My name is Ryan Hightower I am yeah married with four kids ages six to twelve and I’ve been with zero percent since December let’s see December so probably eight months so before joining zero percent I’ve been wanting to I’ve been dabbling in entrepreneurship for a long time and really struggling to make the leap to full-time you know in my own business.

Be in my own business working on my own business rather than just being a you know a day-to-day worker right but Jeff came on a call in that mastermind and explained what they did at with fia and the freedom independent you know the freedom independence accelerator and zero percent in general and saw it as an opportunity to yeah.

Jump start the some of the ideas that I had that had been training trying to get lift off with but lack capital lacked even just a good support group to to you know bounce ideas off and things like that since joining zero percent I was able I had a decent amount of credit before joining but I was able to take my credit I had you know we had probably fifty or sixty thousand dollars in available credit we took that and basically increased it by 300.

So I went from 60 000 in credit to almost 200 000 in credit with various partners and was able to take those funds and invest them in a couple of core businesses it was about a four month process to get started so we started the credit repair and it took probably three months to I didn’t have a bunch of negative marks but we we had a bunch of inquiries that we had because I’ve you know because of previous real estate things that I’d done.

We had an excessive number of inquiries so it took a couple months to get those off but we got those cleaned up and immediately got accepted for like what I said almost 100 let’s see over a hundred thousand dollars in additional credit I’ve joined a lot of different programs and a lot of different masterminds and of all the programs I’ve joined.

I feel like I’ve had the most I’ve had the best results with FIA I feel like they’ve been the most responsive to questions than any other program I’ve been with Abby Macmillan has been great on you know answering questions just about the program itself and things like that the the Facebook group is is amazing like just the amount of encouragement that you get there and just seeing other people’s results is really motivating and like I said the you know the results that I’ve got here you know that I haven’t you know.

I’ve had lots of theoretical results you know or theoretical learning in in all the other programs but no other programs got me 100 000 in my bank that I could go use towards my business like that was that by by itself was astronomical for taking the leap to full-time entrepreneurship for me.

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