Major Market Selloff After Fed Pivot!

Major Market Selloff After Fed Pivot!

Bitcoin is sustaining its massive move off the lows from late last year and the question is, “Are we going to continue higher? Is there a short-term correction coming? And what does the stock market, if any, have to do with this?” Because we are also at a very, very critical level in the stock market that I do believe is about to break. So, in this video, I’m going to share with you my opinion based on the facts, data, and charts that I’m also going to show you. One really, really important metric that I’m telling you will probably change your perspective on how you’re going to invest over the next 12 months. And unfortunately, I do think that a lot of people are going to get caught on the wrong side of this because they literally have not seen this one simple chart that I’m about to share. So, make sure to watch all the way to the end of the video and if you think there’s someone else that’ll give value, why not share it with them.

Off the lows, obviously, we formed something very, very similar to 2018 and we’re not all the way out of it yet because we also saw something a little bit similar in 2015 as well. Well, but we saw the big sell-off, we saw the low, then we saw we traded higher, huge move off the “U” shape type recovery, and then we traded upwards, higher highs, higher lows. It looked like we were having divergence up, did not sell off, and just kept going higher and higher and higher. We were up 340 percent from the lows, about 179 from just this first little flag area that we just formed right here. Right? So, we had the low “U” shape, bang, huge move up, higher highs, higher lows. Looks like we may sell off, nope, we go higher.

We’re trading in this range now, and I do believe that we’re going to continue higher. So the question is, how high can we potentially go? And actually, the big thing that people are not paying attention to is this next break is going to be a very, very big break. If you look, we are perfectly trading at resistance, and that’s why I believe we do have a rejection at this current price point because we did come above FTX highs and now we’re just kind of sitting here. So once we do break this, I think about 95% chance if this is broken, then we go to at least 25.5. So I think that is a very, very easy long trade setting a conditional long once again above that.

If you were watching my TikTok live or just on Instagram, I made about 20 grand just from this conditional long to where we’re at now and that trade is now officially closed. And once again, I’ll probably set another condition along above this to about 25.5 because I think it’s a very, very good opportunity to catch that nice little margin that I think is almost a guaranteed home run type of a trade.

Okay, after 25, I think that’s about honestly over a 90% chance that we had there. Assuming that we do break this level, and either way, I do think eventually we’ll make it, but on short-term trading, I think it’s pretty high high probability the next level that I would be looking at is about 28,100, which I think is about an 80% chance. Next level is about 32,500, which I’m putting you know anywhere between probably like a 65 to 70 percent chance. And then all the way up here, right around 48,400, I think is actually somewhat likely, considering how high these previous bear Market rallies have been. I mean, this wouldn’t even be anywhere close, even if we had this type of rally. Let’s see what percentages would be from the low here. This would put us at 213 about 210.

Okay, from the lows, which honestly wouldn’t be that crazy, I know it sounds like a lot, but for Bear Market rallies, it’s really not that crazy. So, I do think that that’s about a 50-50 chance. Maybe we’re approaching the 60 percentile type chance of that range. If we do head up, I am taking a significant amount of profit, if we do head up there, because I understand how the markets work in bear markets. We just have a really big range that we trade in for about a year and a half, two years, where there’s a lot of opportunity for these really, really big swing trades, and that’s what I will be looking for. People are just HODLing the entire time, while I think that’s wise for a portion of a portfolio. I do think there is a lot of alpha to be earned in these massive swing trades. Not to mention, if Bitcoin does a hundred percent gain, a lot of these alts will do a 200-300-500 percent type move, which obviously, there’s a lot of room for a lot of alpha.

The last thing I will say before we move off of this topic is if we go back to 2015, we saw the big rally off of the lows here, where we actually came up pretty high. I mean, this was a really big move, but then we sold off, not to new lows again, but we came up 84 and then came down, which would have probably caught a lot of people by surprise. Then, once again up and back down, and then we came up, you know, hundreds and then thousands of percent. So, I do want people to understand that just because we’re having the rally, that does not guarantee that we’re going up 200 percent.

But it does look a little bit more like probably the 2018 scenario is playing out, especially once we break that downward resistance, which is exactly where we are sitting right now. The thing that is going to help this thesis is the dollar continuing to drop, which I’m really surprised that it did not bounce off of this, because we did have a little bit of diversions, and that was at a decent level of previous support that I thought was going to provide a little bit of a bounce. It did actually bounce, but it quickly snapped back down, and now we are down to the next level.

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