The Only Way to Financial Freedom is by Increasing Your Cash Flow

The Only Way to Financial Freedom is by Increasing Your Cash Flow

Hey, hope you’re doing super well. This video is for any investor, and primarily in crypto, but honestly any investor that is investing through today’s current landscape. I see a lot of people on the internet, on Twitter, in our communities, just honestly everywhere that I look making a big mistake that I have made previously and I changed one simple thing in 2018 that allowed me to dramatically change the life that I have now. So, I actually just moved into a new place. So, if you hear the echoing it’s because we have no furniture in here yet, but in 2018 if you don’t really know who I am, I actually went through traditional College, got my finance degree, worked for the largest bank inside the United States in asset management, left there in 2018 and then I started my first hedge fund in 2019 and really started my first major successful business in 2018 that I still run today called

So now I own a hedge fund and a consulting and education company and you know I’ve had a lot of success in the last five years growing my wealth, doing cool things, helping people and it’s been a huge transition that I made over the past you know five almost five years now and one of the major switches that I made that it helped me get to where I’m at now was and I see a lot of these people making the same mistakes as I was. I was buying a bunch of different crypto assets primarily as my investment strategy and I thought that I was going to get massively rich fromyou know investing only right but the problem was you know I had like ten thousand dollars that I was investing and I was spreading that across you know 30 different projects that I thought were going to be successful and while that $10,000 could have made me a decent amount of money relative to my net worth,if I would have waited you know four years the thing that I decided to do was instead of me saying okay let’s go ahead and you know just you know put $10,000 in and maybe I’ll put in $100 to $200 a month into you know these different projects and wait for you know three years like a a mid midterm type investor I decided to say hey let me simplify this strategy here and let’s sell a lot of the BS that I have in my portfolio and then let’s simplify buy a few assets that I believe in which it was like three at the time this is again back in 2018 and I was like and let me just put my head down and start getting to work because if I can have a Quantum increase in my income then I’m going to be able to dramatically increase my investments which will far, far, far exceed the impact of my wealth than me just strategically doing all this research to invest a small amount of money that I have to then invest a couple hundred dollars a month that’s never going to get me to my goals and where I want to go so the number one thing that I did was I said screw all that let’s just focus and put my head down on creating a quantum increase in my income and then taking that income, investing into a more simple type of a strategy, which back then before I even started my fund was just buying a few different assets: Bitcoin, and I think I bought some like XRP some Ether, Cardano, and then once I started the fund I started to just put a lot of my own money into the fund and now I’m always in the top three largest limited partners across all of our funds. And that is, you know, obviously it’s a simple way for me to invest.

I have a portfolio manager that’s also a partner, but regardless it’s the same exact thing. I simplified my strategy. I put my head down and I went from making $42,000 a year in my corporate job. So my first year I made right around $300,000 was my first year net income, so $300,000 and then I had to pay tax on that so my earnings before tax and then after that I made just shy of a $1,000,000 net and then I made I think it was like $3,000,000 and then $5,000,000 net in a year and that has had a dramatic impact and I can tell you from focusing from 2018 to 2019 to 2020, I was able to tuck away a fair amount of money into investments and those investments did very well in 2021 and obviously 2022 has been another year for accumulation which I’ll talk about right now, which has dramatically increased and accelerated in my life. Now I obviously live a pretty pretty decent life and I can tell you that I’m way, way, way more inspired, happy, fulfilled doing what I do now because I made that simple shift.

And I’ve talked about this in some of my other videos where people they just try to focus on only you know investing and the problem is they don’t have much money and now someone decided to sort of a property of building a freaking property out here so I’ll take you in here but that was the major thing that I decided to do was say screw trying to invest a small amount of money I have. Let’s put my head down and just find out how to have a quantum increase in my wealth and that had a dramatic impact on where I’m at today. And the same thing goes for right now, we’re going through that same thing we’re going through the bear market of 2018 right now in 2022. So what does the bear market allow you to do? It allows you to put your head down and have enough time to go accumulate assets whether it’s stocks, it’s real estate, it’s crypto assets, you’re now getting that second chance that you only get every couple years when you head into a real bear market and you’re getting that right now. So the number one thing,in my personal opinion, which has helped me dramatically and I really believe will help you is stop focusing on the day-to-day BS. You know, the learning about all these different types of investments. Unless you’re going to start an investment business, right, you start an investment business around maybe you’re starting a fund, you’re starting a research firm, you’re starting a quant firm, you’re starting a software development firm that helps you know funds get more data, whatever you want to do if you want to stay in the in the investment mindset, start a business around investing. Don’t just only focus on investing the small amount of money that you have. You’re going to set yourself so, so, so far behind and if you don’t believe me go read the cashflow quadrant I think this is what got me thinking this way to be honest about five years ago was I read the cashflow quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki where he talks about hey too many people are trying to go from being you know an employee to being self-employed to a business owner to investor but a lot of people are trying to go from being an employee down to being a full-time investor when in reality you have to go in that order because if you don’t you’re gonna number one you’re going to slow down your wealth trajectory.

