The Ultimate Guide To Automated Trading

What Is Automated Trading?

Automated trading software has made modern trading smarter and more efficient for traders. It consists of advanced and superior trading strategies that ensure better results. Trading through automated software differs from human trading as it involves predetermined regulations. The trades are executed through computers that run according to the instructions and an algorithm set by the programmers. These trades are executed at a specific price and volume with minimal execution time. It reduces the chances of loss between the time of placement and execution of the order.

Another reason automated trading is taking over the trading world is that it is not derived or influenced by emotions. Humans can make wrong moves by impulse; however, Forex trading bots are designed to make rational decisions without human interference. 

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How Does Automated Trading Work?

Automated trading is based on regulations followed by the software while making transactions. Automated forex traders determine entry, exit, and money management rules in the system, enabling the computer to execute and monitor the trades. These entry and exit rules can be based on simple conditions or complicated strategies that require a detailed understanding of programming.

Some automated trading platforms allow traders to select their rules from a list of commonly used technical indicators and allow the software to execute trades automatically. In contrast, some platforms enable traders to develop their own indicators and strategies. For this, the traders will need to work closely with the programmers to develop an efficient trading system. Once the rules have been determined, the computer can monitor the markets to identify trading opportunities. This process allows much better flexibility and better outcomes.

Pros Of Using Automated Trading

Automated trading has a lot of benefits for traders, some of which are mentioned below.

Minimizes Emotions

One of the most significant advantages of using Forex trading bots is that the trades are not made on any impulse. A human trader can’t be completely emotionless and always make rational decisions. Often our emotions get the best of us, and we make decisions that are not as profitable as expected. Automated trading allows you to avoid the risk of impulsive decision-making, as computers make decisions based on logic and history. You can rely on a software-derived trade more than a human trade as the chances of getting profit is higher with the computers.

Preserves Discipine

Since the rules are determined and the trades are derived according to the regulations, discipline is preserved. In human trading, discipline is often compromised because of different emotions, and the fear of losing money can take over. On the other hand, automated trading ensures that discipline is maintained and the trading plan is followed.

Diversifies Trading

For human traders, it is impossible to analyze the opportunities across all the markets, but automated trading software makes it possible to generate more trades. Automated trading also allows automated Forex traders to apply more than one strategy at once. They allow traders to trade from multiple accounts.

Performs Backtesting

Automated trading software leaves little room for interpretation. A computer needs to be told what it has to do, and backtesting applies rules to historical market data to determine whether the trade is possible. Careful backtesting allows traders to develop practical trading ideas. It allows traders to test the rules of historical transactions to see the likelihood of profit.

Cons Of Automated Trading

While automated trading has many benefits, it also has a fair share of drawbacks. Following are some of the cons of automated trading.


Even with automated trading, you cannot leave a computer alone to execute the transactions. This software also needs monitoring to keep technical errors in check. There can be connection errors and power failures that can result in lost opportunities and duplicate transactions. Hence, you need to monitor these computers constantly.

Mechanical Errors

As we said earlier, the possibility of technical errors is always a threat. It would be nice just to sit and watch as the computer makes all the trading decisions itself. However, it is not possible even with Forex robot trading. For instance, if the connection gets lost while placing an order, the order might not get sent at all, and you need to keep these little errors in check.


Trading scams are as real as it gets. Even though the trading system for Forex robot trading is more efficient than human trading, the scams are still a big risk for automated Forex traders. Many traders fall for scams, and their lack of knowledge about the system doesn’t help them. You need to be careful about trading offers that seem too good to be true because the truth is that they might actually be.

Is Automated Trading Profitable?

Automated forex trading is, without a doubt, more efficient and profitable than human trading. Forex trading bots allow you to execute more practical and profitable trades based on history and logical reasoning. In some cases, human trading can also provide better results, but one needs to be highly experienced to make effective decisions. There is no way a human brain can compete with the highly analyzed strategies of a computer. As long as professionals handle automated trading bots, they can create as much profit as you want.

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Top Automated Trading Strategies

Automated Forex traders can create many strategies to improve the trading experience and result. Following are some of the tried and tested strategies by 0 Percent that can help you ensure better outcomes.

1. Arbitrage Strategy

This strategy is used when opportunities prevail when there’s a price difference in the securities on different stock exchanges. It allows the computers to analyze the opportunity in various stock exchanges when an arbitrage opportunity arises. For instance, if a stock is available at a low price on one exchange and a high price on the other. The algorithm quickly purchases the stock at a low price and sells it at a higher price at the other.

2. Trend-Based Strategy

This is the easiest automated trading strategy. It allows the software to follow mainstream trends and execute trades alongside. Based on historical data, the computers in this strategy also analyze whether the trend will last or not. The orders in this strategy are automatically placed when the criteria are met.

