest level achievement highest level goals but it keeps us in check it keeps us in truth with ourselves because if we are out of alignment you start to hear those voices you start to hear like oh man maybe maybe I do have haters when in reality that’s the voice we’re hearing in ourselves right but I think that’s good too like that’s the the light and dark side that you know I’ll be on runs seven eight miles in like that high school team that beat me and although they’ve been training for ten years like you know what I mean it’s not like dwelling on the past right but it’s like I’m using this moment and that thought to project me further and that’s okay.

I really think it is I think it’s okay to tap in to that warrior side to say yeah no one can stop me good luck yo this gets me fired up this is identity right so think about Kobe Bryant right like Kobe Bryant talked about becoming a black mamba he changed his number to eight and he would make up stories in his head that Michael Jordan taught him about how to create these muses right these things within our mind that drive drive us and Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant they would make up stories about their opponents because it pushed them to want to kill that opponent even that opponent could be the nicest person in the world but they’re creating these new identities for themselves like when Kobe switched to number eight it was because he wanted to kill the old version of himself and become the killer mamba mentality.

So this is identity and you can literally change your life if if you can change the way that your mind is wired change the change the story that you’re in and change who you think you’re supposed to be and who you’re becoming right like that’s that that is a new identity so like like when it like I’ve seen this show up in you but like where is it leading like what’s your next identity like where are you going yeah yeah that’s I love the identity aspect I call it like the alter ego like there’s moments where you have to tap into this alter ego whatever that is is it being charming is it being relaxed is it being aggressive and I just naturally started doing that with with subtle things you know like T-boss right that became my nickname and I started putting it on my sleeves right to look down at my watch and be like yeah.

I am T-boss right. This is how I empower people and it’s not me being the boss it’s I’m the boss because I’m the leader and I’m going to show people the way and this is what I’m here to do and as far as where I’m going it’s it’s me being selfish like I want to build a multi-billion dollar fund multi-billion dollar business employ a ton of people make people a ton of money and and put them through this work too but come sit with me in a four hour sweat lodge in Costa Rica.

Let’s go run 100 miles together let’s go fire this person on your team because they suck let’s go hire this person let’s go make this money let’s go give this away and so really for me it’s creating something bigger than myself because I am I love words of affirmation like I love knowing that I am to boss that I am doing great that’s just what I love but I’ve accepted that and I think a lot of people are scared to accept that so for me I’m trying to build something massive right.

I’m going to be billionaire Bossetti but it’s I’m going to be billionaire go city but also help all these other people along the way and you can do that yeah yeah yeah and you you made a good point because if you’re in an entrepreneurship game or you want to do something for yourself you better become your best teammate because for most people 87 of our self-talk is negative so if you’re in that space if you’re in that state you will never be able to create something massive you will never be able to create impact enough to become a billionaire like the goals that you have are all based out of who you’re becoming and your service and I see it I see the way that you’re impacting even the community here in Columbus like you’re you’re building Columbus and then and of course you’re being rewarded for it.

So it’s out of service and it’s out of like believing in yourself and you’ve earned that belief like that’s the part most people don’t get either is this confidence is earned by the way you show up by your actions every single day and by what you put into it you deserve to be you know to have that mentality you deserve to feel like that because you’re putting in the work to do it right exactly and and that’s exactly it you said it best and when I’m laying in bed before I’m about to go to sleep and I’m anxious and I’m pissed and I’m part of that 87 of negative talker.

I’m driving down the street or I’m listening to this podcast that we’re recording now I’m only mad at myself when I didn’t do the things that I said I was going to do and so when you just simply do the things that you say you’re going to do make the phone call wake up at this time eat this food get sunlight drink water you know if if you just do the things that you say and it doesn’t have to be 107 things it doesn’t have to be all about money but you just do the things that you say you’re going to do you’re going to be confident when I am not confident.

