Repair Your Own Credit Fast!

Repair Your Own Credit Fast!

What’s going on guys? It’s Jeff ‘0%’ Sekinger. Thanks for being here and today I’m going to show you how to take your credit from zero to hero. Well, I hope it’s not actually a zero, but I’m gonna show you how to increase the score of your personal credit score. Because your personal credit score is your foundation for any type of business funding that you’re gonna do until you actually grow and scale your business. It’s also really important just to live life in the United States. I mean, you would not have a house or a car or insurance or utilities in your name if you don’t have good credit. So, having good credit is literally a non-negotiable. Like, you have to have good credit. And I know a thing or two about bad credit and good credit. Number one because not too long ago I had a 524, and I got my score from a 524 to a 793 in no time. And I’m gonna show you one example, one tool that you can use to get your credit cleaned up here in the next 14 days.

So, this video is for people that have bad payment history, too many inquiries, or something that is not reporting on your credit correctly. Okay, this is not for people that just have high utilization. This is for people that have inquiries, payment history, or other things that are reporting incorrectly that you want to get removed in 15 days or less.

So, let me hop into a screen share real quick and show you how to do this. All right, guys, this is called CFPB. It’s the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. As you can see, it is an official website of the United States government. And what this does is it protects consumers like ourselves against big banks and lending institutions that report incorrect information. Let’s see if it says okay. It doesn’t have much.

Sure, what you want to do is go up to the top right, hit ‘submit a complaint’. Once you hit ‘submit a complaint’, you’re gonna have a little bit more details. What I was looking forward to begin with, 97% of consumers receive timely responses. They have to respond within 15 days. If the lender does not respond in 15 days, they actually get fined. So, it’s a great way to get an answer in 15 days or less.

So, you go up there, hit ‘submit a complaint’, then you are going to hit ‘start a new complaint’ and all you’re gonna do are these five steps. Okay, this is something that helped me remove some late payments and some inquiries that were reporting on my credit that was bringing my score way down.

So, go down here, hit ‘submit a complaint’. You’re gonna do step one here and I’m gonna kind of run through this. And here’s step one. So, you’re just deciding what type of debt it really is. It could be like a payday loan or all of those things where people offer so. I’m sure you could have great success with that if you have issues there. Most of you guys are just clicking your credit card. Maybe you have some student loans, but most of the time, you’re just selecting this credit card/prepaid card. What kind of card is it? Most of you guys are just gonna do a general-purpose credit card or a charge card. If you’re not aware of what a charge card is, it’s just a card that you have to pay off every single month. It’s the same thing as a credit card, but you just can’t carry the balance for months and months. Maybe you had a store credit card, or whatever it is, you can just select exactly what it is and hit the next step. To you, almost all the time, you’re gonna hit a problem when making payments. It could be an array of things, but most of the time it is this problem with making payments because you know a lot of people will put things on auto-bill and it won’t go through, or you just have late payments and you couldn’t actually make the payment, or they didn’t even warn you that the payment was due. It could be a lot of different things. Obviously, if you had, you were closing your account, or you had problems with your actual credit report and score, that’s something you could select here too. But most of you guys are just gonna be doing this if you guys have an actual reason for not being able to pay your bills. Maybe during Corona season, you could easily select this and get away with having late payments because people are not supposed to report any negative items to your credit at this time, so you could easily select this if some creditors are putting in late payments during Rona season. Feel free to select that and go about here. So, we’re gonna act like we’re on a season that is not in season, which best describes your problem during the payment process. If this is something you know that with the auto-bill thing, which is I’m saying Auto BOPE is this, is a lot of the issues, or you know let’s say that it was there’s a health insurance collection, this happened a lot.

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