3. Statistical Arbitrage Strategy

This strategy of Forex robot trading is considered the most short-term automated trading strategy. It is a short-term strategy based on opportunities arising from price inefficiencies and misquoting. This often happens when the securities are linked with each other. The historical data makes it evident that price inefficiencies and misquoting don’t last long. Computers are designed to make transactions before price correction so they can profit from this strategy.

4. Mean Reversion Strategy

This strategy of automated trading is developed around the idea that the rates of security might fluctuate for a short period of time, but they will eventually get back to an average after some time. This strategy identifies the upper and lower limit so the algorithm can run and execute the trade as soon as the normal range is passed. However, this strategy can also backfire if the price does not return to the normal range as fast as expected.

5. Weighted Average Price Strategy

This strategy is known as the most efficient automated trading strategy. It is based on a time-weighted average price or a volume-weighted average price. The orders in this strategy are not placed together but are placed in small packs. The objective of this strategy is to execute orders as close to the volume-weighted or time-weighted average price as possible so the computer can ensure less impact on the market.

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How Does It Benefit An Average Investor?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been taking over the world with its efficient programs and software. Automated trading has made investment easier for the average investor by allowing them the opportunity to create their set of rules and make more innovative transactions. The software used for automated trading executes and manages trades automatically with the help of AI technology. This makes the process more efficient, and an average investor can ensure profit. Human trading might be a better option for highly-experienced investors; however, automated trading software can be the best choice for an average investor if they wish to make a profit.

Following are some more benefits that a robot for automated Forex can offer an average investor.

1. Automated Investment

Manual investment can be a lot of work, whereas automated investments can save you time and effort. They are also much more efficient, and as an average investor, you will need to rely on a strong investment strategy. Automated trading is based on historical data and makes a detailed analysis of situations before investing money. Hence, they are a smarter choice for a relatively less experienced investor.

2. Reduced Research Time

Since Forex trading bots are automated, they drastically decrease the research time for the investor. In manual investing, one needs to have proper knowledge of the exchanges and system so one can make a better decision. Getting an automated trading system allows the investor to sit back and relax while it does all the research itself and brings better results.

3. More Accurate

A big part of trading consists of prediction and forecasting. One cannot make effective decisions without predicting the rise and fall of prices after looking at historical data. It is humanly impossible to be as accurate as an AI, and this makes automated trading even more reliable for an average investor. You can ensure better outcomes with computers because their predictions are often more accurate than human trading. The success of your trading highly depends on the accuracy of your prediction, and there’s no better way to make it more accurate than automated trading bots.

4. Zero Emotion

Emotions can cause an average investor to lose all their money as the decisions made on impulse can turn out to be really bad. There is one way to ensure that any kind of emotion does not influence trading decisions. A robot for automated Forex trading allows you to make practical decisions that can bring your desired outcomes. This is one of the most significant benefits automated trading offers investors.

5. Efficient Backtesting

Unlike humans, computers cannot rely on interpretations as they are supposed to be told what they need to do. Automated trading bots are developed to rely on historical events. They analyze the historical data in milliseconds to identify similar situations that can help them make a smarter move in the present. The efficient backtesting enables you to have more surety and reliability on the software as you can expect a much bigger profit in return. However, it can also cause you a loss if the rules in the program are not as effective. 

You need to have strict rules and regulations that can make backtesting efficient for your trading experience. 0 Percent can help you find the right robot for automated Forex trading. Our team consists of highly-professional trading experts who can develop the best investment strategies for you to rely on.

The Future Of Trading With AI

As technology progresses, the world of trading is also becoming more efficient with each passing day. More exchange programs, strategies, and new opportunities are arising for investors and traders to earn as much as they want. AI is also bringing a great change in the process of trading by introducing innovative technology like automated trading.

A system that executes automatic trades and relies on historical data makes trading more fun and efficient for traders. Further technological advancement is sure to bring more changes in the process. This new approach has made traditional trading less effective and continues to update itself. Forex bots have also made trading more accessible for everyone. New traders and investors are getting interested in becoming a part of this industry, and automated bots enable an easy start to their journey. It helps them learn and make better decisions along the way.

It will be a missed opportunity for anyone who is able to invest or trade if they don’t benefit from this advanced technology. It is a great way to get passive income, and AI is making it as easy as it can be. Automated trading bots minimize human involvement in the trading process as much as they can, so the chances of profit can increase for everyone. More advancement is expected to come along the way, and it will be no surprise to the future of the trading industry depending on Artificial Intelligence.

Final Thoughts

Automated trading software have its pros and cons. While some drawbacks may come in the way and convince the traders and investors otherwise, it is easily the most efficient way of trading in this day and age. This automated software have made trading possible for everyone, and you don’t have to lose your money because of an impulsive decision. You can rely on this software as it can make practical decisions based on logic and historical data.

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