7 Times When You Most Need a Financial Advisor

Let's Be Honest

Let’s be honest: sometimes we all need a little help. Whether it be in nutritional advice, help with taxes, or even advice on how to work through a personal challenge, people with specific expertise can really come in handy. This is no less true with regards to finances and money, and seeking the aid of a qualified and professional financial advisor could be the move.

Financial advisors are professionals who advise their clients on wealth management and personal finance. Financial advisors can help to create a complete and coherent financial plan to address any concerns you may have, should you be at a crossroads or major milestone in life.

Here are 7 times speaking to a financial advisor might be the way to go:

You’ve Just Started Your Career

You’ve Just Started Your Career

Financial advisors can be an excellent tool for those who are fresh out of school and are just getting started with their careers. It is never too early to set up a savings account and to learn about IRAs, 401(k)s and the like.

You’re About to Finish Your Career

While it’s never too early to plan ahead, it’s also never too late. The end of a person’s career can feel like a vulnerable time, with income streams tapering off. A financial advisor can help to maximize retirement income streams.

You’re Getting Married

Getting married is a major life milestone, and nothing that lasts can be built on a shaky foundation. Speaking to a financial advisor can help to secure your family’s financial future for decades to come.

You’re Having Children

Children are expensive — but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you need to lower your quality of life. A financial advisor can help you set up your children’s college fund or future savings accounts.

You’ve Won the Lottery

How many stories are out there of lottery winners ending up homeless just a few years later. Don’t be that person! When receiving such a huge sum of money, a financial advisor or asset manager could be the move.

You’ve Received Inheritance

Though not all inheritances are large, speaking to a financial advisor during these times could help you grow that money into something larger. Receiving sudden increases in wealth can be surprisingly stressful for some, and a good financial advisor can potentially help reduce that stress.

You Want to Invest

Investing your money is a big decision. A financial advisor can help show you how to set up your broker account, and help advise on which stocks might be a good option for you.

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