Tracy Taniguchi Testimonial
Tracy Taniguchi Testimonial

Well I’m Tracy Taniguchi. I live in Irvine California which is orange county I actually created an LLC after joining the fia program under under the consulting section business. I still work the same with the same company that I have in the last five years but during covet.

I did get laid off in the position that I was the last four years and just really looking for other ways to make additional streams of income and I had been following Jeff on Instagram for quite a while and really liked the content that he was putting out and I you know looked into joining the FIA program and I was hesitant at first and to be honest I watched a lot of the testimonial video videos and I reached out to some of the people that were in there that were tagged and actually become really good friends with some of those people and so they helped me pull the trigger and told me that it was worth the investment and I’m glad that I did so I joined FIA at the very end of December.

Got through the courses fairly quickly I didn’t start my funding process until honestly I’m I can’t remember there was I was trying to save money to buy a condo on my own so I was just being very cautious with my personal credit but I did apply for I believe three credit cards I got thirty four thousand dollars in funding 133 alone on one card and the other one I had to go through reconsideration.

So I actually haven’t finished all of my funding plan I think I have one more card left but I just needed to wait because I had applied for a personal home loan [Music] the funding plan was really straightforward easy to follow I did have to you know I think the reason why it took a long I mean I started in December and then it’s what it’s August now I got through most of my funding back I believe two or three months ago so in a few months overall I’ve partnered back and forth with the consulting email to answer any of my questions and we learned some new things as well just because some of the products tied from one of the banks that I applied for was from US bank.

Were tied to elon financial which is through comerica bank as well my original plan when I started the fia program was to go into the real estate fund but I ended up wanting to do the amazon ecommerce store first which I did so that is up and running in the last 30 days.

I’ve had about 12,000 in sales it’s like the first month that it’s really starting to kick off so excited to see what that brings my second step with it as I continue to go through the funding process is you know I would say probably real estate would be my second plan of action and then down the line I would like to invest in the ortho capital I would tell them that it’s a really good program for you to look at money differently.

There are a lot of great people that are in the network that I continually talk to through Facebook and on private messaging as well and Instagram so I think that those two key factors that you’ll look at debt different you’ll and money overall differently and then just building that network those are the two main things that I think will help catapult anybody into the right direction that they have envisioned for their life.