How to Make Money With Credit

How To Make Money With Credit

I think a lot of people don’t understand how valuable credit is. So, really, there are two goals to credit: you either want to travel or to make money by leveraging zero percent or really low-interest credit. So, I’m gonna show you how I leverage zero percent. This is how I use credit to get out of my job. This is what I use to create new income streams. I’m always using other people’s money. It’s honestly pretty dumb to use your own money to actually invest in things. So, the richest people in the world do this. I’m gonna show you this on a smaller scale. So, what I’m gonna do here is I’m going to pull $10,000 out of this Chase Freedom card. I’m going to show you exactly how I’m doing it, and I’m gonna do it with these checks.

Since I’m a great customer, and I know the systems, I know that you can pull 0% out of these cards. So, these are 0% checks right here. I’ll literally just write that I’m pulling out $10,000. So, I’m not going to the bank and I’m about to pull these out. I will see you at the bank.

Alright guys, just pulled out $10K. As you can see, we used this top check here and here. I got a bunch of blue E’s that’s nice. So, there are some more in there anyways. So, what would you do with this money? Like, how can you actually make credit make you money? Just invest it in the right things.

The difference between a consumer and an investor/business owner is that an investor / business owner invests in things that are actually going to produce more cash flow for them. So, some examples of this that you could do with this are: you can buy ATMs, you can buy anywhere from two to four ATMs. You can have passive income that way. You can start an eCommerce business. You can invest in a business that you control and hire employees, the marketing team, investing systems, processes, get inventory, really anything that produces money. I have investments that return me 20% a month that I make on this. So, it makes sense for me to pull out zero percent credit. I’m paying zero percent for 14 months that I’m paying zero percent for it, and this money is going to make me more money. That’s why I’m gonna continue to level up, because I leverage credit, and you can do so too. It’s really simple, you just have to know the strategies.

I hope this opens your eyes to what you can do with credit. It’s really not that hard.

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