Top 4 Crypto Gems To 10x In 2021!
Top 4 Crypto Gems To 10x In 2021!

In this video I go over 4 crypto moonshots that I believe have the ability to 10x in the next few months and possibly even 100x into the next bull market in around 5 years.

The projects I review are:

  1. Harmony (ONE)
  2. Utrust (UTK)
  3. Ethernity Chain (ERN)
  4. GameCredits (GAME)

Good evening! Good morning! Good afternoon! My name is Jeff ‘zero percent credit crypto’ Sekinger and in today’s video we’re going to be talking about three moon shots that have the potential to 10x during 2021. Now if you’ve not already hit subscribe I’m not sure why you haven’t it’s free and I give away a lot of free content that has the opportunity to completely change your financial future.

So go ahead hit subscribe if you drop more quick up and up to date information go follow me on Instagram Jeff Sekinger without further ado let’s jump into the first moonshot of 2021. Harmony is my first project I want to go over it’s also called the one token.

You can easily go buy this on Binance right now as you can see it has a larger market cap 1.4 billion but that’s because it has been absolutely erupting if you were in my inner circle group we posted this over a week ago so you’d be up over 181 percent now.

So there’s been some serious gains on this recently obviously you can as you can see from the charts just 436 in 30 days over 6 000 in the last year but I’m gonna go over a few things I really really like about it so number one thing I look for is actually I’ll start at kind of token metrics.

So they have about nine billion available and then there’s 12 billion total supplies so there’s not a ridiculous amount that they’re going to be releasing another thing to note is that over 40 of this circulating supply is actually staked which is a very high amount which means that there’s not as much that can be sold because it’s a staked token right.

So that’s important to look at as well next thing I look at is hey does it have actual utility okay what are they doing they’re helping all the dapps or the applications that are built on top of the Ethereum network Ethereum network has like it’s over 80 percent of tokens are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

The problem they’re having is scalability issues so this is allowing the Ethereum applications to move to cross-chain blockchains so it can move across different blockchains as you can see down here it is has the lowest fees in the game okay.

You can can comparing it to cosmos polka dot Ethereum right as the lowest fees which is a huge problem with Ethereum is how high the fees are and then also it is the quickest so that’s another problem I’ve literally swapped on uniswap before and had to go to bed and then the next morning like literally in the afternoon.

It was finally confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain and you pay like 50 bucks per like time you swap through uniswap using Ethereum so harmony there’s a huge utility if you were to like look at the other coins that that that is considered its you know let’s just go to the I mean you’ll see them in the top 30.

So Ethereum the binary smart chain is a competitor Cardano is a competitor I mean just look at like what polka dot has done this is what I believe harmony is going to do over the last 180 days just ridiculous growth. I mean from four dollars to just under 40 bucks let’s look at another one let’s look at I mean theta is another one it’s growing ridiculous as well cosmos is another one and the reason why these projects grow so quickly.

These smart contract projects grow so quickly is because of sorry I just exited out of that it’s because of their actual [Music] utility right all these other coins it’s called the network effect is what I call it right all these other projects are building on top of them which utilizes their coin because almost all the fees are paid through their actual coin.

So cosmos and then you can see avalanche just absolutely erupted as well so I believe this is I think we’re like literally like right here with harmony okay we actually we’re probably like right where a billion would meet so we still have a lot of room to grow for harmony.

You can see avalanche is at 4 billion like I said harmony is only at you know just over 1 billion now so I think this has an easy 5 to 10x from here over the next three to six months so I think harmony is a no-brainer another thing that I always look into is also the team behind harmony.

So it’s really important to to make sure you are investing in something where people have proven results and these people have been in crypto for quite some time they have experience with google and major major companies so yeah the google play store they’ve all graduated from major major colleges that are Ivy league colleges.

I think this is yeah Harvard then we’ve got Leo was an engineer at the amazon web services which as you know AWS is massive so they all have great experience and they’re working from extremely accredited universities as well so they have a great team that’s another reason why I love harmony.

So going on to the next project is you trust I actually love this because I own another business I’m not like a just a youtuber I just do this honestly for a hobby and so that more people can learn about the cool things that I like to invest in so I run a business that takes a lot of money through merchant processors and you trust is making it available to pay through cryptocurrency.

So as you can see they’ve had some great growth as well I think they still have a lot of room to grow it’s only a 266 million dollar market cap so that puts it at number 182 on the list I truly do believe that credit cards are gonna disappear over the next like five to ten years so I think you trust is really paving that path to allow that to credit cards to essentially disappear and what it’s allowing you to do is as a business and as an individual to actually pay for things through crypto.

So I’ll show you how cool this is so you will literally pay you can accept payments in a bunch of different cryptocurrencies okay and that will convert it to fiat with literally less than a one percent fee most merchant fees are right around three percent and they’re delayed okay.

So they take time so you see the fees are way lower than like if you’re in a high-risk industry it could be four five six percent it could be extremely high so first of all it’s saving the business money and two percent on transact that’s a lot of money over time if you’re actually running volume they’ve mitigated fraud.

