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At 0 Percent, we believe in the transformative potential of Credit Stacking. We’ve honed our Financial Independence Accelerator (FIA) to offer the financial backing businesses and investors need to reach their goals. As we extend our commitment to help businesses and investors prosper, we’re integrating Credit Stacking into our expansive program, offering guidance from our seasoned and successful independent financial advisors.

With Credit Stacking, you’re not only building your credit score but also taking the first steps towards financial independence. Our Financial Independence Accelerator has already funded 293 clients in 2023 alone, providing over $18 million in business funding at 0% interest.

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million at 0%
18 million in business funding
million in business funding
293 clients funded in 2023
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Shake off the shackles of traditional work schedules and unfulfilling work. Credit Stacking allows you to concentrate on what truly drives you.

Shift from the Conventional 9-to-5 - Embrace Credit Stacking

Unlock the Solution: Credit Stacking

Credit Stacking is more than just a tool—it’s a ladder to financial independence. Access resources to kickstart your business or make profitable investments. It’s a simple yet powerful process—focus on credit, generate income, and generate wealth.

Here's How You Can Empower Your Business with Credit Stacking

Fuel Your Vision with Credit Stacking

Discover the compelling benefits of our Financial Independence Accelerator, fortified with the power of Credit Stacking. Secure funding to grow your business and safeguard your financial future, reclaiming control over your financial destiny.

Invest Wisely with Credit Stacking

Whether you’re looking to finance a business, invest in real estate, cryptocurrencies or traditional stocks, Credit Stacking can provide you with the resources you need. Diversify your portfolio, seek higher returns, and take command of your financial journey.

No Interest, No Equity, Pure Credit Stacking

0 Percent’s Credit Stacking offers up to $300,000 in funding with 0% interest for 20 months for small business financing. Retain full ownership and harness the funds to steer your project. Explore the power of Credit Stacking with the FIA and secure the future of your business.

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