And then number two, you’re going to make way more emotional decisions in your investments because you have such a small amount of money that you’re really, really worried about conserving it, and you don’t want to take too much risk because you’re really worried about losing that small amount of money. And then you end up making terrible decisions with that money and you end up you know selling the bottoms and buying the tops and that’s how it works. And that’s you know, people invest way too emotionally. That’s the majority of what retail investors do and they typically will do that because one, they’re not educated, but number two they’re investing such a small amount of money into things that they don’t even know why they’re investing into to begin with, and that’s a whole other video.

But I can tell you right now you have the time and the decision to make on, “hey, do I want to waste a bunch of my time doing all this research to invest this really small amount of money or do I want to focus on having a quantum income, quantum increase in my income and maybe I could even stay with doing all this research and turn my research into a business.”

So, that’s a major shift that I made that I can tell you has probably had one of the largest impacts on my trajectory was was that day that I decided to make that shift, and you have the decision, literally almost the same exact decision if not better opportunity right now, especially if you’re in the crypto world considering that regulation is right around the corner and we just ended the 12th month, into the 13th month of this bear market. So you have the same opportunity that I did back in 2018 and you’re probably even in a way way better spot than I am because I was just getting out of rehab with like $60,000 in debt and I went another $20,000 in debt to learn things by joining masterminds courses reading books all that stuff to to change my life.

So you’re probably in a better spot than I even was then and you know the last thing I’ll say is: okay well you’re probably wondering how do I make that amount of income? We have employees in my company that make $20,000 a month doing sales for us you know we’ve got marketing guys that we pay a fair amount of money to we’ve got, you know, different types of contractors that help us with different things and we paid tens of thousands of dollars a month to as well, and my total payroll is over $300K a month. And I’m telling you that just because, you don’t have to be a business owner. If I was starting, you know, one of the first things that I actually did was I started a marketing company and I quickly realized that that wasn’t the thing that I wanted to do long term so I shifted out of that.

But, you know, the two most powerful skills you can learn are marketing and sales. So, if you want to have a quantum increase in your income, go get a job in marketing and sales and learn those skill sets. Because if you can acquire customers and if you find out the client acquisition game, you can make a lot of money in a lot of different ways. And if that’s your goal. You should definitely set up with, I think, two of the most valuable skills, which again is marketing and sales, even more than like you know, management consulting and doing all this.

You can go make more than a Management Consultant, which is like the highest type of income you can get in a salary type job as a sales rep and do that from anywhere in the world and almost be able to dictate your own schedule. So, uh, that’s I think the best place for people to start and there’s so many opportunities. We typically hire a sales rep a quarter. So, if you ever want to apply, just reach out to me on Instagram and I’ll send you a link that you have to apply and send a video message in.

All right, so I hope this gives you some type of perspective again, sharing this from my own personal experience on where I was at in 2018, what I did to dramatically shift because I was doing all this research and buying 30 different you know investments and then thinking okay, yeah, and now I’m gonna wait and see what I can do and even if you lost a lot. I lost a fair amount of money in 2018 as well, right, and it’s not always a lot, it’s a lot of it’s an unrealized loss right, you’re just it’s a drawdown, it’s a brief drawdown until the next three years you know takes off again right.

So you have to have number one the the proper perspective but I you know decided that what okay even you got to do the math like figure out where the heck you’re at right now, you got 10K invested okay, what is that if you do a five you know 400 in the 5x right now, now you’ve got you know 50k okay great, what is that 50k do pretty much nothing in today’s world so I think it’s really, really powerful to do the math, make sure that it all lines like look at historical performance and if you do that historical performance does that put you in a place where you are really happy about your net worth. If the answer is no, you have to change something and the number one thing you have to change is your income. It’s usually not an expense problem, right? A lot of times people think oh, I just need to cut Netflix and stop buying coffee – no you don’t. You need to go make a lot more money that’s going to solve way way more problems than cutting out coffee and Netflix. And you can do that again through sales and marketing and / or starting another business if you want to take that venture but I can tell you a lot of people think they should always go start a business and that’s the only thing that’s right to do, that is not right for everyone, nothing is right for everyone, there’s no medicine that’s right for everyone, there’s no career path job you know business is right for everyone so you got to practice self-awareness find out what you’re good at find out what you like and enjoy doing and start pursuing those things and I can tell you once you start to do those things and you have an increase in your income you’re going to be able to invest way more which means that the compound interest is going to go way way way quicker.

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