Damn I didn’t record that video. I didn’t stretch, I didn’t call my grandpa, I didn’t see my mom, I didn’t you know respond to this text message now you shouldn’t give yourself this responsibility or this you know guilt but at the end of the day you probably know at least those five things you probably should have done and so just go do them and then you only you won’t be not confident yeah.

So brother this is so funny because we talk about business a lot but this is where it all starts it’s the foundation like if you can’t befriend this the six inches between your head and you can’t learn how to use that as your teammate that inspires you that pushes you to service and your highest identity like none of the other stuff matters so for the people that that have stuck with us and now we’re starting to get it let’s talk about some some of this business stuff so credit bitcoin real estate right.

Like those are those are your three pillars right like where does where does it start where does one start or if if somebody wanted to start in the game where do they begin [Music] yeah so I don’t know the exact statistic or percent which I probably should but whatever it’s like over 80 percent of businesses and relationships whether it’s business relationships or personal relationships and in a negative manner because of finances like I reflect back on my upbringing and the major problems I had in life it was like 99.9 of the time financial like financial issues so it’s like okay well I’m not saying that you need to make a ton of money or you need to you know wear gold and drive a g wagon to do these things but you should probably understand what credit means and what money means and how to make investments right.

You don’t need to be the best at it but you need to understand the basics so number one with credit understanding what is personal credit how does personal credit work how do you build credit you know why should you get good debt versus bad debt well you know why does why does debt and taxes make the poor peasants and why does debt and taxes make the rich wealthy right.

How do we leverage credit to go scale or business how do we leverage credit to get better financing on our car to go travel for free to go do the things that you want to do and then yeah with bitcoin at the end of the day look I mean it’s coming out now but it’s the best asset performing class in the last decade and so you don’t need to know every little detail right and you’re never going to know every little detail that’s why most people don’t do anything in life because they have analysis paralysis they fear what they don’t know they’re a doctor or they’re the super educated engineer but they don’t know anything about business they don’t know anything about money.

So they’re scared they don’t learn it instead of going hey I’m going to google how does personal credit work why should I buy bitcoin all the information is in front of us on YouTube go watch and do videos right and I understand that hey bitcoin has outperformed stocks real estate et cetera so if you have a couple bucks don’t go throw it all in there but like hey that’s the money sitting in here my bank’s only paying me point zero one percent at chain stay the dollar has dropped over 98 in value let’s maybe start with two percent or five percent or up to ten percent of my network and go buy a bitcoin right and you don’t have to just buy a full one you can buy pieces of it right and then lastly with real estate.

I think it’s again the ultimate the ultimate way to build quote-unquote wealth you can create jobs you get passive income you can leverage that debt to go to the bank and borrow against it when you refinance you get tax benefits like I said debt and taxes make the poor peasants debt and taxes make the rich wealthy so how do we leverage debt and credit how do we leverage these assets and these investments and mitigate our highest expense which is taxes it’s not about how much money you make it’s how much you keep and invest yeah well I love that you say that too because this is not a game about showing off.

I remember when you buy your your new g-wagon it’s like people probably looked and were like oh Tyler’s talking about building wealth and he’s over here buying depreciating assets but it’s education it’s knowledge and you shared this with me and I’m still learning this stuff that that was an investment that actually saved you money because it was an investment into your business to tell that story because I might I want to move people to possibility of like oh if I work hard and I’m educated like I can actually have that car my dreams or boat or house or whatever it may be and it could ask also not have to cost me my life.

It doesn’t have to cost me my my freedom yeah yeah first off believe it or not I am a human being so I’m going to buy a lot more dumb that may not have any benefit at all whether people want to judge that or not it is what it is but yeah I mean when you become educated to go okay well I’m building a brand perception’s reality right I’m not gonna fake it if anything I did the the opposite right like two to three years ago I was faking it now I was driving a piece of Chevy Cruz because I’m like hey I’m gonna be pulling up the job sites.

