So my name is Zach Pate. I’m a 25 year old. I’m out of west Virginia. I’m in the pharmaceutical industry and I’ve been with zero percent for about a month now where I joined I was pretty educated on credit it was just more about like the plan on how to get the funds if that makes sense like I obviously knew like the basics and how to have a good score and stuff.

So yeah it’s kind of like just the plan and how to acquire the business funds that the maximum amount that you all set that plan out to be I think I’m definitely skeptical I think a lot of people are just because it’s not no one’s wanting to throw like 10k away like that I mean but it’s not their own 10k away you’re paying 10k now to if you use the program right to 100x that payment and that’s being generous yeah so in total I was able to receive around a little over 70k which is amazing.

I never thought I’d be able to get that much with almost all of it at zero percent and it took me about two weeks total to receive those funds and have the ability to put them wherever I want and the process was amazing the team was great and learned a lot and one thing they taught me how to fish and didn’t just hand the fish over to me if that makes sense.

So the game plan moving forward after I receive these funds my plan is to get into real estate what I’m doing right now is I’m putting these funds towards building a wholesale team with some VA’s I’m getting a cold calling VA marketing VA and acquisitions VA and I’m looking forward to crushing it in that real estate industry and learning a lot and I want to thank zero percent for everything.

I would say ask and talk to someone that is currently in or wasn’t 0 and after that conversation I think you will have your answer on if you want to join or not and I think you will want to join because if you don’t you’ll be missing out and seeing the success of all the other people in here.

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