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Algorithmic Trading Accelerator

Technology has revolutionized the way we buy and sell goods and services. Today, online automated trading is a popular & growing field. The Algorithmic Trading Accelerator (ATA) program takes this to the next level with highly sophisticated bots trained to trade in the Forex and gold markets.

The ATA program utilizes systematic codes that can be automated & integrated with online Forex brokers or exchange platforms. This groundbreaking program allows you to leverage the power of AI to potentially generate passive income through financial markets.

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At A Glance

Human beings are emotional creatures, and we oftentimes let our emotions get the better of us. Emotions like fear and anxiety can lead to impulsive decision making, which can result in poor investment choices. Another way that emotion can hinder investing is by causing an investor to deviate from their investment plan.

If an investor allows their emotions to dictate their actions, they may be swayed to buy or sell based on their feelings rather than their long-term investment strategy. This can lead to inconsistency in their investments and potentially lower returns over time.

The Problem

The Solution

Trading bots, and specifically Forex trading bots used in our Algorithmic Trading Accelerator, can provide a solution to the problem of emotional decision-making in investing by executing trades based on pre-programmed rules and algorithms. Because they are not influenced by emotions, trading bots can help investors to stay disciplined and stick to their investment plan, even when faced with market volatility or temptation to act on impulse.

In addition, trading bots can often execute trades faster than humans, which can be especially beneficial in fast-moving markets where timely execution can make a difference in the price at which an asset is bought or sold.

Trading bots can also help investors to save time and effort by automating the process of buying and selling assets. This can be particularly useful for investors who have a busy schedule or who want to diversify their portfolio across a large number of assets.

Benefits of the Algorithmic Trading Accelerator

100% Profits

Obtaining a license for our algorithm and setting it up is a quick and straightforward process that should only take a few hours to complete. After the setup is finished, you will have full control over the trading bots and can choose to enable or disable them at your discretion. You are free to select your own broker and manage your own investments, as 0 Percent does not handle investment management on your behalf.

Aside from our small monthly licensing fee, you will retain all profits or losses generated by the software – there’s no profit share!

Multi-Strategy Algorithm


Our trading bots are designed to use diverse and multi-faceted algorithms that have been trained to trade various forex currencies and commodities. The program employs a range of strategies, including momentum, grid, and martingale, which helps to diversify its trades.

Historical data has shown that our algorithms have a tendency to produce low drawdowns and high monthly returns, often achieving in a single month what the S&P 500 does in a year. The use of multiple strategies and the ability to trade a wide range of assets contribute to these strong performance results.

Risk Management

Our trading algorithms have been trained using a variety of successful trading strategies and are equipped with built-in risk management measures to increase the safety of your investments.

These strategies and measures have been designed to maximize profits while minimizing the risk of loss. As a result, historical data has shown that our algorithms have a tendency to produce low drawdowns and high monthly returns.

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Frequently Asked Question

Trading bots are automated programs that execute trades on internet trading sites or AI trading software that covers multiple markets.

While prior knowledge can be useful, our AI trading system is designed to adapt to market conditions without significant human input.


As with any financial endeavor, there is a balance between risks and rewards. Our AI trading system is designed to minimize risks and maximize potential rewards, helping people potentially generate passive income.

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