I don’t want people to know who I am how much money I make and I gotta run these crews and I have to make sure these projects are getting done but to go to your to your question there I know credit I know business credit so what did I do I financed the g wagon through my business which is a tax write-off and then when I had to put a down payment down that’s also a tax write-off on behalf of my business and I’m not a tax or an accountant right so there’s my disclaimer but there’s a tax code called section 179 if you purchase a vehicle with x amount of pounds and you use it for you know 50 plus percent of time for your business and a few other you know miscellaneous quote unquote rules you can write it off and secondly is I’ve always wanted a g-wagon so you have to start doing the things you want to do you have to be around the people places and the things that you want and also too.

I work my ass off so if I want to get a g wagon I’ll get seven of them right now if I want right but also too it is a brand it’s a statement piece to say hey when I have an investor coming to town you handed me hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars I better have a g wagon that’s just getting results and my passive income from my real estate which is tax-free pays for the monthly payments which is the tax write-off and when I go get gas it’s a write-off when I go get it detailed it’s a write-off so when you become educated on taxes your highest expense you’ll ever have in your lifetime that is why super wealthy people can go buy quote unquote depreciating assets and then to take it a whole nother level when you build a network and get around people doing things I was connected with the guy that actually got it below market value it had already depreciated you know based on data.

The most it’s going to depreciate and g-wagons is a limited supply right now so I could sell it right now for a profit as well so not all those things are going to line up but at the end of the day I think it’s also okay to go buy some dumb every once in a while if you want so I want to talk about this education part of it because like people they don’t teach finances in school they don’t teach this stuff like you have to almost self this is self-education like why don’t they teach it and then like if somebody is if somebody is like let’s say somebody’s in debt right now and they’re like how do I take advantage of this stuff because my credit’s not great and I can’t do all this stuff like Tyler like how how does someone go from being in debt to flourishing and being able to take advantage of these because you have to you have to have credit you have to build a high credit score and there’s a path to doing that right.

Yep yep absolutely! So over 80 of people are paycheck to paycheck because of high interest debt so most of the people listening to this their back is already against the wall right or they’re they’re about to go down that path really quickly and so number one I think that people need to be more focused versus saving or making investments how do you make more money number one you can’t find a way to make more money right now everything else I’m about to say means nothing.

I think you should find opportunities or create opportunities that you can control your income there’s no ceiling so if you’re in a sales role I mean quit going out on the weekends you need to work 87 trillion hours a week and you need to make more money and go pay off your debt that simple right quit being an idiot go pay off your debt secondly is if you have an abundance amount of debt that’s high interest that’s crushing you you can’t get ahead you’re doing everything you can right.

You got to cut the fat like what do you actually need are there subscriptions are there certain things that you can remove but also look into you know consolidating that debt can you you know get a personal line of credit where they pay off the debt they put bundle into one and you can get ahead right you can start making payments that go towards that principle and then the name of our company is zero percent one of the big beliefs that we have is leveraging other people’s money specifically zero percent where you can go get personal or business credit cards at a zero percent interest rate for let’s say 12 to 15 months.

Pull cash out of that card and start that business venture right or or move that high interest debt over to the zero percent debt and when you start making payments you’re actually attacking the principal right then you can take a breather in a year and say okay I’m not getting destroyed with this high interest debt and then you know as far as building your credit understanding that having mixed accounts is good understanding that making your payments on time not on the due date making payments on the statement date because when you make payments on the statement date that’s when the creditors the banks are reporting it to the bureaus Experian, Transunion, Equifax we have a credit card with chase bank and your due dates on the 15th and the statement date comes out to say hey Carson you owe x amount of money on the 10th.

Start making the payments on the 8th or the 9th or on the 10th because that’s when they’re going to report it to the three bureaus which is your utilization so you’re maxing that card out every month and paying it off or you’re maxing it out and paying it halfway down well it’s already reported that you have it maxed out which is crushing your credit that’s 30 of your scores right setting up automatic payments and then if you have collections whether it’s medical like a fun tip with medical which is the most common collection it’s a HIPAA violation.

