Three Rules to Become a Billionaire
Three Rules to Become a Billionaire

In this video I share what I believe are the 3 most important items you must understand and master in order to become a Billionaire.


Billionaire Bossetti oh Elon what’s going on! Oh you have Jeff Bezos on the line as well what’s going on peasants. Oh you guys want to know the three things that you have to master in order to become a billionaire. Well let me share that with you guys.

Let’s talk about it right now. The first thing you need to master is credit personal and business credit billionaires they master credit because they’re able to use other people’s money whether it’s private investors the bank’s money again they avoid touching their own cash if you know anything about failures and businesses you likely understand that 80 percent of businesses fail within the first five years because they are running into cash flow issues.

They’re consistently using their own cash to hire employees to use for marketing and that is depleting their cash flow so the first thing that you need to master is personal in business credit because that allows you to use other people’s money to scale the business the second piece is income streams not just building income streams in your personal life but most importantly building a business within your business and what do I mean by that is let’s use apple as an example right.

When apple first started as a company they really took off when they invented the iPod right when they they were able to basically have a huge competitive edge where there was no longer cd players or mp3 players right they created the iPod which then led to a MacBook which then led to them being able to charge a monthly subscription for iTunes.

So what can you do in your business right now that is giving you the opportunity to build a business within the business right can you build out new products and services can you build out a subscription can you create what’s called a flywheel where you can increase the lifetime value of your client so for us right.

What we do at zero percent is we have a core product it’s our fia program financial independence accelerator where we teach our clients how to go get access to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars at a zero percent interest rate so they don’t have to go again pay interest which is a major reason why people are paycheck to paycheck but also it allows them to not have to give equity out in their company right.

And they ultimately have full control to scale their business that covers operating expenses that allows them to go higher pay for inventory and do the things that they need to do to continue to operate the business but then that also allows them to create additional income streams within the business so for us again what we do is we have our clients coming through our low ticket programs or they watch content like this they attend a webinar they attended a live in-person event or they come in through our consulting program and then they will do certain things like invest.

They’ll invest into our crypto fund our real estate fund and earn passive income but we’re consistently monetizing them and giving them value as well right price is what you pay values what you get so what can you do right now in your business that allows you to create multiple streams of income and what I like to say is do things that allow you to build a business within the business itself and last but not least arguably most important is understanding your highest expense as a person and as an entrepreneur which is taxes and the reason why investing in the real estate and making investments and paying yourself first is ideal because you have a tax advantage all right.

The united states and the tax law is designed to incentivize entrepreneurs and people like you and I that are investing into real estate or creating a business it’s incentivized for people like you and I to create opportunities for others in other words we’re creating jobs right.

We’re giving people a place to live we’re doing the dirty work for the government that they don’t have to do and they’re willing to incentivize by giving us tax cuts giving us tax breaks and like I said earlier if you understand what it means to pay yourself first to put your money into an insurance account let’s say a whole life insurance or an IUL when I put my money into those different accounts.

It’s not because I love insurance it’s because I’m able to number one protect myself my family and generations to come but it also gives me a tax break then I can borrow against those tax you know those leveraged tax accounts to go get access to more money to go scale the business to go buy more assets so master those three things plus this thing called patience and time and I guarantee that you will grow your business.

You’ll grow your income and you’ll ultimately be one step closer to financial independence and ultimately become a multi-millionaire if not a multi-billionaire bitcoin billionaire Bossetti here as always sharing value and here to help you guys any way I possibly can.

Let me know in the comments section if you got value from this and what the number one takeaway is from you and ultimately what you guys are looking to see more of I’ll see you guys here on the next video master credit master building income streams and master taxes and it’s inevitable that you guys will reach financial independence see in the next video.