Quantum Leap to Financial Independence

Financial Independence Accelerator

Financial Independence Accelerator

At 0 Percent, our zero-interest capital loans offer the financial support that businesses & investors need to succeed. With a 0% markup for 20 months & flexible funding ranging from $50,000 to $300,000, our loans provide an affordable and reliable source of financing for entrepreneurs. Our loans won’t negatively affect your credit, and you won’t have to give up equity.

And, as part of our commitment to helping people thrive, we are expanding our program to reach more businesses & investors and provide guidance from our experienced and accomplished independent financial advisors.

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At A Glance

The traditional 9-to-5 work schedule often leaves little time for personal pursuits and passions, with many people spending the majority of their waking hours engaged in work that does not bring them fulfillment.

In fact, research shows that about 80% of people spend 60% of their waking lives working at a job they dislike. With only 30% of the day devoted to sleep, this leaves a mere 10% of the day for activities that align with an individual’s interests and passions. This imbalance untenable to both personal well-being and society as a whole.

The Problem

The Solution

Credit, income, and wealth – in that order.

By focusing on credit first, you can gain access to the resources you need to start a business or make investments that generate income. This income can then be used to build wealth, giving you the freedom to make choices about how you want to use your time and energy. Not only will this process help you create a fulfilling and meaningful life, but it will also have a positive impact on those around you as you inspire and motivate others through the ripple effect of your successes.

Small Business Financing through the
Financial Independence Accelerator

0 Interest Loan For Small Businesses

The Financial Independence Accelerator is a powerful tool that can help you with financing a small business, achieve financial independence and empowerment through a business loan with 0 interest. A 0 interest loan can be used to grow your business and secure your financial future, allowing you to take control of your financial destiny.

With the Financial Independence Accelerator, you can make a quantum leap towards your financial goals and create the financial freedom you deserve.


If you are unsure about your business objectives or lack a clear vision for what you hope to achieve, the Financial Independence Accelerator (FIA) can provide a valuable investment resource. From business financing to real estate to cryptocurrency, or more traditional stocks, the FIA can be used to pursue a variety of growth opportunities.

Whether you are interested in diversifying your portfolio or seeking higher returns, the FIA can help you achieve your financial goals and take control of your financial future.

No Interest & No Equity

0 Percent is offering up to $300,000 in funding loan with 0 interest for 20 months for small business financing. You don’t need to give up any equity in your project to qualify for this funding, so you can retain full ownership and use the funds to drive your project. Look to the FIA if you want to learn how to secure interest free business loans, and how to get the best small business loan rates.

This financial support can be a valuable resource for propelling your venture towards success!

Our Services

We provide a range of financial products & services designed to help businesses and investors have a quantum leap!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have made it our objective to support small businesses who are passionate about growing their businesses and their local communities. 

Loans range from $50,000 to $250,000, and our team will work with you to assess a variety of factors that will impact the 0 interest loan amount that is right for your needs.

When small business financing, the first step in the loan process is to connect you with a lender who is best suited for your needs. In order to do this, we’ll need you to provide some financial information about your business and answer a few questions about your business goals and plans.

0Percent will work with you hand-in-hand throughout the process and our team of expert advisors will ensure that the process is complete from start to finish

When you apply for a loan with us, a team of independent financial advisors is at your disposal to help you through the underwriting and closing processes. We’ll work to ensure that your application is accurate and submitted on time.

You may get in touch with us by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

To inquire about our FIA program you may call us at 1-833-905-2016 or send us an email at [email protected]

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