There’s all these underlying rules and regulations and laws that say us as consumers are protected from these major creditors right so if you have a medical collection you can go to cfpb.gov and this is for any negative item and submit a complaint and say hey you can’t report this medical collection or my credit it’s a HIPAA violation you can’t report that information to third parties right and so whether they remove that or not you know you may have to submit more complaints but but that is that is what people have to do is number one take action right.

Most people don’t take action because they fear what they don’t know and you know it’s like me trying to trying to learn something new like you you got to go get educated and it’s easier and harder than ever to do that and what I mean by that is and from we’re in the information age right it’s almost like a fire hydrant of information it’s blasting out and we’re trying to we’re trying to like suck from a straw what information we need well go to youtubeuniversity.com and check out YouTube videos and go how to build credit how to get how to high-interest that right people create these false images or stories that oh well I’m stuck right.

Well that’s your thought then yeah you are stuck you’re so good luck well I love that because I’m a big believer and give people a path to like open up their mind to the possibility like I’m sure there’s somebody listening right now that’s thirty thousand forty thousand like you know decent number amount in debt and they’re like I don’t even know where to start I’m not even gonna start but I love that Tyler because you give people a path to even think that it’s possible to get out right and like here’s where we go and I believe that the best experts do that they give people a path to start and then see themselves getting out of it and then when they can afford or can come to work with you now.

You’re the expert in that path and they can be like I’d rather just hire you to do it because you understand this stuff way better than I do so for for somebody yeah yeah go ahead go ahead yeah yeah I mean call up the banks and say hey look you’re destroying me with 20 interest on my card can can we do six months at zero percent can you bring it down to 10 right go call your uncle go call your friend like hey I have 30,000 of debt.

It’s at a 22 interest can you write me a check for 30 grand and I’ll owe you 12 right and you can work out you know something with them on the side you know it’s it’s an ego thing too right like having that amount of debt you may be feeling guilt you may have a spending problem but what I can tell you right now that debt is good so don’t listen to Dave Ramsey and debt is bad and get a house and get a car and you know pay it down blah blah blah hey if that works for you great but if you’re actually trying to make impact you have to go get debt you have to be leverageable if not you’re going to be a part of all these crazy statistics where most businesses fail because they use their own cash versus using credit or using lines of credit.

You’re never going to be able to get investment properties, you’re never going to be able to scale up the pace you want unless you take some calculated risk and go use other people’s money yeah I love it brother so if someone wants to find you because I told you you’re one of my favorite followers and you give out great practical advice you’re giving out advice for other people I always tell people that the reason most people never gain traction and most reason most books fail is because most people are creating for their own ego for themselves and I’ve catch myself doing that at times and it’s starting to convert to like how do I create for other people and you inspire that so much because you’re always creating for others you’re always creating information.

You’re always creating ways for people to grow and do it for themselves so if someone wants to stay in touch with you how can they find you yeah I’m going to go on another rant here real quick but that that is it like if people are struggling making content I battle this every time about I mean we literally just saw each other in the park and I was about to film and in my head I’m like okay what’s gonna get the most comments and likes and subscribers the moment you say I’m making this video for you versus me is the moment I started to see somewhat traction the moment I started to see more followers likes all the nonsense stuff that as human beings we like right and and we feel good about ourselves.

So yeah as far as finding me Instagram at Tyler Bossetti there’s a lot of spam and fake accounts trying to steal people’s money impersonating us so don’t follow them it’s again just my my first and last name and then I am putting quite a bit of content on YouTube and you know going to be tapping into tick tock with the 14 year old girls dancing so you know check me out on really all platforms but mainly Instagram and YouTube is where I’m focused at right now let’s go and I will see you soon thanks thanks for making the time Tyler this was fun and we’ll have part two coming soon yes sir appreciate you Carson.

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