My name is Tina McDonald I live in Waukee Iowa. I am currently employed at Corteva act as an ETL server administrator working my way out into out of the w2 anyway. I’m also I do some real estate and crypto investing on the side and I have a couple of Walmart automation stores and are not the amazon automation that I’m trying to start up to.

I had a acquaintance here in Iowa in the Des Moines area who had been working with zero percent and had a wonderful experience with them my credit was okay. I was just looking for a way to maybe branch out like I said get out of my w-2 job and it was packed full of entrepreneurs with great ideas and so I gave it a shot back in gotta be about a year ago.

I moved money over into a self-directed IRA and started doing private lending with some local investors as well as a couple of brokerages that set up connections with borrowers and then some syndications and so I’d had a little bit of experience dealing with you know trying to do my due diligence on my end and follow up with the borrowers and when I mean Tyler’s it almost sounded too good to be true because it’s just the returns are amazing.

I have not seen anything like that and so I just started looking into it Tyler made it super easy he was very informative about the process and I just felt like I couldn’t pass it up it’s been awesome I mean Tyler’s super personable when I and and easy to connect with which was awesome I mean he called me up on the phone we talked about what he had going on I talked about what I had going on and my experiences and just the information about his fund was super easy to get access to very transparent.

So it’s just it’s it’s been a really good experience compared to you know what I’ve dealt with in the past I mean it it was I can’t complain at all I’ve been very happy with it and I had my first investment closed about a month ago and basically just rolled everything back over plus some to go another six months definitely check it out I mean people have to do their own due diligence you know and they all have their own comfort level but it it’s you just it’s worth looking into at least I mean I’ve been super happy with it like I said I think it’s a wonderful opportunity.

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