“When you combine your vocation, profession, inspiration, and mission – you create a powerful foundation for an inspiring and lucrative career”

If you are new to the weekly sauce, the mission of these short practical notes is to empower you to fire your boss and hire your passion.

The vast majority of people go through the motions, living an uninspiring life and a crap lifestyle because of one thing: MONEY.

So ask yourself: If money wasn’t an issue, what would you be doing RIGHT NOW?

What kind of lifestyle do you want to live?

What needs to happen to make that lifestyle a reality?

The answer to that question is the goal of the weekly sauce.

Each and every week, I strive to provide you practical advice in order to help get you on track to living an inspiring lifestyle.

With that being said, this weekly sauce is all about creating an inspiring business.

What is success?

This a question that has varying answers depending on who you ask. Most people when asked what success is, will say money.

If we want to get objective about the definition of success, the dictionary states it as: “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”

In the game we call life, success is living the lifestyle you desire.

So, how do we create success?

There are 4 main pillars to success, that if accomplished, creates an inspiring life worth living.

The 4 Pillars to success

1) You’re good at it
2) It serves others
3) You love doing it
4) You can efficiently monetize it

1) Being a Professional

When you are good at something and you get paid for it, it becomes your profession.

2) Living your vocation

When you’re paid for serving other people, this becomes your job/vocation.

3) Being passionate & inspired

When you are good at something and you love doing it, you can become passionate and/or inspired.

4) Living your life mission

When you love doing something and it serves others, your life mission is emerging.


The Holy Grail To Success

When you combine your vocation, profession, inspiration, and mission – you create a powerful foundation for an inspiring and lucrative career.

This is your most empowered calling on Earth. Following this path will allow you to empower your soul through fulfillment and service, and empower your senses through wealth.

Answer This

What are 50-100 pains and problems I have overcome in my life?

If you’ve transcended a painful, problematic situation or circumstance before, chances are there are millions of others who would benefit from your advice.

If you can use your experience to package something into a product or a service for these people, you have a business that creates an inspiring life.

When you get chills from thinking about helping people with your pain or problem, you know you have something there.

You have a valuable service inside of you if you’ll just look.

If you want your life to change…

You have to change.

How does change occur?

With action.

Take action on this newsletter.

Write down your biggest pains and problems you have overcome.

Find others with those problems and speak to them.

Find their pain points, develop a solution and package the solution.

People pay for things of value.

Solving a serious pain point is seriously valuable.

Get started in creating a new stream of income from a pain or problem you have overcome.

You will thank yourself later.

You, and only you, influence, direct and control your future.

You are the master of your own destiny.

Start acting like it and take the first steps in building a business around the 4 pillars of success.

See you next Friday!

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