Somehow I’m not exactly sure how they’ve done this because I haven’t been able to use it here’s the thing is they are you cannot use this for a business in the united states yet I’ve already applied for it I am on their list to get notified in order to start.

I think I just contacted sales and put my info in here so when they do release the united states I am absolutely going to use them I think they have great great utility and then the speed as well it’s just way faster than than traditional payments.

They’re stating that you get the money a lot quicker into your account so this is a huge huge thing that I love I’m all about crypto being adopted into real business and I think that honestly credit cards are gonna be disappearing so you trust is high on my list as well and I cannot wait for them to get actually released to the united states my next project is ern so this is an NFT okay.

This is a low lower market cap right we’re sitting at 191 million dollars okay so somewhat high risk not ultra high risk I’m gonna show you the fourth one on my market cap I think this just got listed on coin gecko because it’s literally only showing seven days here but you know I’m not a huge proponent of cards but I know people like this is a huge huge market for collectible cards is in collectible cards.

Not just like old base baseball cards and like old school stuff like new collectibles I think what’s really really cool is they’re about to have entrepreneurs as collectible cards and I’ll show you how this is going to work here in a second but you can pretty much create these digital cards and then have them backed by an NFT and you as an influencer entrepreneur.

You know a football player a soccer star you can actually or even in the music industry I think it’s going to be mass NFT is going to be massive the music industry but you can release you get verified by their platform here. I’ll just show you you get verified so you as an artist would come to the platform you get authenticated by an icon for the like when you register a profile then you would actually issue some artwork or whatever maybe it’s a record label maybe it’s literally a card of you smiling when you hit a hundred thousand YouTube subscribers right.

That could be literally a card and then you would auction them up and they would or they would mint the NFT’s for the cards so they would say hey we’re only going to create 10 NFT’s for this card it would go to an auction which would people would actually buy the NFT’s in an auction style a portion of that goes to charity which I think is really cool and then the NFT is actually able to the or the owner of the NFT can then put them up for auction once again and sell them later on all through the platform.

So I what you also need to understand about NFT’s guys is NFT’s are like cool to own right digitally but honestly this is a really big NFT’s are a really big deal for ultra wealthy people because they are write-offs and I believe that is probably like there’s certain parts of the tax code with artwork and and collectibles and things like that where you can write them off and I believe that maybe why they threw in this charity portion is to further incentivize the ultra wealthy to buy because a portion of it goes to charity.

So you can write that off that’s just kind of an assumption but I think that may be part of it another one and this is my fourth bonus for you guys this is another NFT okay because I think NFT’s have massive potential so this is a very low market cap 24 million.

I think it has a lot of room to grow I am not a gamer okay I do not care about video games whatsoever haven’t played them since middle school probably never will play them I think it’s a complete waste of time but I realized that Esports is growing ridiculously quickly like I think Esports is going to take over real sports in the next like decade or so so let me show you game they’ve actually been in the game as game for a while which is pretty cool.

So super low market cap this is obviously higher risk and you can see that the total we’re not even close to the total circulating supply so not a huge fan of the token metrics but they’re in an industry that is in a ridiculously growth oriented industry that I think is not going to be slowing down whatsoever.

So let me show you what they’re doing so they are creating digital ownership for Esports and like I said Esports is not slowing down at all and they can and they have their own portal as well where you could own these things so they have like their own complete platform and then you are earning like based on what you’re doing in the games you are earning tokens but the cool thing like you like games when people used to play games.

They’d earn like just tokens online which could only be used in that game and they didn’t actually have like real value now these are starting to be like you can earn in game tokens and move the value from different games so I think that is really really really cool and I think this has this company has a great a lot of room to grow because actually they state right here where do they state that right.

I think it’s right here oh maybe not let’s see let’s see if they have it in the about us so they state that they’ve been in the game so they actually have a decent team this is what I like to see when I when you go to crypto pages if they don’t show any of their faces or people behind the project that just kind of sketches me out honestly and you can see that this this actually has a real big team.

This guy’s kind of given a funky look but still I like to see a real team behind it that has experience I cannot find it on their site right now but they stated somewhere that they have actually been in the game for a while I think since 2014 they they said can’t find it but I know that they did state that that they’ve literally been in the gaming like NFT crypto space since 2014.

So that’s a really really good sign and also if you want to go buy these things guys anytime I show a token or you go I always go to coin gecko to do a lot of research but you can literally just click on markets and you will see the or just scroll down and you’ll see the exchanges here so I just bought some on uniswap and and by the way anything that I talk about on here whether it be harmony you trust.

I mean literally any video I’m shooting I do own some of the coins so I am definitely a little biased but I why would I review something and talk and hype it up if I didn’t actually put my money where my mouth is let me know what you think of my top three picks in the comments section below and if you got value from this video don’t forget to hit the like button if you want more up-to-date information on what I’m doing on a day-to-day basis with massive leverage trades that I’m making and small cap coins I’m buying and certain exchanges that I’m earning interest on a lot of other cool things in cryptocurrency.

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