Jeff Sekinger
Founder & CEO, 0 Percent

Who is Jeff Sekinger?


Visionary Trailblazer

Sekinger has been in the financial industry for over a decade. Starting out as a JP Morgan asset manager, Jeff is now the general partner of Orca Capital, a hedge fund managing over $50 million in global assets, 0 Percent, a visionary tech company working in the financial literacy and credit sectors, and Nurp, a new fintech company bringing algorithmic trading solutions to the market.

Transcended His Beginnings

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Jeff began his business in Southern California, where he lived in an oddly shaped purple house dubbed “the Nurp” which would later serve as inspiration for the name of his algorithmic trading firm. The “Nurp,” a word that represents quantum growth through innovative and contrarian strategies, is where Jeff experienced a quantum shift in his personal, professional and financial life, and Jeff envisions energy being carried forward in the company, headquartered in Miami, FL.

Jeff Sekinger is trendsetting the algorithmic trading sector, helping clients achieve financial independence.


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